Bad habits in relationship with sexy Ukrainian ladies

Wednesday, December 19th

Bad habits in relationship with sexy Ukrainian ladies

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To build strong relationships and keep a family, partners need to work hard – first and foremost on themselves. And, as you can imagine, efforts should be made by both women and men.

Sexy Ukrainian ladies will not understand how to respond to the “strange” habits and behavior of their beloved men. The passion goes away, and it is replaced by eternal annoyance with a partner. Everything annoys: from domestic trifles to strange habits in sex. And most of all, that in the bouquet-candy period the beloved one did not pace around the apartment in his underwear, making indecent sounds, and did not make love in sweaty socks.

When a man and a woman start living together, they discover with displeasure that both have everyday habits and it is very difficult to put up with them. It is fair to notice that men have much more of such habits than women, because women tend to look after their appearance and are more careful by nature.

We collected and analyzed the bad habits of men that bother women. Do you want to have peaceful relationship in the family – never do it!

Brushed your teeth – close the tube!
  1. Of course, complaint number one is that toilet seat isn’t raised. How many times have you been told about it – and still, men forget to raise it, and some – which is simply outrageous – do not put it down intentionally, regarding this demand as “feminist things”. In fact, you should not look for a serious ideological background where there is none and can’t be, just raise the seat and your wife or girlfriend will thank you for saving her from the unpleasant view.
  2. A no less common complaint is the habit of not closing the toilet door at the time of using the toilet for the intended purpose. Of course, husband and wife are the closest people. But pardon, there are such intimate processes that we would not like to watch under any circumstances.
  3. The honorable third place is taken by the complaint about the socks scattered here and there. They are everywhere: under the sofa, in the corner of the chair, on the bar of the chair. Sometimes it seems that one person can’t have so many dirty socks – he probably borrowed them from friends, specifically to annoy a life partner. The only place where they are not is, perhaps, in the refrigerator.
  4. But there are a lot of surprises in the fridge too. How a woman doesn’t get mad from finding a piece of sausage that you didn’t eat but just bit and put back with a fork sticking out of it.
Mature singles act like a big baby
  1. For some reason, men think that to take a shower daily is a waste of time. In the same way, they consider it superfluous to change shirts, socks and underwear.
  2. Sometimes it seems that men are not mature singles, but teenagers, whom caring mothers (their wives) continually remind to wash their hands before eating and their feet before bedtime.
  3. Unshaven, with unwashed hair and dirty nails – a man causes a feeling of disgust. Obviously, such male representatives believe that being clean is not a male thing. In vain! A well-groomed man makes a much more favorable impression on women, especially when it comes to sex.
Living together
  1. Men do not wash the dishes. It seems that in childhood moms teach: ate – clean after yourself. At least you can put a dirty plate in the sink. But if you agree to obey your mom somehow, then it is not necessary to obey your wife. And instead of seeing a surprise at home in the form of a romantic dinner (at least just a dinner) after a long working day, women usually find a mountain of dirty dishes.
  2. Men spend a lot of time playing video games and most families are destroyed exactly for this reason.
  3. They stay in the toilet too long. Some of them read books and newspapers as there is no any other place. Some solve crosswords. If scientists have already revealed a pattern between the efforts, so to speak, at the output of the human body and the concentration of brain activity, then stucking in the toilet can be quite understood and justified. Another Einstein may appear in the world.
Men can be annoying being in bed with hot Ukrainian girls

So we got to the most delicate moment. It turns out that in bed there are also too much annoying things for women, and not only uncleanliness.

  1. The first and the main complaint is: “he immediately fell asleep.” Of course, what a woman would not hurt! After all, she wants to talk and to hear something pleasant.
  2. But there is another thing: immediately after sex, a man begins to torture his partner with the questions “Did you like it? Was it good?”. Usually such a question is asked by not very skillful, but sensitive partners. And women who are really missing something in sex are angry with these questions. So, if such dialogue takes place, a man needs to think about how to improve, and a woman needs to learn how to discuss his feelings with a partner.
  3. Very often, ladies complain that men demand intimacy at the most inopportune moment. For example, when she looks at the mirror and corrects her makeup before going to work. Of course, at the beginning of a relationship, this could be interpreted as passion but when people have been living together for some time, a woman wants her man to control himself and relate his desires to the situation.
  4. Hot Ukrainian girls are outraged – and it’s impossible not to admit that the indignation in this case is justified – when a man is distracted by a phone call just in the middle of a love game. There is a feeling that a third person has appeared in the bed. Of course, nobody will like this “threesome”.
  5. Women are very angry when a partner turns sex into a comedy. Indeed, a love game requires dedication and focus on your own feelings and the feelings of your partner. If the partner behaves as if he is a clown, it is annoying.
  6. TV in the bedroom. Nicole Kidman once shared the secret of a great marriage – there is no TV in the bedroom. Therefore, you have to communicate and have sex.
  7. Marriage involves a partnership, and therefore respectful relationships. Respect the woman with whom you live under the same roof: do not force her to find your socks in hidden places, listen to her desires in bed, learn to discuss your feelings – and then she will have many reasons to respect and appreciate you.
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