Build your success in love! Relationship advice.

Friday, April 13th

Build your success in love! Relationship advice.

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Some men are very popular among women, they can easily start the conversation, invite women for a date and have sex with them but they don’t want to have a long term relationship. Others can have hard times with meeting and dating a woman as they don’t know how to start communication and how to be in relationship. But there exist men who really succeed in love and bring this feeling as a treasure from the first date through their life having a long lasting and strong relationship with their partner. Do these men differ from others? What is so special in them? What is their secret?How to become a man who succeed in love

Best relationship advice. How to become a man who succeed in love

The scientific research showed that men who succeed in love have similar and common traits that makes their relationship to be romantic even after 20 years of being together. Let’s study these traits.

  1. Love for them is an adventure without end. They don’t think about tomorrow and don’t want to know what will be at the end. They live in today and every day is a new day for them to win their woman’s heart, to cherish her, to show that she means the world for them unlike those lovers whose only goal is to win a woman’s heart thinking that it’s enough. Men who succeed in love consider his woman as an equal partner with whose company he wants to enjoy their life journey but he never forgets to compliment her, to cherish her and treat her in the best way every new day.

From the Scientific point of view, life-long romance is possible because our brains view long-term passionate love as a goal-directed behavior to attain rewards. Rewards can include the reduction of anxiety and stress, feelings of security, a state of calmness, and a union with another.

  1. Men who succeed in love will never be in a rush. He knows that women need time to feel safe and comfortable; they test men in different way to be sure that they deserve to be their husbands and fathers of their children. It takes time to build trust between the partners and to know each other from different sides.Build your success in love!
  2. The man who succeeds in love understands that his life and happiness in the future depend on what he does today. His relationship “steps” are slow and small. He knows that waiting is difficult but he knows how to hold back his impatience as it may cost him the future. He doesn’t cry over this situation but he is pleased with the world he lives in. He can wait for his partner to be ready for a long lasting relationship but he will do everything he can for their romantic love in the future as he knows that it worth it.

When we first fall in love with someone, we see them as the most attractive, smartest and accomplished person in the whole world. After months and years of being together we find out that it was love blindness and it becomes critical for long lasting relationship. The problem is that we idealize and maintain positive illusions about our partner as we see them as good-looking, intelligent, funny and caring in the beginning of relationship. The man who succeeds in love is happy with his partner during all periods of time.relationship coach for men, relationship advice

  1. Those who are givers in nature succeed in love and that’s why they understand what generosity means for women. The more romance he brings in relationship, the more he receives in return. The more he gives, the more he gets back the opposite to those who are not ready to pay attention to their woman, to pamper her with words, gifts and actions that make her fall in love with them.

They are never bored in relationship as they always find ways to keep life interesting. Boredom is an enemy of lasting romance and partnership. Couples who enjoy participating in new activities together experience the strongest love and due to it they have a strong physical and emotional attraction to one another.

  1. The man who succeeds in love is not needy but independent. He knows what balance is and how to keep it between his work and all the important things and people in his life. He won’t neglect his woman’s interest and always supports her in her success.

Couples who can maintain independence and be comfortable about each other participating in individual activities at which they’re skilled, they can continue to see their partner in a new light every day. Give your partner the space to do what they’re good at.

Couples who accept everything that life offers to them are more likely to find success in their romantic partnerships. If you want your relationship to have passion, put that emotional energy to work in your hobbies and interests.relationship coach for men

  1. The man who succeeds in love knows that he is not perfect and that’s why he is always in a move. He learns new things, he grows together with his partner, he travels and visits different places that help him to expand his knowledge horizons. He can’t do wrong things but he always knows how to improve the situation and turn it for the better.

Relationship coach for men will make you a man who succeed in love

Actually, we are born to love but only a few can find their life partner with whom they live all their life and make their love last. Almost  50 percent of marriages end in divorce and among those that stay together, marital dissatisfaction is common.

The early stages of falling in love are usually full of craving and obsession while romantic love frequently exists in long-term marriages. In long-term relationship, romantic love turns into companionship and friendship comparing with the beginning of their relationship when they were madly in love.

relationship coach for men, relationship adviceIf relationship advice helped you to understand what kind of problem you had in your previous relationship, but you don’t know how to start working on it, relationship coach for men will provide with all necessary information, teach you how to understand women and what to do for being successful in love and finding a life lasting love.

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