“Age difference” is it a problem or an advantage?

Monday, January 16th

“Age difference” is it a problem or an advantage?

It is not too often when we can meet couples with a substantial age gap between the partners among our friends and relatives. At the same time we know a lot of celebrities (with big age gap) who have a long loving relationship for years, for example Woody Allen and Soon-Yi Previn (35 years difference), Michael Douglas and Catherine Zeta-Jones (25 years difference), René Angélil and Céline Dion (26 years difference) and many others. Famous people are also humans and nothing human is alien for them. They need love, life partner and happy family.

Why do singles start the age gap relationship? What attracts Ukrainian ladies in such relationship? Does such relationship have a future? Can it be a long lasting one?

The way how a man treats a woman is the main and the only one thing that attracts her in relationship. She will choose an older man because:

  • She needs a mature man who can make her life to be stable, comfortable and safe. She is not interested in men of the same age as they are still not sure about their “wants” and “needs”, they are not standing strongly on their feet.
  • She feels that she is more intelligent, clever and wise than her peers. She is looking for a man with whom she can discuss music, art, politics and so on
  • She needs a “father’s love” that she didn’t get in her childhood.
  • She knows that older man will accept her interests and respect her.
  • She wants a man who can show her all charms of the life and they could enjoy it together.

Why do men choose younger lady?

  • He wants to feel his strength and patronize a lady.
  • He wants a “fresh breath” in his life so it will sparkle with different colors, it will be a new world full of love, passion and joy.
  • He wants to have a baby and choose a young woman who can still give a birth to his children.
  • He thinks that he will stay younger for a long time next to his woman

Such relationship might have a lot of “pluses” and “minuses”.

Every relationship assumes “to give” and “to take”. Choosing the relationship with big age difference both a man and a woman have to realize what they get and what they lose in such relationship.

Think twice, assess the situation, but always listen to your heart and be happy, no matter how old you or your partner are. Dating agency is a great chance for a man to meet and get married Ukrainian woman.

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