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New video of our recent client, who met a wonderful lady in Poltava. His impressions, his feelings, his thoughts.
Believe in love and it will happen in your life 🙂

We are happy to share with you our new video testimonial from one of our recent clients Anthony.

I am grateful to God for having s wonderful, sincere and really outstanding clients like he is and I hope that with each month we will be able to spread the love in the world not only by assistance in choosing an appropriate match for our clients, but also by a way how we work with our clients. If we accept someone to be our client, it means we are ready to devote our time and energy and we sincerely believe in his success.


I have had the pleasure of meeting and getting to know the founder of Prime Matchmaking Company  Ms. Elena Vygnanyuk. Her professional and personal character qualities are distinctly manifested in the manner of the agency, and the way the agency conducts its services.  The sincerity, attention to detail, personalized matching and the screening process of hand-picked ladies eliminate the pitfalls of the unfamiliar waters. I feel confident in recommending the Prime Matchmaking Company services. If you are looking for an unburdened experience as well as convenience you have come to the right place.

John (New Zeland) and Maria (Ukraine)

The meeting with John was unexpectedly full of warmth and gladness. We were together for 3 days. These days spending together with John and my son were absolutely amazing. I was very pleased as a woman and a mother.

Helen (the director of the agency) and the staff helped us to communicate. Their aim is to get good results and at the same time to support both: a man and a woman.

I highly recommend the agency with big pleasure if you really want to settle your private life. Here you can receive high quality service – translation, help in correspondence, and high-level asisstance during the meeting. And after … it’s a God blessing

I wish you to live in peace and welfare!

Pascal (France) and Julia (Ukraine)

I’m grateful to 2 matchmaking companies in Odessa and in Paris for the opportunity to meet the woman of my life! Nowadays we are married and lead a happy life together. Our life is fulfilled with big plans for future.

My trip to Odessa with Irina was excellent! I had an opportunity to meet and communicate with  many women. When I met Julia we liked each other from the first sight! There was an invisible connection between us. I was upset when I had to leave Odessa because I needed Julia by my side every day.

Fortunately, Julia came to France in a month after our meeting. It was as marvelous as before! We decided to prepare all the documents for the marriage by her next visiting France.

Today we are happily married together. I want to say that a man does not need much for simply being happy. We are thankful to the agency for the help in our beautiful journey.

Pascal and Julia, France, January 2016

Mark (Australia) and Natal’ya (Ukraine)

I was invited to the marriage agency by my friend. I was very curious about it and wanted to experience how it works by myself. Deeply in my soul I thought about meeting the man of my dreams. I was pleasantly met by the staff of the agency, made beautiful photos and placed my profile to the site. I worked with an experienced interpreter who helped me a lot in my further correspondence.  I received letters from different men. They were from different countries, had different social status and character but I was attracted by Mark. He was very romantic and wrote beautiful letters. He had serious intensions from the early beginning and wanted to create a happy family.

In some months of our communicating we decided to meet. We were waiting for our date with big anticipation. At the same time we were a little bit worried because we were afraid to be disappointed in each other. Communicating on the internet is completely different from the meeting in real life. Fortunately, we felt the spark of love between us immediately when we saw each other at the airport! Mark presented me beautiful flowers and organized marvelous dates. After I came to visit him in Australia. We spent unforgettable time together and finally he proposed in a romantic and beautiful place. Our marriage was on the most beautiful and picturesque beach in Australia White heaven beach. It was unforgettable!

Now we are happily married for almost two years. In some months we’ll be celebrate our second anniversary. I plan to print our letters, make a beautiful album and present it to Mark as a symbol of our Love!

Terry (USA) and Irina (Ukraine)

Good morning, my name is Irina. I would like to tell you my Love Story.

By the hand of fate I became the client of that company and met there a wonderful man whose name was Terry. I was 20 years old when he was 34. Our communication was light and easy from the very beginning. We felt so interested and excited that we have never felt the difference in our age. We were corresponding for 6 month already when I completely understood that Terry is a real man: gentle, tender, understanding … the best!

We met and spent a marvelous week together and understood that we can’t live without each other.

The next step of our communicating was the decision to visit Las Vegas. We drew up all the documents that needed together. Terry came to visit me twice while that bureaucratic process was lasted. Every his visit was like a miracle. He helped me to feel myself a woman who is loved and desired. It was like a fairytale: native city, a beautiful man close to me, meeting with friends, romantic evenings that we spent together in the café and, of course, presents that every woman likes.

At the end of February 2009 we drew up all the documents and I got the visa. I couldn’t describe how happy I felt! Positive emotions overwhelmed me because my flight from Kiev would be in a month.

My first month in Las Vegas was absolutely amazing. I felt so excited by the magic of the city. When the euphoria from visiting Las Vegas finished, I started thinking  if it was hard to earn money in Las Vegas by the citizens. Before I was naive and thought that money were growing on the trees in USA J The life in Las Vegas opened my eyes on many things so Terry and I decided to organize a small wedding: a lovely ceremony for a loving couple, romantic dinner and beautiful time spending together.

A new stage in our life started after the wedding. It was time for knowing each other in a family life. I think married couple will understand my feelings at that moment. It was unusual for me to lead an everyday life together, to make a compromise so I felt upset. It was difficult for me to make new friends and to find a job because I was a stranger there. At first the difference in our minds didn’t allow me to make good friends and people didn’t understand me. There are many unspoken taboos in USA: it’s not accepted to discuss your private life free, financial problems, to gossip about other people. American nation is closed, probably that’s why they visit psychologists so often. It’s not considered shameful there.  Despite all the obstacles finally I found a good friend from Poland.

There are many beautiful things in USA like good roads, picturesque landscapes, high-quality service and belief in family values. People will be always friendly and smile to you, the ambulance will come to you in time, a policeman will call the hooligans to order. There is no big corruption in USA.  Americans are very strict when it goes about freedom of speech so everyone takes responsibility for their words sometimes even in court.

Nowadays my husband and I have two beautiful children and we are very proud of them. Our marriage changed us a lot, learnt  us to listen to each other, never give up and overcome all the difficulties. I like living here in USA. Many new opportunities opened for me here. I’m really glad that I have decided to change my life.