Let your personal matchmaker be your best friend

Thursday, May 3rd

Let your personal matchmaker be your best friend

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Every matchmaking company was built for one reason: to reach the goal of finding a potential partner for their clients and make happy couples. To fulfill this task, matchmaker has to be very selective about people whom they connect into a couple. It’s not enough to have a database with the beautiful ladies profiles as you are not going to spend the life with a pretty face only. Matchmaking isn’t a dating online. Professionals are looking for the real partner who will match you the most according to your interests, hobbies and lifestyle. They are searching for the one whom you can hardly find by yourself.find ukrainian girlfriend

To become a client of a matchmaking company, you have to answer many questions helping to understand you more, what type of person you are and what kind of partner you are looking for. After analyzing your responses in the questionnaire and meeting you face-to-face, the matchmaker learns whom you really want as your partner. You might have a clear picture and understanding of whom you want to date and build the relationship with: think about not only the outer appearance but also personal characteristics of the future partner if you want to find Ukrainian girlfriend.

Knowing all this information, the matchmaker will build a plan of actions to correct your mistakes/problems in relationship that will positively influence on your future success with lady, if he ever notices these mistakes at all.

You may be a person who is focused on his career, who wasted too much time looking for a partner on dating online, who were not lucky with blind dates or who just lost hope in finding the Ms. Right! The main goal of any matchmaker to become a person whom you can trust, who will be your attentive ear and always listen to you, who will open some features in you that you have never known before and who will be always direct with you about your behavior and actions.

Why you should tell the truth and be ready to get a rough reply from personal matchmaker Ukraine

How can a matchmaker find a perfect partner for you, if you are not going to be open, honest, and sincere and tell everything you kept inside for such a long period of time while you were alone?

How can we learn to be honest with the matchmaker, coach or any other helping professional?

  1. Honesty is nothing more than an open expression of one’s feelings, thoughts and emotions. And they must come from your name and your face. In addition, it will emphasize what you say from the heart, and add strength and significance to your words. For example, compare the phrase “I’m worried that you do not listen to me” and “You do not listen to me.” In the first case, the phrase sounds not only stronger, but also more honestly – you talk about your feelings, and not about the behavior of another person whose motives you do not know.How can we learn to be honest with the matchmaker, coach or any other helping professional?
  2. Start with little things. Of course, you won’t succeed in telling the truth, and nothing but the truth immediately. And besides, not all people like the truth that can be said to them in person – for them it may seem insolence and even an insult, but not for the personal matchmaker Ukraine (who is waiting the truth from you).
  3. If you communicate with sensitive and emotional people, and do not want to offend their feelings, but want to tell the whole truth, use such phrases at the beginning of the conversation like: “Your thought seemed reasonable to me” or “I listened to you, and you, perhaps, are right” etc.  It means you do not insult a person, do not say that he is not right, do not mock his thoughts and feelings, but at the same time you do not agree with him, expressing your own opinion.
  4. Get rid of the lies from your past. So to speak, free yourself from the load of deceit. Simply admit that in the past, some people were not being told the truth. This, of course, can cause a negative reaction, but on the other hand, can cause respect for your honesty.
  5. Honesty is equal to positive emotions. When you tell people the truth, even the most negative, it becomes a little easier for you. There is a connection between honesty and positive emotions, and if you can feel this connection, then you will never be able to deceive.
  6. Nobody is perfect. This is the main rule that you need to remember if you want to be honest with people. Not you, not another person are not ideals, that’s why we often lie or we do not tell the whole truth. But if we want to get closer to the ideal, we need to learn to be honest with people who are not as perfect as we are.

find Ukrainian girlfriendMatchmakers know what their clients want and don’t want. They will give you honest feedback about your interests (if they are too vague), about your personality (if you are not self-confident enough etc), if your picture in your profile isn’t the best one and your chances to find Ukrainian girlfriend. That is what you pay for, to know the truth and to get the result you want. People who hire a professional matchmaker need someone who can help them to find the truth of what they do wrong.  Remember, that your honesty and sincerity is your part of responsibility in making your dream come true.

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