Parties for meeting a lady in Ukraine as they are

Sunday, February 4th

Parties for meeting a lady in Ukraine as they are

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Where to meet women

Where to meet women

To meet a woman through online dating sites is an ordinary thing today. Men from different countries are attracted with Slavic women and that’s why Ukraine is one of the countries where they look for the wives.

Besides online dating sites, there are other opportunities where to meet women. One of them is Ukraine dating tours organized by dating agency. The main goal of such tours is to arrange a meeting between Ukrainian women who want to get married and foreign men who are interested to find a Ukrainian wife. These parties (meetings) are called socials.

The real meeting is very important as it is the only way to see how a person looks like, how they act, if they match you. Ukraine dating tours will save the time that you could spend on the unlimited corresponding without meeting a lady in real life.

Parties for meeting a lady in Ukraine as they are

How does it work? Foreign dating agency invites its clients to travel to Ukraine as a “romance tour”. At the same time local dating agency in Ukraine sends the invitation to the ladies who are registered in their database. The “romance tour” involves attending of 3-5 Ukrainian cities with spending 2-3 days in each one with taking part in socials. Socials can be of two kinds:

  • VIP social. Coming to Ukraine, men can expect for a city guide tour with visiting famous sightseeing and a party at night where they meet ladies. The amount of men and women is equal and the event is usually arranged in a restaurant. Every couple has 5-15 minutes for communication and the partners are changed till everybody gets acquainted. You may think that 15 minutes is not too much to know a person, but it’s enough to make a first impression and to understand if you like a woman or not. If you find a woman you like you may continue one-on-one meeting in another place so you can know each other better and start the relationship you are interested in. Everything depends on you and a woman, no one will help you to contact with each other (except the translators who are always there to help both parties to understand each other). If you have mutual interest and desire to continue your communication, you can ask a lady for personal contacts like phone number, email address, etc.
  • Second kind of socials is more crowded. A group of 10-20 men are invited to a party where 100 or more  of Ukrainian women are waiting for them. The agenda is mostly the same like in VIP social: men come to Ukraine, stay in hotel, have a fast city guide tour, have 1-2 parties (socials) and one day for possible one-on-one meeting with the lady they like. The place for meeting is performed according to the amount of guests: it can be night clubs or music halls, hotel halls and so on. There always will be some alcohol like champagne, fruits, chocolates and cakes. The lack of such event is that foreign men can be lost because of a large amount of attention and make a couple of marriage proposals to different ladies. After getting a “yes” answer, they want a woman “to seal” their engagement with spending the night together. But, in fact, only after spending a night with a lady, some men only begin to choose the lady they want for their future. The other side of this story is that some men didn’t want any serious relationship when they planned their trip. They wanted to spend time in a company of beautiful Ukrainian ladies and simply have fun.

How to find a real relationship among frauds

How to find a real relationship among frauds

Mostly all Slavic women believe in pure love and if you pay enough attention to them and show you appreciation, they will be ready for many things for the sake of love and for building a family. There are also some frauds dating agencies that invite foreign men to Ukraine and openly propose them “any woman they like to spend a night with”. Solid and serious dating agencies will check scrupulously both women and men before arranging socials. It’s an image of the company and they will try to minimize the risks for both parties but one can’t totally exclude scammers and sex-tourists.

The risk of being cheated always exists. Both men and women have to be careful meeting each other on the socials and paying attention to small details in behavior and in outer appearance. If you meet a woman with bright make-up, too short dress and too high heels, start a conversation with her and if after 10 minutes she agrees to go to your room (you have to propose it), it means that you became a target for frauds. The same goes if a woman, whom you know for an hour or less, invites you to her house. Serious and long lasting relationship doesn’t begin with sex on a first night.

Ukraine dating tours

Nowadays, the marriages with a big age difference become more popular. But if you are a man over 60 y.o., don’t delude yourself thinking that you can be attracted with 18-25 y.o. ladies. If you want to find a family oriented woman, search among those who are over 30 y.o. as they are mature, independent, made their career; some of them are divorced already or single mothers who are looking for serious relation.

Making a decision of taking part in Ukraine dating tours and attending socials, you have to follow some rules if you want to meet a Ukrainian wife:

  1. Be open and honest, try to show a lady who you are, don’t pretend to be better than you are. Just be yourself.
  2. Don’t choose a lady with a big age gap.
  3. Pay attention to what she is dressed in, how she acts and what she says.
  4. Test her inviting “for a cup of coffee” in your room.
  5. Don’t promise to marry to every woman you like on the first day of meeting.

want to meet a Ukrainian wife

Though socials are a well-known and popular ways to meet someone in person, such events don’t always bring the expected results.  If you meet a lady with whom you had a correspondence before, your chances for successful relationship is 50% higher than if you met her for the first time at social. Your chance to build a family with a Ukrainian lady whom you met for the first time at social equals 5% as all the imperfections of appearance and communication show up immediately and it can prevent you from further meetings.

Not all the couples match each other, but social gives the opportunity to speed up the process of finding the other half.

Exclusive relationship is what you need

Spending time on correspondence with ladies on dating sites, meeting women you don’t know for the first time at socials, making a decision to stop your unsuccessful search can bring a disappointment into your life and as a result you will be stressed and upset.

Exclusive relationship is what you need

Executive dating service has a convenient, confidential and the most important, personalized approach to help you in finding your true life partner and build and exclusive relationship. Professional dating consults encourage you to plan the date, provide pre- and post-date consulting,  ensure you have a positive experience and help you decide if you would like to pursue things further with the same lady or they need to find the better match for you.

Only executive dating service support its clients every step of the way because their goal is to find the perfect match for each member. And our company, Prime matchmaking, is  such place for you to change your life.

Executive dating service

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