Valentine’s Day celebration in Ukraine

Wednesday, February 14th

Valentine’s Day celebration in Ukraine

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Valentine’s Day celebration in Ukraine

“From Your Valentine”

St.Valentine’s Day is the youngest holiday in Ukraine. It is celebrated in Europe since 13th century but the tradition to celebrate this day in Ukraine appeared only in the 90s of 20th century. The symbols of Valentines’ day are red roses and heart-shaped Valentine cards which id called “valentinka”. The invention of “valentinka” is referred to 15th century. The Duke of Orleans was imprisoned in the Tower of London and he sent love notes to his wife. His first Valentine’s letter is in British Library now and it says: “I am already sick of love, my very gentle Valentine”.

St.Valentine is considered to be a patron of all beloved ones and that’s why this holiday is so beautiful and romantic. It was created for those who are in love and who is only waiting to fall in love with someone.

Love is a unique feeling and only because of love every person feels being happy and needed. It inspires, gives strength and courage for doing crazy things. But love not always tender and happy, but sad, painful and unbearable. It makes a human to be happy and miserable at the same time.

From Your Valentine

The history of St.Valentine’s Day is shrouded in mystery. One of the legends claims that Valentine was a priest who served in the third century in Rome. Emperor Claudius II forbade marriage for young people because he thought that single men were better soldiers than those who are married. Valentine, understanding the injustice of the decree, challenged Claudius and secretly married the lovers. When Valentine’s actions were discovered, Claudius ordered him to be executed.

Other legend suggests that Valentine may have been murdered in an attempt to help Christians avoid harsh Roman prisons, where they were often beaten and tortured. According to the third legend, being prisoned, Valentine wrote the first “valentine” to a young girl he fell in love with, presumably the daughter of a jailer. The letter was signed “From Your Valentine” and this expression is still used nowadays. Although the origin of the legends about Valentine is still unclear, they all show how sympathetic, heroic and romantic he was.

Is Valentine’s Day a holiday for women only?

Is Valentine’s Day a holiday for women only?

Every woman remembers all the dates in your relationship, all anniversaries, birthdays and others that are not very important for a man. But if you forget about St.Valentine’s Day, you will be beheaded in the same way like Valentine in the 3rd century.

So why is this day so important? It’s not a secret that every woman likes to get attention from her man. Ukraine women looking for men want to find a man who will adore and cherish them, compliment and fall in love with them every day. Having a busy life, men don’t pay enough attention to their women, they don’t pamper them every day and the relationship reminds a routine life with no chance for having fun. That’s why St. Valentine’s day is so important as you have an opportunity to prove your woman that you are still in love and that she is the only one you want in your life.

Ukrainian women expect for romance and love declaration. You have to buy red roses as red color is a symbol of love and passion and to bring flowers is a tradition of this day. You can also bring some sweets or chocolates, small figures of kissing Cupids, doves or swans. Don’t forget about the card – “valentinka”. Write what is in your heart; don’t search for special words in internet. Your declaration has to be individual.

Ideas for Ukraine date

One of the best traditions on this day is to make a wedding proposal. There exist a belief if you engage on the 14th of February, your marriage will be long and happy. According to statistics, the amount of couples who want to get married on this day is tripled comparing to other days of the year.

Ideas for Ukraine date

On the eve on St.Valentine’s day every city of Ukraine is ready for celebration and the decoration with special “love” stuff is presented on every street in downtown. Odessa is the most romantic city of Ukraine, not only because it has influence of French and Italian culture since the city was founded, but also because the beauty of Ukraine women looking for men can be founded only in Odessa ladies.

All windows of every shop are decorated with pink birds, red flowers, “All you need is Love” signs, red hearts and Teddy Bears. Red balloons and illumination on the streets bring a special loving mood to every single heart; it gives hope for finding your other half on this day. Small cafés and coffee shops display heart shaped cakes in their windows. It can be the best dessert for Valentine’s day that you can enjoy with your Ukraine date.

There are many concerts and shows on this day not only on the streets but also in the night clubs and concert halls. It can be one of the places where you can spend the time with your beloved one celebrating the Day of Love.

Ukraine date

To surprise your woman and make St.Valentines Day to be unforgettable, you have to make all the preparations in advance. You know  your lady better than anyone else so you are familiar with what she likes and what she doesn’t. Would she prefer a nice romantic dinner at home or on the top of the roof with panorama city view? Would she like to go to the concert or listen to how you play guitar and sing a special song composed to her on this day? Would she be happy to make a hot air balloon ride and get the most romantic wedding proposal? Or maybe she is waiting for a weekend trip to a place where you can be together with no interruptions. Only you can surprise your woman in the best way.

It is worth to tell sweet and tender words to those whom we love, to tell them about our feelings, show them our care and attention. Three simple words like “I Love You” are able to make everybody happy for many years.

Valentine’s Day celebration in Ukraine

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