Get amazing impressions by exploring Odessa sightseeings

Odessa General City Orientation

Plunge yourself into unforgettable Odessa atmosphere with its beautiful historical sights and most picturesque corners. Our guide will help you to experience completeness of a variety of Odessa beauty : Primorsky boulevard and Dumskaya square, Opera theater, the building of the Odessa national philharmonic hall, City council, the Palace of the count M. S. Vorontsov, the Theatrical and Cathedral areas.

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ECO – tour (Ostrich Farm)

Did you know that ostriches do not hide their heads in the sand? Or, for example, that they live in harems and erotic dance of the male – a real seductive spectacle! Unusual emotions and vivid memories for you and for your lady are guaranteed!!

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Shustov Cognac Museum

“SHUSTOV” Odessa Cognac Factory — is the oldest industry enterprise in Ukraine. His story dates far back in the past – 1863, while today it is a modern and successful company, and it is not only the inhabitants of Odessa who love that cognac, but also all Ukrainians.
We invite you to visit the rooms of this unique cognac museum in Ukraine and taste its enchanting product!

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Wine Tasting Tour in Shabo

Are you a thirstiest traveler? Then we are ready to introduce you one of our fascinating winery places of Odessa. You will be able not only to touch it’s history but also to taste this “true elixir of health”

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Mykolaiv Zoo

All the women adore animals, so say hello to some furry friends! .We invite you to discover all the charm of the nature worth to be seen in any age!

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Religious Odessa

Odessa always was the city of different religions and nationalities, but, not looking on it different beliefs, religious flows, and also people with different mentality perfectly got along next door, and it always betrayed Odessa an unique charm and colour.

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SEA trips

Prepare to be amazed with boundless surface of the Black sea. Beautiful yacht, amazing view, sound of waves and only you Two… what else is needed for a good rest and relaxation?

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Odessa Catacombs

Courageous enough not to get lost in the longest catacombs in Europe? Then we offer you to explore the most astonishing underground network that has many secrets worth to see!

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Religious Poltava

The best way to get to know about Orthodox faith is by visiting the Holy Cross Exaltation convent which is considered to be a unique example of Ukrainian baroque !  You will admire the beauty of other temples, as The Saviour’s Church ,The Revival Gospel Church, the temple of Saint Faith, Hope and Love – a new “women’s” cathedral and their mother Sofia, Saint Michael’s Chapel.

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Poltava General City Orientation

Investigate amazing Poltava town by exploring the historical part of the city and its unique architecture. You will see the Round Square with the Glory monument. This monument is a primary sight of central Poltava where eight streets converge. Walking over the city, you will see The Gogol Music and Drama Theatre, admire the architecture of Poltava museum of Local Lore, Shevchenko monument and the view of Saint Pantheleymon’s Church. You will admire the view of Saint Assumption Cathedral – national architectural treasure.

Then you will be impressed by the view of White Rotunda – The friendship of Nations Rotunda. This place is considered to be the most romantic part of the city as brides and bridegrooms come there on weddings. You will have a chance to see panorama of Poltava from that place. Also you will like the cute monument of Poltava ‘Halushka’ as dumplings are considered to be one of favorite dishes of Poltava inhabitants.

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Poltava battlefield excursion

Do you know that Poltava battle played a great role in European history? You will broaden your knowledge in history and feel the atmosphere of this historical place!

Poltava battle museum includes 5 thousand exhibits (collections of medals, coins, unique historical documents, works of arts, sculptures, weapons, the clothes of Peter I, ancient pictures and antique furniture). You will see Common grave of Russian warriors. The monument above the common grave of Russian warriors killed in the battle of Poltava was opened on June 27th in presence the Emperor Alexander III. No doubt you will admire St. Sampsoniy sepulchral church on the battlefield. Soon after the battle of Poltava Peter I ordered to build two churches in the name of St. Sampsoniy, whose name-day is celebrated on the 27th of June – the day of the battle. One of these churches was erected in St. Petersburg and the other one was built in Poltava.

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Poltava Art and Literature Tour

This tour will prove you that Poltava is the home of Ukrainian spiritual life and culture! Poltava supported great artists, writers and composers. First you will visit Ivan Kotlyarevskyi’s  homestead – a great example of wooden Ukrainian hut. Poltava is the birth place of Kotlyarevskyi who founded modern  Ukrainian literature. You would see the way of life of Ukrainian people who lived more than hundred years ago and see unique Ukrainian style for your own eyes. Along with his homestead you will visit Kotlyarevsky’s Literary Museum.

Another well-known Ukrainian writer Panas Mirny lived in Poltava so you will be able to visit his house which was acknowledged to preserve the local value. There are more than a thousand trees and bushes grow there, two oaks are about 3 hundred years old.

You will not miss the chance to be impressed by admiring a big collection of paintings at Poltava Art Gallery!

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Poltava museum of Local Lore

Are you fond of history and culture? Then  you will get a real intellectual and emotional pleasure from visiting this place which contains so many treasures of Ukrainian culture! This building is a beauty of Ukrainian architectural style with unique Ukrainian ornaments and forms. Some valuable exhibits are found in the ancient Egyptian collection. This museum keeps sculptures from the Middle East, ancient Europe and Asia, also some Ukrainian artifacts. This excursion will prove you that this museum is one of the oldest museums in Ukraine which can tell you not only about Poltava but Ukraine in general!

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Explore Space in Poltava!

Do you enjoy space and star exploration? You should visit Poltava museum of aviation and cosmonautics named after Yurii Kondratyuk, the inventor of the theory of interplanetary flights and creator of rocket equipment. Yes, he was born in Poltava so you will be able to get to know about his space inventions! Not far from the museum there is a nice Park called “Victory” Park where you can find an amusement park, a large beautiful fountain, gardens and restaurants. Ride the Ferris Wheel in Victory Park with your friend and reach the “stars” of Poltava city and unforgettable emotions will accompany you during this unbelievable tour!

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Poltava museum of the Strategic Aviation

If you are interested in aviation or you just have an inquisitive nature, then this museum is for you! You will see planes of distant aircraft, natural engines, samples of aviation arms and ammunition, a cruise missile!

You will get new experience by getting to know the History of development of aeronautics and production of helicopters in Ukraine and, of course, you can feel a pilot by sitting in a pilot cabin!

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Kharkov Auqua park «Jungle»

You will get a great  possibility of a wonderful trip to Kharkiv Auquapark “Jungle” that has a wide arrangement of water entertainments!  It is very unique because you will be indulged into a tropic atmosphere and exotic nature ! There is no doubt you will get amazing impressions from this water adventure!

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Poltava Sorochinskyi fair!

During the last week of August there is a famous Sorochinskyi fair which is well-known all over Ukraine and even visited by Ukrainian president!

So, if you are in Poltava in the second half of August, you should visit this amazing spree of Ukrainian folks!

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Horse riding in Poltava

Horses are the best companions and stress  comforters! We will take you to this quiet place where you can communicate with these beautuful animals and even take lessons of horse riding! It is a great experience of a romantic adventure together!

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