Love age: biological and psychological

Friday, November 19th

Love age: biological and psychological

How age helps to find the right  partner

We all know there are different age rages that we go through during our life. How it influences our personal life? What should we consider in any phase of life? Let’s find out what our biological and physiological age tell us in…


After young 20s with life experiments and exploring the world and limits, another phase of life comes. When a man comes to 30s, he sees some result from long hours he dedicated to professional life. Now, when work gives good result, he can work even harder and relationship is not his priority at the moment. It would be a pleasant addition, but also, can be a great distraction. If a man is not ready for family life, in 30s he’d rather dedicate time and efforts to his professional development and reaching new goals.


It’s not ambiguous age with own pros and cons. Man in his 40s already have experience in previous relationship and work achievement. He starts to realize that relationships are important, and he has lots of energy for that. His baggage of past  can push him to start new relationship, as well as can stop him from trying too hard. So, in 40s it’s important to make priorities, what do you really want? Are you ready to contribute your energy and efforts into healthy and beautiful relationship or you are happy by yourself? Only answering this question, it’s possible to move on to new achievements, both in personal and business life.


It’s the age both of partners already have a lot of things behind them: marriage or two, maybe kids, and lots of life experience. Work itself is not priority anymore. The one thing to achieve is happy and cozy home with the loving partner. In this age person already understands all importance of partnership, and ready to dedicate all time, attention and care to create such. It may be the best age for a man to start new chapter of his life that will be solid and will make him completely satisfied with life.

We should consider that age rage differs for men and women. Woman after 30s is mostly ready for relationship when, first of all, she has a reliable partner next to her. 

Furthermore, each personality develops in different way, you may be 30 but have your experience and feel like 50 with priority to start new and only chapter in your life. That is why it’s important to listen to yourself, make own priorities and be honest with what you really want. Answering these questions, it will be easy to build happy and trustworthy relationship in any life stage.