When and How not to meet single women

Saturday, January 26th

When and How not to meet single women

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The ability to approach a girl, to start a conversation with her, to generate interest and the desire to date with you is not easy. The desire to approach and meet plays a huge role in seduction, but also the knowledge of when it is not necessary to approach and get acquainted will be useful. In the same way as you can feel tense, approaching an unfamiliar girl, for the girls themselves to be the object of male attention can be even more nervous and stressful situation. Almost any woman can remember a case when she was bothered by strangers “just to say hello” and at the same time were absolutely sure that their desire to meet is more important than the girl’s desire to be left alone. Not understanding the hints, you can in a few moments turn from a stranger into a complete idiot in the girl’s eyes.

It is very important to understand the signals and situations that tell about the readiness or non-readiness of the girl to get acquainted. Caution: all people are different and each sets social boundaries on their own. Each rule has its exceptions and there are people who may be open to acquaintances under such circumstances. If a girl does not show clear signs of the desire to communicate with you – you can pass by. In such a situation, it is better to “miss your chance” than to become another regular harasser.

Situations where you should not get acquainted with Ukraine ladies:
The girl shows the sign “do not bother me”

One way to improve communication skills with women is to understand the difference between the way men and women communicate. Women are not accustomed to express their interests and desires directly, especially in communicating with men and rely more on non-verbal communication. A woman who wants to attract the attention of a man can signal him with a classic “look in the eyes, then to the side, and in the eyes again”. But just as women tend to signal non-verbally about their sympathy, in the same way they will signal a desire to be alone.

For example, one of the most obvious non-verbal signals about wanting to be alone is avoiding eye contact. A look into the eyes is a classic signal to start dating, so the girl will try to avoid eye contact with a man if she doesn’t want to meet him. If the girl’s gaze is directed downwards either to the phone or somewhere far away, but not at the man, then this means that she is not inclined to talk or wants to get acquainted. Also, for this, women use various obstacles; usually wear jackets with a hood or sunglasses, something that can hide from other people’s eyes. Headphones can also say about the girl’s unwillingness to communicate with strangers, often many people walk in headphones without listening to anything, thus fencing off unwanted communication.

(However, headphones can also mean that Ukraine ladies will be glad to meet you, but she feels constrained, squeezed, insecure, hiding from others, or simply wants to use her time more usefully – for example, listening to audio books or podcasts. Think, if you listen to music with headphones, does it mean that you are against communication with an attractive stranger, and you want only one thing – everyone to leave you alone?)

Another “do not disturb” sign is a situation when a girl works at a laptop. If she came to the cafe with her laptop, then she really had reasons to leave the house, and she was sitting in a cafe for a reason. This means that she came here to do some work, but not to flirt. And no, even if you notice that instead of working, she updates the Facebook page. If the girl was interested in communication and flirting, she would not look at the monitor screen. But if you really want to know what book she is reading, it’s still better to wait until the girl puts it aside, and not flop on the next chair without asking permission and demand attention.

In public transport

One of the worst places to meet single women is any type of public transport, as people there are usually under stress, tense, or dream to be in a different place as quickly as possible. The natural desire of a person who is with a crowd of strangers in the same subway car, train or bus is to get to their destination, experiencing as little discomfort and negative emotions as possible. The last thing you want to do in public transport is to communicate with people who are completely unfamiliar to you. And this is doubly true for the female.

Public transport is not a safe place for women, and the girl will obviously react with suspicion to anyone who approaches and tries to meet her. If she wants to talk to you, she will let you know. Let her take the first step. After all, you do not want the girl of your dreams to add you to the list with other disgusting pestering men.

A girl who reads or has headphones in her ears is definitely trying to distance herself from the world around until she gets off at her stop.

At work

Approaching women at work is a foul play. Especially if the girl works in the service or in any other work, where being friendly is her duty. For some guys the seductive waitress is the most desired woman on Earth. But here we are faced with the perennial question “does she really like me” and the answer is usually “yes, but only as a client”.

The job of any girl who works as a tip: a waitress, a bartender, a strip dancer, almost literally means “flirting for money.” This does not mean that all the girls of such professions are dishonest and bad, not at all, but the more natural a girl is able to flirt, the more tips she receives from male clients. This is such a job. Just a professional flirt. And even those who do not flirt openly, are still interested in pleasing a man, because it depends on whether the client returns. Unfortunately, many people confuse professional courtesy with sincere interest and begin to think that the girl is in love. So a pretty pattern on your latte serves to attract a regular customer, and is not a secret love message at all as you might think.

The best way to flirt with a service girl is to be ordinary and develop relationships gradually. If you are a regular customer and behave normally, then you will have more chances to get to know each other over time.

Night dating

With the sunset the social rules of communication also change. What is permissible by day often becomes potentially dangerous at night. The innocent question of time or where to go at night almost automatically goes into the category of questions that precede something criminal. You may have the noblest intentions, but the girl walking at night along the street will definitely not appreciate it. Her only desire would be to escape from this dangerous place as quickly as possible.

At night, you should not approach the girl even in a busy place or on a well-lit street. Even the magnificent Champs-Elysées, so romantic looking at night, is not the right place for approaching and dating at this time.

Exceptions are such public places in which communication is supposed by definition, and where you will be expected to take action. Street fairs, outdoor events, parties, are just places where you can chat and meet girls. But it is worth being attentive if you got carried away and did not notice that the event was already over, all the nearest bars were closed, and you continue to approach pretty strangers, then in this case you no longer look like a cool guy, and look like an ordinary hyena hunting for gazelle discouraged from the flock.

In airplanes

Probably, the board of the aircraft is one of the most unfortunate places for dating. All those factors that make the idea of ​​dating in public transport so unsuccessful work doubly when traveling by air. If, when faced with an unpleasant harasser in the subway or bus, the girl can leave the transport and take a taxi, then she has no other choice on the plane. And the idea that she was stuck next to the unpleasant man for more than two hours makes the flight an uncomfortable, and even to be a nightmarish experience.

Look at this situation in this way: you are already stuck in a metal pipe flying in the sky contrary to divine laws and human nature. All you want to do is calmly fly to your destination, and then a guy appears, tries to talk to you, invades your personal zone without asking, throws you with stupid questions and spreads your stale breath. How does a girl take this flirting neighbor for several hours in a row?

Show some attention and respect

There are situations when you see the girl of your dreams and feel the inner voice that tells you “if you don’t approach her now and talk to her, you will miss your chance and you will never meet her again.” Being afraid to miss “the only and unique opportunity in life”, remember that you can very easily spoil everything only by choosing the moment to approach her when she is not at all inclined to get acquainted. Yes, there are such moments when a woman does not want to communicate with absolutely any man, even if he is a star or a millionaire. Show respect for her feelings and by this you will gain much greater confidence and make an impression than if you are the next banal pestering whom he meets every day.

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