5 outstanding features

Saturday, December 15th

5 outstanding features

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5 outstanding features of Ukraine ladies and Ukrainian culture

The national originality of any nation is manifested mostly in communication, in what is called etiquette – a set of rules that govern the external manifestations of human relationships. Etiquette is a language of signs, symbols, verbal formulas, gestures, facial expressions, etc. that is hard to express, especially in emotionally intense situations. The language of characters is deeply national. The Ukrainian people have their own system of views, which reflects the national character, moral values, lifestyle, and type of behavior.
Now we will talk about the most outstanding features of Ukraine ladies and Ukrainian culture.

1. Kindness, hospitality, openness of pretty Ukrainian lady

Most people born in Ukraine are open and friendly. They like to give advice, but they do it without pressure or snobbery. It is rather similar to grandmother’s instructions, which contain only the desire for good. Ukrainians love to talk. And their expressive gestures can be compared with Italian.

It is enough just to live among the Ukrainians for some time in order to understand that they “bring everything into their house”. These people are also distinguished by their attachment to religion and relatives. Family ties in Ukrainian society are very valuable.

Hospitality and national cuisine became parables by the town, and not without purpose. If you were invited to the Ukrainian table, you can be sure that you will not be left hungry. All leftovers will be boxed for you.

Ukrainians are optimistic and open by nature. They are resistant to the blows of fate and are able to adapt to different conditions. But always believe in the best.

2. The man is the head of the family.

In 50 % of Ukrainian families, the functions of the head of the family are performed by men. This is evidenced by the results of a sociological survey. Thus, a third believes that the spouses perform the role of head of the family on an equal basis. 58% of men consider themselves to be the head of the family, while only 39% of women consider their man to be the “head”. At the same time, almost a third of women consider themselves the “head”, whereas only 10% of men agreed with this.

Almost 80% of men think that this is the way it should be: “the head of the family should be a man”, but at the same time half agreed that “a woman can also be a head like a man”. Women have the opposite: 60% believe that the head of the family should be a man, but at the same time almost 80% agree that “a woman can also be the head of the family, like a man.”

The thesis that the head of the family should be a man is more favored by people with low incomes, low level of education. Interestingly, divorced people and those who are not working tend to take a woman in the role of head of the family more positively. It should be noted that the overwhelming majority of respondents (82%) agree with the thesis that it is “a man who must fully provide for his family”. In the majority of Ukrainian families (60%), it is believed that a man earns more. At the same time, more than 20% of women believe that it is they who earn more, while only 10% of men agreed that their wife (girlfriend) earns more.

The results of a survey of men confirm the existence of a gender distribution of household duties. Most of the respondents attributed washing and drying clothes, cooking and washing dishes, cleaning the house to the purely female family responsibilities. Only 31% of men help their wife clean up their homes. 59% admitted that only women are involved in this.

Responsibilities associated with the purchase of products in almost half of the cases were divided equally. The only category of household chores that 90% of respondents recognized as being purely masculine turned out to be minor repairs in the house.

On average, men spend about 15 hours a week on housework, while women spend twice as much – 29 hours.

The absolute majority of men (89%) are satisfied with the distribution of household duties, and 62% of respondents believe that their beloved are satisfied with it too.

This situation with the distribution of household responsibilities has developed, since the economic approach assumes that the spouse, who has a high level of income (mostly men), performs a smaller part of domestic work or does not concern it at all. Conversely, whose financial contribution to the family budget is smaller compensates for low incomes with a large amount of daily work. At the same time, men do not take into account that they often spend as much time at work as women, although they receive a higher salary.

Pretty Ukrainian lady traditionally wants their men to earn more and to be the head of the family.

3. Close relationship between parents and children.

Family is what brings people together and makes them stronger so that they can cope with life’s difficulties together. In addition, when loving people are close by and they have friendly family relationships then it becomes much easier to live.

What is a strong, friendly family in which love and understanding reign, the Ukrainians know the most. Ukrainian families have always been numerous, the more children, the more joy in life. It is the Ukrainians who create their families not because they should have a family.

Ukrainians have always sought to create such families, in which life will flow peacefully, kindly and happily, when each family member will live in love and harmony. There is not a single country except Ukraine, in which the traditions of the family would be handed down from generation to generation and they have reached the present day in the same form as they were many years ago. But, of course, due to the economic crisis, the concept of “family” has also changed.

According to the State Statistics Committee of Ukraine, the average size of a Ukrainian family is 2.58 people. Every fifth Ukrainian family consists of one person, a third – from two, a quarter – from three people. And only 21% of Ukrainian families can be called “large” because they consist of four or more people.

Nevertheless, family traditions in Ukrainian families are alive, despite the number of family members, and passed down from generation to generation. Even if the children are grown-ups and already have their own families, the parents continue to help, both financially and physically. Children, in turn, also seek to help their elderly parents. Families gather to celebrate such holidays as Christmas, New Year, Easter and birthdays of family members.

4. Career or family

According to recent studies, most women seek for career. In the 21st century, fewer women are ready to devote their lives to home and life. Instead, they prefer to combine family and work.

97% of women who took part in the survey noted the importance of interesting work and career, and 75% said that reaching the top of the career ladder is important for them. At the same time, 73% of respondents are looking for opportunities to improve at work, and 82% are confident that they will achieve their goals.

However, for most Ukrainian women, being a mother and a wife is a priority for several reasons:

– it is a Ukrainian tradition

– Ukrainian women (especially after a divorce) are tired of being a “man” in relationships and decide everything themselves

– Ukrainian woman wants to fulfill the full role of the mother and invest in the child all her knowledge and love, having the traditional classical model of the family, where the man earns money and the woman is the guardian of the family nest.

5. Family time

In the modern world, when people spend a lot of time at work and solve various kinds of problems, they are not able to pay attention to their family at a full. For this, Ukrainian families invent their own traditions so the partners can feel closer to each other:

Holiday trips

Every year, the whole family travels to the sea or to the mountains, or travel by car through Ukraine and Europe. Adults teach children to swim, the family does a city tour together, sunbathe, and learn the history of new places.

Night out

It can be arranged once a week or once a month. It doesn’t even matter what exactly the family will do, the main thing is that after a hard working week you will be charged with positive energy and emotions as well as you will share your warmth with each other.

New Year and Christmas celebration

Christmas and New Year are family holidays and family time. In Ukrainian families, these holidays are celebrated with the family, they decorate the Christmas tree together, light it up, make wishes for the chiming clock, unpack gifts, have fun.

An evening walk

In some families, couples prefer to walk before bedtime as they can get rid of all the problems that have accumulated during the day and get ready for a night rest. This is a very healthy habit that needs to be brought up since childhood. Comfortable clothes and shoes, five minutes to pack – and you already have a leisurely conversation in the fresh air.

You may meet different ladies from all over the world but once you found a Ukrainian one, you will discover more than 5 outstanding features in each of them because every Ukrainian woman is unique.

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