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Thursday, January 18th

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First date wardrobe panic

How many first dates became failed ones?  Do you know that 8 women out of 10 said that the first date was awful because of the man’s outfit? It doesn’t sound strange as it only takes 7 seconds to make a first impression. According to a study done by Princeton, it actually takes the brain 1/10th of a second to make a snap judgment of you.

Casual wear ideas for men – latest edition 2013

Looking for Ukrainian wife, you will definitely face the nuance with the first date wardrobe panic. You may search the information in internet, ask your friends what to take on, buy new clothes because you want to impress her and look stunning. Right?

The first date is often a pain in the neck though it’s a good experience, and even if your first date fails, you may analyze and find out what was wrong just to avoid similar mistakes in the future. Preparing yourself for a first date you can ask yourself: what if the person you are going to meet becomes that one you spend all your time with? What if this time means “forever”? In this case, in 10 years you will tell your friends about your first meeting and what was the most impressive on that day. Your yellow shirt and red jeans? Or maybe her green shoes and blue skirt?

We have a list of items for you that are forbidden for wearing to the rendezvous.

looking for ukrainian wife


  1. Bad Jeans. While your hats, coat and shoes make lasting impressions, there’s no tell more unforgiving than bad denim. If you have  in your wardrobe skinny jeans, bootcut jeans, cropped jeans, jeans with embellished pockets, colored jeans, white jeans, ripped at the knees jeans, high waisted jeans and jogger jeans just put them away till you have the 10th date with your girlfriend and you can show your “weird” collection. If you are a jeans fan, choose the classic one of dark blue color. A nice shirt will match to jeans perfectly.
  2. T-shirts with funny graphic. Ukrainian girls don’t like any T-shirt that has any “witty” graphic on it. You are not a teenager. If you like your T-shirt of the mentioned kind – wear it around the house or somewhere where you won’t be met by women, but forget about it when you go out on the first date.
  3. Shorts. Even if your first date happens in summer, never think of wearing shorts on the first date. Being in shorts not only on the first date but walking in the downtown will be accepted like disrespect for society. Men can wear shorts while swimming or doing physical activity, being in his house or on the nature in countryside. Shorts are not for dates, unless you arrange a date on a yacht.
  4. Sweatpants. They are super casual and that’s why you can’t go out to a restaurant or even movie wearing them. Take on something that wasn’t designed by comfort.
  5. Suit. First date isn’t a formal or official event and wearing your working suit will be a sign of being overdressed for such occasion. You can’t arrange your date exactly after your work and come in your working suit. Your clothes have to be fresh.
  6. Sandals or flip flops. Ukrainian ladies always pay attention to the shoes and it makes them crazy watching you wearing sandals (with or without socks on your feet). You can wear your sandals whenever you like except your first date. Flip flops can be used in swimming pool zone or on the beach.
  7. Running shoes (as well as running trainers) is a huge “NO” for a first date. You can’t wear sports shoes and clothes dating a lady if you don’t meet her in gym. Your feet has to be “dressed” in nice and elegant shoes. Even if your pair of shoes don’t cost too much, it has to be clean and polished.

Accessorizes, Jewelry, Cologne, Belts, Phone


  1. Jewelry. It’s not a good look wearing four bracelets, three rings and two chains. Wealthy people don’t wear such stuff.
  2. Cologne. Don’t wear too heavy perfume on your first date, give a Ukrainian girl an opportunity to breathe. If she can detect you from far away by a scent of your cologne, she will probably think that you forgot to shower before meeting her.
  3. Belts. Girls like belts and pay attention if it suits to your pants and shoes. But  nothing looks so terrible than a man who wears fake designer brands with huge markdown.
  4. Phone. No matter if you are an ambulance driver or an on-call physician, but if you are on a date, hide your phone, put on silent and don’t clip it on your belt or put it on the table. Show your date that she and your meeting are very important for you.

Start your journey and find your love

You don’t need to look like a  peacock going on a date, trying to fit all the colors and shades of the rainbow. The dark must be combined with the dark one. If your clothes have light colors, then it is desirable they are repeated at least two times. Be careful choosing accessories and cologne. Particular attention is paid to shoes. Turn off the phone, bring flowers, smile and show your sense of humor. Focus on your woman and success will be guaranteed. You are forewarned and it means you are forearmed.

Start your journey and find your love

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