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It is our main specialization. Matchmaking is a personalised service of search, screening and choosing the best possible Ukrainian matches for you according to your wishes and requirements and also using all our skills and professional education for doing this job.

This is a customized service specially designed to take into account all your specificities and preferences, standing apart from dating online. Matchmaker provide real value to clients by introducing them to people they otherwise would not have opportunity to meet. Additionally, we screen out those who would not meet your criteria, thus saving your time, money and preventing from disappointment.

Matchmaking is getting more and more popular nowadays among busy professionals, business owners and other intelligent people who prefer to apply to specialists when they want to get the quality  and personal approach to their  case, their needs.

Matchmaking is about building serious long-lasting relationships  so when we consult our clients , both men and women, we start providing the service to only ones who we feel are really genuine in their search and ready for new deep relationship. Sometimes we have to reject some personalities and  it is what prevents the other part of our clients from waste of time, energy and other sources.