Things sexy Ukrainian women don’t want men to know

Friday, April 19th

Things sexy Ukrainian women don’t want men to know

1. Women are very cautious of serious relationships, just like guys. Some of them think that weddings are for a princess and the idea of death in 100 years on the same day with your partner is stupid.

2. A woman should strive to play the first role in the family. Women like gentle and sensitive men and it may be the situation in the bedroom, where a man plays the main role, or help around the house, or helps to carry the bags.

3. Every guy has heard from his beloved that he is the best. This is not always true. This can harm the man’s ego. Women will never say that their ex was just a hurricane in the bedroom. They love you and do not want to offend. She is for you right now.

4. Most women are afraid to be like their mothers. There is nothing seemingly terrible in this. Girls adore their mothers. They are grateful for everything. However, they do not want to be like them. Strange, isn’t it? The fact is that everyone wants to be himself, not someone especially if they are told that they behave like their mother.

5. Women hide it, but they adore when their man is jealous. Here it is right to say that you need to be jealous just a little, without scandals and fights for half an hour. The girl wants to know that you love and appreciate her. Just do not behave as if she is your property – she only wants to know that she is important to you.

6. Sexy Ukrainian women imitate the “O” moment. According to study in 2010 and a report on NBC News, 80% of women imitate orgasm. Why do they do it, you ask? They do this because of their love for their partners and to make the process come to the end faster.

7. This is the most unpleasant for men. Secretly, more than 70 percent of women have a fantasy about other men whom they know. A new study indicates that these fantasies cannot threaten your relationship because they are just her fantasy and nothing more.

Things a man should know about a Ukraine brides

About culture. Women do not write text or call you first, not because “good girls do not do this,” but because they want to be sure that men need them.

About the rules. Women are ready to play by your rules and live in your rhythm for a while. They are even ready to let you set the pace. It is a woman who always chooses the partner, but the man in this dance should be a man. To leave a woman alone for a couple of weeks, and then to appear as if nothing had happened, will not work. So if you need a woman, call her. They like to seduce, but they don’t like to catch up or guess.

About the words. Sometimes, after passionate sex, it is so easy for a woman to say «I love you”. And this should not be scared. This “love” does not threaten your independence. This is not a desire to absorb your freedom or to take hold of your heart (thoughts, soul or hand). This is just a way to express emotions. Women feel this way at this moment, and this has nothing to do with far-reaching plans. They love fire, ocean, wind and the smell of rain. What happens between lovers is the same element. And no response is required from you. So exhale and enjoy.

About the plans. Most of us do not have them at the beginning of a relationship. Women have desires. And men have them too. If they coincide – this is harmony. If they do not match, this is also normal. Men and women are free to choose.

About happiness. Women’s happiness is when it is good “here and now.” When, hugging a person, you think only about him. When one touch can make you want to be dissolved. When you do not want to change, add or subtract anything. When Ukraine brides feel great close to her men and men feel it – this is happiness.

About the relationship. Relationships should be easy, and people should bring joy to each other. This does not exclude care, tenderness or seriousness. This eliminates suffering, despair and obsession. The phrase “I miss you” does not mean that women feel bad. It means that they are so good with you that they want to repeat this feeling.

About knowledge. It is important for women to know that they mean something to you. It is important for them to hear you and talk with you. Women need to understand that they are part of your picture of the world – even for this particular moment. It is important for them to feel your impatience, to feel your desire and to receive a meaningless SMS in the middle of the working day.

About fears. Everybody has fears. And women want to know yours. And no, they won’t think worse of you. On the contrary, having understood that you are confused, they can get closer. And by sharing their own fears, both of you will gain the ability to better understand each other.

About sex. If a woman is with you, then she is satisfied with everything. If a woman is with you in the same bed, then sex with you is great. But women want more than just sex. They want to watch movies with you, read books, sit on a bench, walk in the park at the weekend, listen to music and, of course, talk. All-consuming passion captures, but quickly burns. Closeness on a more subtle, non-physiological level is more important for women. If you want to be with a woman you chose, share not only your body, but also your emotions with her.

About the main thing. Most of women are normal and mature who are ready for any development in relationship. They have enough dignity and tact to act as an adult even after a break. Women want their relationship to be a joy for both of you – otherwise they don’t need it. Above all, women value sincerity in men, so it is important for them that you are honest with them from the beginning till the end.