Single vs Married

Thursday, February 1st

Single vs Married

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Single vs Married

According to Britain scientist research, married men live 7 years longer than bachelors and divorced men. Is there a big difference between being single and being married? Is it possible to compare two different paths of life?

Having a good marriage, a man will never want to be a single again but mostly all singles spend many days, months and years searching for their partner.

Marriage advantages

You don’t need to think about your first perfect date to impress a lady as you have the one with whom you built a family. You don’t need to worry about wearing a sweat pants at home and simply enjoy a stay-in life. You don’t need to show the best version of you as your wife knows you already and will know when you lie. People who know you respect you because marriage is an act of adulthood and seriousness.

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Being married, you will always wake up in the morning next to a person you love. There always will be someone special to wish you Happy Birthday and Happy New Year and to celebrate all the holidays together. You will always hurry home after work because you know that your wife is waiting for you there and even if your mood is terrible, she won’t hate you for that as she always supports you and listens to you.

The most important thing in good marriage is that you have a constant partner who makes you better, assure you in difficult situations and make your life meaningful.

Marriage brings more happiness into our life than loneliness. A wish to be happy in marriage remains till old age. People who consider their partner as a best friend strongly feel the positive effect of marriage. Even after many years of marriage, people are still satisfied with their lives.

Is it better to be single?

The first and the biggest difference between married and singles is being free. “Freedom” sounds like a magic word for some married guys but what does it really mean for a single one?

Being free from any commitment a single man can do whatever he wants, go where he wants without explain or asking permission. You can go to bed and wake up when you want without sharing your covers. You can spend all your free time with your friends, play video games, be lazy and no one will be mad at you.

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People who are single don’t have strong tights to the place they live and once they are offered a new job position in different location, they can do it spontaneously without thinking that someone can be against as they belong to themselves.

If you don’t have a wife, you will always look for a clean, without holes and of the same color pair of socks.

Singles, divorced and widowed men have more  chances of getting a heart attack because married men have measured and well-ordered life style, their wives care about them and that’s why they can rarely be stressed or depressed.

Needless to say, that singles rarely like to cook for themselves and they usually have the fast food hot-dogs, sausages, chips for breakfast, lunch or dinner. Married people mostly have healthy food.

What women think about single and married men

According to women’s interview, some differences were founded between married and single men and maybe the following information helps you to make changes and improve your skills if you are a bachelor or check if all that is said below is true, if you are a happily married man.

  1. Conversation. Singles can’t talk easily if they are not talented individuals who can keep the conversation. They usually talk about their job, cars and sports. If a lady wants to change the subject, a single man is usually “freezing” and doesn’t know what to say or doesn’t pay attention to what you ask him. But a married man knows everything. He can tell you the content of your purse and will give you a compliment about your dress. Married men express their emotions without being shy and they know how to listen to a woman because they’ve got this skill living with their wives.
  2. Appearance. Married men are more well-groomed than singles. A woman will always identify a single man among other because of small flaws in his clothes even if he cares about his appearance. Bachelors, as a rule, don’t pay attention to such things like the shoes that don’t match to the suit or a lack of the button where it should be.
  3. Lifestyle. Singles have enough time to spend in a gym, meet their friends, travel and go to dates while a married man plans his free time according to his family wants and needs. He can’t do what he wants without getting a suggestion from his wife. He can’t meet a friend for lunch if he must pick up the children at school. It is called “freedom” and only singles can enjoy it.

The life is yours

The life is yours

One can hardly say what is better to be single or to be married. Both lifestyles exist and some people enjoy the freedom while others can’t imagine themselves without having a family. If you have a bad marriage, then your dream of being single appears in your mind more often. From the other side if your attempts to find someone to be with didn’t bring any result, you will feel lonely and stressed even if you have a successful life.

Whether you are single or married, you have to focus on your life and be optimistic about the future. Things can change at any moment when you least expect it. All the fateful things in life, including marriage, happen spontaneously.


If you made a decision to change your status from being single to a married one but you don’t know how to start your search, matchmaking companies are a great opportunity for you to find a lady for marriage. You can also use dating sites but if you are a busy person and don’t have enough time to spend in internet your results won’t be satisfying enough.  If you want to be successful in online dating, online profile dating coach will give you a personalized approach to the dating process and you will get a full time assistance from creating a profile to arranging a potential date.

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