Why do you attract wrong women into your life?

Tuesday, January 16th

Why do you attract wrong women into your life?

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Your partner is your reflection

Each person is looking for his second half and for some it takes almost the whole life before they find it. Days, months and years go by but nothing changes. You expect that next partner will be better than the previous one and the scenario of relationship can be different but the end is always the same: your second half reminds you all your previous partners and as the result – you break up. You can hardly understand what’s going on, you are wondered and frustrated as you still don’t know how to find Ukrainian wife.  You start your search again, find the same type of woman and you separate. This situation happens over and over again.

We believe that our partner is the reason of our failures and it is not easy to accept that the main problem is hidden inside us. We attract those partners who are similar to our level of evaluation. They say “opposites attract” but it doesn’t work in relationship. Partners have to complete each other but not to be the reflection of each other.

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Pretty and sexy women attract men’s attention. Men pick them out in the crowd, without noticing others. They search for Queens. But if you are not a King, you’d better look for someone simpler.

If you are an intelligent, smart and educated man, you won’t be attracted with the women who are not of the same kind. Starting the unequal relationship, you will be bored and disappointed in a short period of time. Sometimes, such partnerships happen but it is rather the exception than a rule.

There is a law about relationship: “similarity attracts similarity” and it means if you want to attract the right partner in your life, you have to change yourself. If you want to be with someone whom you are interested in, you have to be on the same level with that person: you will have different topics for conversation and similar values and beliefs. We always get that kind of relationship we are ready for.

Dreaming about young, pretty, slim and smart lady, look at yourself. Do you match these standards too? If you realize that you by yourself are far from what you are looking for in your future partner, you have to start the changes: learn something new, go to gym, and expand your horizons. Be interesting for your partner.

How to meet a woman from your dreams.

Before you have demands for others, you have to look in the mirror and make a list of demands for yourself. Try to understand yourself, your wishes and accept them. You must clearly imagine what kind of woman you want to meet as your life partner. Point out the qualities of a lady, determine the social status: education, upbringing and traits that are mostly important for you. When all of the abovementioned is done, imagine this woman and start being the same person.

How to meet a woman from your dreams.

There are some aspects that influence on choosing a partner and we  are not always concious of them.

The main problem of most men is a creation of the perfect partner image. Every man has a dream of his perfect woman and it is both conscious and unconscious image. If these two images coincide,  man doesn’t have any problems in relationship with a woman.

Conscious image is based on the literature that you have read, or on the movie you have watched; you choose an actress with a set of characteristics and you start looking for the same person in real life. When you think that you have found that “perfect” partner, it appears that it doesn’t fit to your unconscious wish: they attract your mind but not heart. Even if you were excited in the beginning of relationship you realize too fast that you are too different to be together, that she doesn’t feel comfortable with you, she is not interested in you or she doesn’t want the relationship you dream of.

According to psychology research, 90% of people choose future husband / wife with the same characters as their fathers/mothers and only 10% choose those who have the opposite features.

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If you fall in love in a person who doesn’t love you, or you are not interested in a woman who loves you deeply, it means that you didn’t find a balance between conscious and unconscious image. At this stage you have to understand what you really want, what kind of woman you are looking for. Your behavior, actions and point of view have to correspond to those you chose for your partner, for your ideal image.

If you think that you meet “wrong women” all the time, don’t blame your partners, try to find the reason inside of you. Only you attract such people, only you choose them, even unconsciously, but they are your reflection. And if you want to stop the circle of failures, change the situation. Change yourself!

Changes is the only way to a new life

The hardest work is to change yourself. Some people even don’t realize why they need these changes or doubt about the results they will get in their private and professional life. If you can’t do it on your own and if you want to get the results you want, ask professional dating coach because they won’t tell you what you want to hear but what you need to know and to do. If you are serious about making changes without fear, if you are chronically unlucky in love, if every meeting with a woman is unsuccessful, dating coach will help you to correct your actions and prevent you from wasting your time with wrong people and figuring out what  inner relationship issues  you have.

Professional dating coach will help you to determine  your blind spots and turn them into strong qualities, help you to see the exact image of a woman you are looking for  and advise how to find Ukrainian wife.