What you need to dress to attract woman’s attention – dating coach for guys

Monday, February 5th

What you need to dress to attract woman’s attention – dating coach for guys

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If you want to tickle woman’s fancy – take care of yourself

There is no doubt that the vast majority of serious relations between a man and a woman begin with the first date. The first date, like the first impression, is a decisive factor in the further development of the relationship between the partners. If you want to make a good impression on sexy Ukrainian ladies, first of all, you need to know how to get dressed for a date.

On your way of reaching your goal to find a Ukrainian woman to spend your life with, you to think about every small detail as you might not have a second chance.

Do not wear black things or too bright and defiant wardrobe items. The first date is an important day, why wear mourning black? Bright colors, for example, red or bright orange, will distract your companion or even worse, irritate. Recommended colors: dark blue, beige, brown, white. Not recommend: black, orange, bright green, red. Colors for courageous and confident men: dark green, burgundy, dark purple.

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Your clothes should be clean and neat. The shirt should be ironed. Shoes must be brushed. Socks without holes.

For the first date wear what you feel comfortable with. But this does not mean that you should come in sportswear.

Don’t wear newly purchased clothes if you are not 100% sure of it. New shoes can rub. A new suit may not be filed under your figure. A new shirt label will rub your neck or body. Why should you be distracted by these small things?

It does not matter if you go out for a first date or familiar with each other for many years. You should pick the right outfit for a date to be confident in your style.

Personal care is an important detail that can never be neglected. Take care of yourself.

Good clothes open all doors

Rule number one – the hair must be trimmed and properly washed. The nails should be trimmed. If you are wearing a beard, make sure that it is neatly trimmed and laid. If you shave, you should shave without cutting. Don’t forget about a shower before your date.

Rule number two – in case you wearing perfume choose a good one, with a light fragrance. But do not overdo it!

Rule number three is fresh breath, but preferably without chewing gum.

Rule number four (a very important one) – put an ordinary cotton handkerchief in the back pocket of pants or inside pocket of the jacket. Believe me, sometimes a handkerchief offered in the right time  to a girl works fantastic.

Good clothes open all doors

First of all you have to decide where the first date will be. No matter where you are going, to the restaurant or to skate, you always need to feel confident about your style and if you don’t like any element in your clothes – just change it.

If you can afford to buy new clothes for every season, it’s wonderful but having some clothes of classic style in your wardrobe will help you in every situation.

Advantages of classic clothes:

  • it can be mixed with any clothes of trendy styles;
  • it costs less than fashionable clothes;
  • it is always actual and you can dress it both going to work and to a date;
  • it never goes out of fashion and it suits to everybody.

Here are a few tips that will help determine a man what to wear on the first date.

Here are a few tips that will help determine a man what to wear on the first date.

  1. Buy clothes that fit you in size. Wearing both too large and too small things is equally bad;
  2. Take on what suits you. It happens that the clothes is fashionable, but you look in it like a goof. You have to avoid such situations. Buy only the clothes that fit you. If it’s hard to understand for yourself, go shopping with someone who understands this;
  3. Clothing should emphasize the dignity and hide the shortcomings of your figure. If you’re fat, do not buy tight things. Equally, if you have a sporty body, you do not need to wear a T-shirt 2 sizes larger. It is better to buy a tight fit and so to emphasize your beautiful figure;
  4. Clothing should match your lifestyle and situation. If you go for a walk, do not wear a business suit to seem successful in the eyes of the girls – it’s silly. If you work in office, do not go there in shorts. You need clothes that match your lifestyle, age and specific situation.

On the first date, the two sides evaluate each other and look for the components of the personality and the signs of long-term potential relationship. Remember that you will not have a second chance with sexy Ukrainian ladies to make a first impression! Take this moment and show the best of yourself, both in communication and in non-verbal behavior. Be sure that neat and stylish clothes send the right signals, indicates respect for the woman and demonstrates your individuality.

Dating coach for guys

Dating coach for guys

Dating coach for guys Elena Vygnanyuk help to figure out what you are looking for in a relationship, compose your profile on dating sites, prepare you for a first date and assist you till the moment you are sure you have found the right woman.

If you are a professional man in your thirties who have never been married, or a man in your mid-forties through mid-sixties who is either widowers or divorced and you made a decision to start your experience in the dating world, you need a professional help.

Dating expert for men spends a lot of time getting to know your fears in dating and opens up your personality as a unique. You can’t date without any intention and if you still don’t know what kind of relationship you want, dating coach for men will help you to clarify it. To clear your goals will make it easier for you to know how to choose the direction!

The famous saying goes: “A good dress is a card of invitation, a good mind is a letter of recommendation”

So feel free to apply to  our coach Elena to find your dreamlady.

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