Realistic Expectations looking for Ukrainian wife

Sunday, July 22nd

Realistic Expectations looking for Ukrainian wife

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What beautiful Ukrainian ladies think of themselves.

Do the characteristics of modern Ukrainian women correspond to that worthy “portrait” that looms in the modern world? How do modern young Ukrainian ladies see themselves: positive or negative traits are the most frequent in their self-determination? Female students from Kiev universities aged 18 to 23 took part in the research. They named the characteristics that were quite similar; the three most common characteristics were on the first place: “smart”, “beautiful”, “kind”; close to these indicators are also the following definitions: “feminine”, “educated”, “strong”, “caring”.

A significant percentage is also the following characteristics: “hardworking”, “economic”, “honest”, “polite”, “gentle”, “and funny”. Quite often also such features as “independence”, “strength”, “emotionality”, “courage”, and «arrogance” are also indicated. It is interesting that some of the interviewed girls described “cunning”, “capriciousness” and “obstinacy” as positive traits. At the same time, “strength” and “independence” were determined by a whole spectrum of related traits: “self-sufficient,” “desperate,” “strong-willed,” “energetic,” “purposeful,” “self-confident,” “independent.”

Among the negative self-determinations are rather ambivalent features: “trusting”, “mercenary”, “fussy”, “talkative”, “authoritarian”, “showing increased attention to appearance” and “able to forget about honor.” The frequency of the definitions: “honest” and “faithful” was repeated several times concerning family life.

Significantly, despite the recognition of their inclination for sensual experiences and passionate love, the overwhelming majority of girls consider it absolutely unacceptable to have sex on a first date, condemning promiscuity, which is considered a shortage of modern Ukrainian ladies.

In general, the questionnaire showed such beautiful traits of young Ukrainian girls and women as an exceptional sense of humor, sincerity, a culture of thought and speech, exactingness to themselves, spontaneity, and a combination of naivety with wisdom.
According to respondents, only betrayal can break a woman’s heart.

As for the aspects of physical proximity, the results were amusing. Defining sex as the basic life requirement, the source of good mood and health, and most girls put forward very high demands for sexual relations: unity with men is not so much physical as spiritual act of achieving integrity, experiencing life in its entirety.

It is noteworthy that the preference of the girl is given to older men, considering a normal age difference of 8-10 years or more; they expect from the partner a maturity, responsibility, wisdom and, of course, fidelity. At the same time the material position of the partner is receding into the background; the mercantile aspect of relations with men is almost always absent.

One can agree with those who, among the definitions of Ukrainians, noted: “the best” because the Ukrainian woman is a unique and treasure. Every Ukrainian lady dreams of a man who is able to be worthy personalities, faithful companions and a vital support.

The image of Ukrainian lady in the eyes of foreigners

Foreigners see beautiful Ukrainian ladies completely different than Ukrainian men. Ukrainian men do not really honor Ukrainian women. Although recently the situation has changed radically: a young generation has grown up, they became oriented to Europe both in terms of economics and in terms of moral attitudes. And the moral values of young Ukrainian men are much higher nowadays.

What foreigners value in Ukrainian women

Foreigners, looking for Ukrainian wife, know that the most important quality of Ukrainian women is care. Each of them has a very big heart. The food plays the main role in relationship. They just feed everyone and thus cope with stress. Apparently, the hunger past affects. Salad and garnish is not food at all. Most of the worries of Ukrainians are related to food: whether the children ate, how much the husband ate, whether the guests liked the food.

A Ukrainian woman is a constantly nursing mother. Her main concern is to feed everyone. Usually, if people like to eat deliciously, they usually like to talk too: when everyone communicates with everyone, neighbors are friends and meet holidays together.

Sincerity is the main Slavic quality of Ukrainian women.

Ukrainian woman is very economic. They know how to do something very useful from the thing that you were going to throw away.

Beauty and ability to look after yourself
For a woman, a beautiful appearance is daily work and the Ukrainian women cope with this task with honor. Foreigners note that Ukrainian girls and women, in the cold frost and inhuman heat, manage to look as if they have fallen from the cover of a glossy magazine. To look great, it is not necessary for Ukrainian girls to spend fabulous money on beauty salons and plastic surgery – nature generously endowed them with natural beauty.

Ability to create coziness and comfort in the house
All Slavic women are famous for these talents. So the husband-foreigner expects from the Ukrainian woman that she will be happily busy around the house. He will give money for this, even if the woman does not work. The main thing is to coordinate this moment with the future husbands, so that the beloved understands what expenses he should expect.

Culinary talents
The ability of Ukrainian women to cook up a masterpiece from nothing is another positive quality. In the west, it is not usual to cook breakfasts, lunches and dinners daily but Ukrainians do it successfully and they love to do it, and make happy their foreign husbands with it.

Recently Ukrainian women have become more free and self-confident and foreign men appreciate the dedication of our women, who, when traveling abroad, try not only to build a family nest, but also to learn the local language and get a job to realize their knowledge and reach the goals.

Compassionate character and ability to compromise
Ukrainian ladies are not stubborn and know how to find common language even with the most “complex” men. In principle, not only a foreigner, but a Ukrainian man, when he marries, in most cases expects that his wife will listen to him and accept him as the master in the house. European and American women in this sense demand more independence, which men don’t always like.

The desire to patronize a beloved man

Ukrainians are gentle, kind, caring and very wise at everyday life. Foreigners have appreciated this for a long time already. There are families where sons, like their fathers, go to seek brides in Ukraine, because they see how happy their dads are in their second marriage with Ukrainian women.

So do not hesitate a minute if you decided to look for a Ukrainian wife.

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