Forbidden online messages to a girl – online dating advice blog

Tuesday, February 6th

Forbidden online messages to a girl – online dating advice blog

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First message. Is it really important?

How many times did you stop before sending a message or a letter to a lady thinking if everything you wrote was correct and decent? Did you choose the words to express your thoughts? How many times did you get an aggressive reply or didn’t get it at all?

Messaging is also a skill and even if you are not good in writing you have to think thoroughly before you send a message to someone whom you don’t know or whom you want to impress. Needless to say that you have to be polite, avoid rude words, slang and sex-hints and your message has to be grammatically correct.

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If you found a profile of a beautiful Ukraine ladies looking for marriage in online dating site, you will have  a wish to send the compliments about her beauty her style, her hair, etc. Can you imagine how many similar messages they get every day? So what you should and shouldn’t to message to a lady and how.

    1. “Hi” or “Hey”. None of these is a good decision to send. You can’t begin first message with any derivation of above mentioned greetings. You will never get any reply from a lady who gets a message from you starting with trivial words.
    2. What is your name?” Don’t forget to add her name into your message and show your respect. It’s very common for Ukrainian ladies to pay attention to it. Never send an impersonal message or letters calling her “sweetheart”, “honey” or “darling”.
    3. It’s all the same again”. That is what she will think if she gets a message from you with some attention to her profile and her pictures. A lady will think that you just send the same messages to every girl you write online. It’s such a trivial way of 99% men who message to a lady.
    4. Pictures”. A message like: “Hey, you look great. Send me more pics of you” will never be answered. Girls won’t share their photos with those whom they don’t know. If she feels comfortable with you after a few days or one week of communication, she will send her pictures to you without asking. Another interesting thing is that you can provoke a lady and get some photos from her if you send some of yours first.
    5. Compliments”. There is a saying: “A woman falls in love through her ears”. Compliments are very important part of the first message but they have to be genius. Compliment a lady not only about her appearance but also about her hobbies, interests or her job.
    6. Jokes”. You have to be very careful about jokes and anecdotes in your first message as you never know if a girl you text to has a sense of humor at all. Show your wit and charm but don’t overdo.
    7. Length”. Don’t write a long novel as she may lose her interest not even getting to the middle of it.

What is in her mind?

Writing your first message or letter to a girl you have always kept in mind what kind of message you would like to get too and never put in your letter to her the words that won’t be acceptable for you. Don’t pretend to look like a “macho”, be yourself and show the best of you. Your first message has to be unique and catch her attention immediately. Men are known to be impatient but if you want to show her that you are special and not one of a “similar” kind, wait for a while (like a day or two) and send your second message to her that has to be genius too. Don’t bombard her with your texts every 15 minutes but show your mature insistence and interest.

What is in her mind?

Ukraine ladies looking for marriage who get a message from an unknown man always have 3 questions:

  • Who are you?
  • What do you need from her?
  • Why did you choose her?

A girl doesn’t know you and she is interested to find out who you are. Ask yourself: “Who am I?” and write it to her. You have to know the answer to this question and it makes you to realize your value that you show to her through your messages.

Online dating advice blog

You may have specific reason why you chose her. It’s a kind of test and she wants to know if you are honest with her or not. A message like “I am a cool guy and you are a cute and pretty girl. Isn’t is the reason to meet each other soon?”  won’t be left out of attention.

You may answer to all three questions just with only one message: “We don’t know each other yet and it’s a good reason to meet on Thursday”. That is exactly what you should write in your first message to her. Sometimes, it is enough to reply to only one of the questions to remove her suspicions.

The Japanese announced that they had found the best phrase for the first acquaintance.  It was discovered by a group of ten psychologists led by Professor of Tokyo University Takaaki Ishibashi. According to these eminent specialists’ opinion, you must say “next year we will laugh together on the same day.” And it does not matter who says: a man or a woman. Success and an exploring romance is guaranteed. The Japanese explained the effect this way: they say, the phrase – especially the word “together” – will immediately bring people together and allow you to continue the conversation on any topic. Exciting imagination “next year on the same day” will adjust for a long-term relationship. The word “laugh” adds some humor.

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Online dating advice blog

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