How to be sure that you apply to a reliable agency

Saturday, October 16th

How to be sure that you apply to a reliable agency

Criteria of trustworthy date agency

A marriage agency has been a popular topic in Ukraine for many years, but only few of these agencies are real ones. In trust worthy agency first they find out information about the person, how much he or she can be appealing for future partner. The other point is the demands of the client, so they must be realistic. Normal agencies, if they see unrealistic requirements, then they just do not accept such clients into the database or give reasons why it is worth changing the search parameters a little. If the client is able to hear it and change, then agency can work with him. If not, then they have to say goodbye.


Girls and men are given few candidates and they choose a candidate they are interested more, so they can meet and talk. Clients can have different dates and see with whom chemistry will come up. It often happens that, according to the criteria of a perfect match, people meet and no chemistry occurs at all, none sparkle comes up.  But it happens, on the contrary, when no criteria matches, something happens on the date and people stay together for a long time.

                                                Possible candidates

18 year old girls can apply to dating agency, but they’re not as popular as a woman after 28 years, for example. Most men already realized that older girls are ready for family life and having children, which many men want. Girls of 18-20 are still in a period of exploring themselves and probably different partners.

So, the trustworthy agency attracts profiles of girls from 28 to 38.  This is the most popular category due to the fact that it’s still childbearing age and many men want children. There are also couples where girls are 55-60 years old. If they look good and look after themselves, they have every chance of meeting a good man.


There is a myth that men and women apply to agencies that are not in big demand here.

But in fact, many foreigners apply to matchmaking agency of different ages; there is practice of work with 22 and 30 years old. Men often complain that ladies of 35 are still occupied with their career and do not want to give birth to babies and raise them in their countries.

There was a case when a client was at consultation, he looked tired and disheveled. He works as a doctor, they have three children with his wife, but then she understood that she wants to develop, so it was more profitable for her to divorce. Now he has kids for one week full time and another week they stay with her. In western countries this happens very often and woman is ready to give kids to dad for a long period. Ukrainian girls are still more family oriented and, in addition, our girls are well known for their beauty all over the world.

So, as you see, trustworthy dating agency does the best to suggest you the proper candidates for you and help you to choose the right one. While you are open for positive changes and realistic in what you want, positive changes will happen to you with help of good specialists.