Seasons of love with beautiful Ukrainian ladies

Thursday, December 17th

Seasons of love with beautiful Ukrainian ladies

How not to lose warmth of love in cold days

Seasons change and with them quality of love and relationship have changes, too. You might have seen that with different season of year relationships with beautiful Ukrainian ladies develop in a different way. Sometimes it happen fast, with affection and fireworks; sometimes stuck in the middle, and sometimes burn out. Why so? If we look at relationship like at times of the year, we could understand it more and avoid some mistakes.

                                                        Spring time

It is the most favorite season of majority: time of new life, new grass, flowers that come up after long winter days. The earth and people come into life after grey days of winter, so no wonder that in spring people tend to fall in love; even mature singles. They start to feel sparkle, affection, and attraction to each other in many ways. It is all because of desire to start new chapter in lives. The nature itself tends for new beginnings, that’s why it is so easy to fall in love and jump into something new that will bloom and give inspiration. Every relationship has this period: when happiness looks cloudless and even small issues can’t irritate or make you struggle. Sometimes it comes with pink glasses we may wear…

                                                       Summer time

And then summer comes with peak of feeling. When impossible is nothing. You enjoy life with your beloved to the max. The world is under heating and marine resorts. Everyone looks for joy and entertainments. It’s easy to make new friends, travel any place you want, and create happy memories. Beautiful Ukrainian ladies spend as much time out as they can exploring new places…Summer time in relationship is time for great memories. In youth summer love burns out very quickly but mature singles keep it and develop strong attachment into long-term commitment. In relationships summer time would be called honeymoon period, with the wish that summer never ends…

Autumn time

Then autumn comes. It has few levels. It keeps a piece of summer and a piece of coming winter. This season is not randomly called fall. It is time of changes for nature and relationship. Some relationship can get colder, as mature singles start to feel lower energy and less desire to get acquainted. If your relationship with beautiful Ukrainian ladies started in spring or summer, in autumn it can develop into something more meaningful, or burn out. It all depends on desire of both to contribute time, attention and care into relationship.

Winter time

It’s time when life slows down and nature presses on pause button before the new start in spring. Some mature singles may feel down or slight depression; they are not willing to communicate as much as before. It is rather easy to follow negative emotions, and ruin some nice relationship with beautiful Ukrainian ladies in winter. It is high time when people need care and support from beloved ones. No fighting or high demands. No great plans or pushing. The best thing to do is to cuddle together if it is possible, watch cozy movie, have light talks…if you are in distance, you still can have video talks and share interesting things you saw or heard, discuss them together; give each other words of support and encouraging. Dream together of nice places you want to visit and nice things you want to achieve together. If it is possible, the joint trip to some warm place would be a perfect solution for charging batteries in winter time and get closer.

 There are different states of seasons and relationships that influence our state of mind in one or another way. The good thing is that all seasons change and do not last forever. After winter spring comes with new life and renewed emotions. After all, relationship in any season takes patience, deep understanding, and willingness to build and keep something beautiful. You can be happy with someone special both in summer and winter if you put relationship priorities on the first place, and if you keep in mind
inevitability of love seasons changes.