You may be not ready for this specifies of Ukraine brides

Tuesday, August 7th

You may be not ready for this specifies of Ukraine brides

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Many foreigners are interested in Ukrainians. Usually the thoughts about the search for a Slavic wife appear at the age of forty-five or fifty. Such men seek women ten-fifteen years younger, and one of their most important requirements for a woman is to be healthy and without bad habits. First of all, a foreigner is looking for a wife who will be not only pretty, but also kind, sympathetic, economic. They heard that Ukrainian girls besides being beautiful are also excellent housewives.

What will a foreigner get looking for Ukrainian wife?

Ukrainian woman has many advantages over brides from other countries:

– they are ready to deal with children on their own, housekeeping, many of them like to cook

– they are rather temperamental, but not aggressive, and their soft Slavic accent simply fascinates foreigners

– they are well educated and are quite capable of supporting the conversation

– they are not afraid to start a new life, quickly adapting to new conditions

1. Youth. Men over 50 often look for a younger woman. Marriages with the age difference of 10-15 years are very popular. There is nothing wrong and all your friends, of course, will envy you. But think about the fact if your age difference is more than 20 years? Will your Ukrainian wife still love you in 5-10 years? Can the age difference be the first step to divorce?

2. The beauty. Everybody has his own concept about it. For most men, beautiful girls are those who have slim figures, the right features and a great appearance. For a foreigner, all Slavic girls are beautiful because only Ukrainian girls do not go out without makeup. However, if you think that you bring a beautiful doll to your home, then you are mistaken. First of all, you should understand that taking care of yourself is quite an expensive procedure: a beauty salon, a hairdresser, nail care, a solarium, massages, not to mention the cosmetics that a Ukrainian woman needs to be beautiful. Are you ready for such expenses?

3. Femininity. All foreigners are attracted to the femininity in Ukrainian ladies. Women in the West are constantly competing with men. They want to prove that they can be better on the career ladder and climbing higher and higher, they forget that they are women. Men are tired of such women’s behavior and want a normal, calm and modest woman, with whom they can quietly create their family comfort and rejoice in happiness. A Ukrainian woman is able to combine both the quality of the mother; wife and mistress of the house and at the same time make a successful career.

4. Sports figure. Most foreigners looking for Ukrainian wife want pay attention to slender girls. However, many Ukrainian women, as soon as they get married, allow themselves not to take care of their bodies and not to go to the gym.

5. Education. Most Ukrainian ladies have higher education, good and interesting work, though not always good paid. Taking a Ukrainian woman as a wife, you should realize that in addition to homesickness, she will feel inadequate if she can’t apply her knowledge and skills in a new country.

6. Love, loyalty and care. Every man wants to love and be loved, and also to have respect, trust and patience in the relationship. You can get it if you find a Ukrainian wife, but only if she will feel love, support and care from her chosen one.

The main models of relations with the Ukraine brides

It is very important for a person to know: which model of relations is the most acceptable for him, and which he categorically does not accept. After all, according to the majority of psychologists, the happiness of people in a joint life depends first of all on how much their ideas about how the spouses should behave in family life coincide. If a man believes that the main person in the family should be him, and the woman is confident that the last word in solving family problems should always be hers, then such a pair is most likely doomed to constant clarification of relations and a quick break, even despite the mutual passion and sincere desire to be together.

Not the best relationship will be in a couple, if the man is used to think that the wife should solve all family problems and make final decisions in any issues, and the woman, at the same time, will expect from the man of determination and initiative and believe that if he is a man, it means that he must solve both his and her problems. So, family psychologists correctly believe, arguing that there are no bad and good husbands and wives, but there are compatible and incompatible people.

1. The patriarchal model. In this relationship model, the main role in the family is assigned to the husband who assumes the responsibility for the whole family and usually, without consulting his wife, makes important decisions concerning his family. A wife, in such family, usually takes the role of housewife or a spoiled capricious girl whose desires are quickly fulfilled by a loving and caring husband.

The advantage of such a relationship is that a woman feels safe and protected with such husband and is free from self-struggle with various worldly difficulties and problems. The husband, with this model of relationships, often not only has a strong and determined character, but also earns enough for his wife’s wants and needs.

The main disadvantage of patriarchal relationships between spouses is the wife’s complete dependence on her husband, who sometimes takes the most extreme forms and threatens a woman with total loss of herself as a person. In addition, if a wife or a husband suddenly decide to divorce, a man will have to support his ex-wife financially as well as their children because a woman who, after many years of marriage, has become unaccustomed to the struggle for existence, may feel unhappy and helpless and not be able to settle well in life, especially if the children stay with her.

2. The matriarchal model. In such a family, the role of the head of the family is performed by the wife, who not only controls the budget and solely takes all decisions that are crucial to the family, but also tries to influence the interests and hobbies of her spouse. Such relationships are usually formed in a family where a woman, firstly, earns significantly more than a man, and secondly, has a stronger character and is not afraid to take traditionally male responsibilities both in the family and at work. A man can also be pleased with such a relationship, if he is not looking for leadership, and especially if he had before a similar example of his parents in his childhood.

The disadvantage of such relationship may be the possibility of a sudden attraction of the wife by a stronger man, compared to whom the ever submissive and quiet spouse may seem boring and uninteresting to her. Although a strong and domineering woman is unlikely to coexist peacefully with a strong and powerful man. More often such women, even having a love affair, rarely stop their comfortable and cozy relationship with their husbands.

3. The partner model. In this model of relationship, the spouses are usually equal in rights and share both rights and responsibilities. Ideally, they have both common interests, but also respect the interests of the partner. In such a family, the spouses usually have approximately the same status and income and it makes partners to be equal. Important decisions in such couple are taken only by consulting with each other and the house and economic duties are distributed equally.

The advantage of such a relationship is the ability of each partner to show themselves in marriage as a person and a unique individuality. And the disadvantage may be the sense of rivalry that has arisen among the spouses and the desire to overtake the partner in some way, which can lead to gradual cooling between the spouses and mutual alienation. To prevent this from happening, there should be not only passion and mutual sympathy between the spouses, but also mutual respect.

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