Marriage professionals: history and nowadays. Online dating consultant.

Sunday, February 11th

Marriage professionals: history and nowadays. Online dating consultant.

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meet ukrainian singles, online dating consultant

International Day of Marriage Agencies

One of the Ukrainian Marriage agencies was the first, who proposed to celebrate the International Day of Marriage Agencies on February, 12. State Department of Intellectual Property Ministry of Education and Science of Ukraine registered this holiday on December the 1st, 2010. The idea of celebration was happily accepted by many marriage agencies in the USA, Canada and Europe.

The date of this event wasn’t chosen occasionally. The most romantic day of the year is St. Valentine’s Day and it is celebrated on the 14th of February. To underline the importance of matchmaking, the International Day of Marriage Agencies is celebrated two days before Valentine’s day.

The first Marriage agency was opened in 1650 that is more than 360 years ago. It was founded in London by Henry Robertson who named his agency “The Office of Addresses and Encounters”.  Since then, many lonely people are looking for their husbands and wives with the help of advertisement or marriage agency. This way of meeting your second half became very popular all over the world. The number of marriage agency clients increase every day. Living in a modern world, people are so busy with their life at work, with their duties and responsibilities, that there is no chance for them to meet their life partner just on the street or in office. In this case, a marriage agency is a wonderful and sometimes the only one opportunity to find your match and get married.

International Day of Marriage Agencies

Marriage agencies like an oasis in a desert that help a lonely traveler to find their half. Thousands of people still appreciate what marriage agencies did for them as they became happy, found their spouses, got a chance to love and to be loved, and built a family. The lonely people have a constant wish – to find their partner and that’s why marriage agencies present in every country of the world.

The importance of marriage agency

The main advantage of marriage agencies is that you don’t need to spend your personal time for finding your match. They have a huge database of Ukrainian women and a lady whom you were waiting for all your life can be probably hidden among beautiful photos and interesting profiles. Serious marriage agencies have all the information about their clients: age, the hair color, height, weight, family members and personal characteristics. They will help you to meet Ukrainian singles according to your interests and demands.

Marriage agency will always keep your anonymity. Some people are still skeptical of online dating, marriage agencies and matchmaking companies. But it works and there are a lot of examples of couples who had a love at a first sight.

According to recent researches, the strongest marriage had couples who found each other through the marriage agency. The base for such marriages wasn’t a passion or one-minute-love  but similar interests, hobbies and life view. That’s why their family life won’t be ended with divorce because of the character difference. Ukraine matchmaker will find the most compatible match for you according to your personality, your lifestyle and your personal features.

The importance of marriage agency

To have a successful marriage, you have to find the right marriage agency. There are so many  frauds and cheaters at every highly demanded market. The price for this service isn’t cheap and you have to be careful and to be sure about the agency you choose.

The following things you have to know before you make a decision to choose a marriage agency that supposes to change your future:

  1. Ask if they have an office, the address and who the Director of the company is. If they don’t have a legal address, don’t trust such companies.
  2. Every marriage agency must have  official name, government registration, stamp and bank account.
  3. If the agency is reliable and stable, they will have business partners in different cities/countries.
  4. If they provide their service for many years, you can easily find them in internet or their advertisement will be published in famous magazines.
  5. Every serious agency must have a professional stuff.
  6. The serious marriage agency is always proud of the amount of successful couples who got married with the help of their agency.
  7. Every worker in marriage agency has to speak English and, preferably, other European languages too.

Consulting help

Consulting help

It’s very important for every single man to make a first step towards his happiness and ask marriage agency to find the best match for him. Some men could be shy about you and to make this process more comfortable, you can start your experience with online dating consultant.

Online dating consult will answer all your questions online without personal face-to-face meeting, find out what you really want and what kind of partner you are looking for, teach you how to attract the necessary candidates for building a family.

If the marriage agency is ready to show you the database of successful marriages, you may ask personal details (like phone number) and contact them, asking for the reviews of the agency you are interested in. You can also search the reviews in internet and find the opinion of other people. But, as you know “many men many minds”.

Always sign the contract with the marriage agency and pay attention to what kind of service they provide you, what kind of help you get, what result they guarantee and what the price you have to pay.

There is a big difference between marriage agency and dating sites. Reliable Marriage agency will always control and check their clients: they have to be divorced, no criminal past and they exclude any frauds. Only 20% of internet meetings lead to a marriage or to a stable and long lasting relationship. When people starting to date and to know more about each other, they realize that there are not so many common interests between them or they were not looking for serious relationship from the beginning.

Men and women who come to a marriage agency

Men and women who come to a marriage agency are serious and looking for a partner with whom they can build a long lasting relationship and have a loving family. That’s why online dating consult will propose you to look through those ladies’ profiles that match you the most.

Only you can make a decision to date online or to get a professional help of marriage agency to meet Ukraine singles. You can choose both ways at the same time and while professional matchmaker is searching a Ukrainian lady for you, you can be adventurous and date with those whom you met on dating sites.

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