Are you compatible with your lady?

Tuesday, February 14th

Are you compatible with your lady?

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Compatibility in relationship is the most important condition for the stability and well-being of the couple. Many people after finding and meeting each other do not know how their relationship will develop in the future, whether they will be a long and happy couple or they are doomed to failure.

Some people believe in scientist’s researches while others trust to horoscopes in finding the right partner. Horoscopes are very popular nowadays and they might possibly predict the process of future life of the couple but we want to show you scientific approach on this question.

Compatibility in relationship

Sometimes, even passionately loving couple can’t get along together, because their polar is not alike. They like and dislike different things: one loves noisy companies of friends while the other prefers spending  night at home, even watching  TV together might provoke a scandal and a serious fight for possession of the remote control.

We have to distinguish the most important factors that help you in finding the right match among the Ukrainian ladies who will be compatible for you.

  1. Physical compatibility. When you choose your partner by taste, color,smell,form, touches – when your impulses coincide.
  2. Psychological compatibility. Each person is an individual and has his personality type according to which one can predict his way of behavior, reactions and impressions.
  3. Biological compatibility. We just give you a simple example how difficult it might be to live together when one partner is a “lark” (who is a morning person) and another one is an “owl” (who goes to bed in the middle of the night and sleeps till midday).
  4. Life priority’s compatibility. It depends on social status, education, family and the surroundings in which a person was The relationship has a chance to be successful if two partners are “from the same worlds”
  5. Cultural and intellectual compatibility. When you have a lot of topics to discuss, when you like the same book or movie, when you are interested in the same things and have your favorite food.
  6. Sexual compatibility. The difference in temperaments might bring to separation as well. But if you are ready to discuss it with your partner and both of you want to change the situation, you can save your relationship.
  7. Emotional compatibility. To have a harmonic relationship, you definitely need to feel love, mutual love from both partners towards each other.

finding the most compatible Ukrainian lady - compatible with your lady?

PRIME matchmaking company will  help you in finding the most compatible Ukrainian lady. You have the right to make your choice but if there is a chemistry in your relationship, nothing can’t stop you from being with a person with whom you want to…even if everything mentioned above is not about you and your partner.

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