Celebrating holidays when you are single

Saturday, December 16th

Celebrating holidays when you are single

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How to go through the holidays if you are single

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The holiday season is not the easiest period for singles. To watch all the couples around who are looking for gifts, buying the Christmas tree and planning the parties make you feel more lonely than before. Don’t let your mind to flow this way, you are single but you have to take advantage of any situation you have in your life and being single on the holidays isn’t a verdict. You are single but you are not alone. There are a lot of young and senior singles in the world who don’t have a partner to spend the holidays together.

Don’t think about the holidays as a painful time you have to go through. You don’t need a significant other to be happy and enjoy every day from Christmas till the New Year Eve. What do you usually do during the holidays? Do you spend it at home watching TV and feel pity for yourself? Do you meet your family or relatives who always remind you that you still need someone? Do you meet your married friends who feel pity for you being alone and invite you to their family dinner?

Do you want to change the situation this year? Try something new, change your old traditions into new ones, do something different and extraordinary this year and, the most important, enjoy the new experience.

Best things of being single on holidays

Senior datingIf you still feel uncomfortable about coming holidays, you have to think about positive things and benefits you can get from being single:

  • you don’t have to spend long hours shopping for presents and waste a lot of money for them;
  • you don’t have to worry if your partner’s family will like you;
  • you won’t be judged drinking as much as you want;
  • you don’t have to wake up early and you can stay in bed as long as you wish with no duties or demands for doing something;
  • you won’t be asked about your ex or why you are still single; you can avoid telling to everybody: «I’m single today»  or «We broke up»;
  • you can be selfish and spend all the money for yourself instead buying the gifts for others; lift your spirit buying a present for yourself — don’t be greedy, make the season all about you.

Some ideas for spending the holidays being single

  1. Some ideas for spending the holidays being singleIf you have single friends, make a party and invite all of them. All of you will be in equal conditions and you will have fun teasing each other about not having a girlfriend, probably… You will find absolutely different things to do together and enjoy each other’s presence.  Hopefully, there also will be a party of female singles in your neighborhood, so your party can probably be mixed up together.
  2. Plan a trip. You may go somewhere for yourself and by yourself or maybe you invite a single friend to come with you. It can be a ski resort or a warm place with golden beaches and underwater world of the ocean. Many singles choose this way of celebrating the holidays and you probably can meet someone special there too. To increase your chances of meeting a lady while you are traveling, choose the country where women far outnumber men, such as Ukraine and Russia, Latvia and Lithuania, Estonia and Belarus.
  3. There are a lot of lonely people this time of the year and they are also looking for love. Go on a couple of dates. Find those lonely souls who are ready to meet you. You may use online dating sites and there is always an opportunity for senior dating too. It isn’t neccessary to meet only one lady, you can spend every day with different ones and test your luck in finding the right one for yourself.
  4. You are the only one whom you have to make happy during the holidaysYou can go out and hookup with someone on the street. The holiday atmosphere influences on single ladies and they easily get in contact and give their phone numbers at season time walking around the main city Christmas tree.
  5. You may have an exciting and unforgettable time going out on a blind date. Have you ever done this before? Don’t lose this opportunity this year and share your experience with your friends, no matter if they are single or married. Your blind date stories will be something to laugh at together or a chance to meet a nice person with whom you can be friends or even a match.
  6. Do you remember «The Holiday» movie? Why don’t you try the idea of standing in someone’s house, in different place, and meeting new people. It’s something extraordinary but you have this privilege comparing with those who are married and have to spend boring evenings  with their families.
  7. If you made a decision to invite your friends and celebrate a New Year party, you can escape the tradition of kissing each other at midnight replacing it with a Spanish tradition of eating grapes as the clock strikes. Learn the traditions of other countries and have fun.

Senior singles can find a significant one according to their interests using senior dating for those who love horses, cars, pets, wine, theater or other hobbies.

  • Senior singles can findLooking for someone active? Go and meet people at small special events in your city.
  • Need someone who cares about themselves and looks gorgeous? The best place to meet a woman before a holiday season is to go to spa. Those men who know these places have amazing choices as they are excellent opportunities for singles.
  • Want someone with a kind heart? Go to Volunteer centers at children’s hospitals. Christmas is a great time to show the kindness and generosity. If you don’t find someone you like after 3-4 attempts, you can go to a new place and meet new people.

If you want to change your status «single» before the holidays, you have to start your search right now.

Whatever you decide to do, you have to get pleasure from it.

You are the only one whom you have to make happy during the holidays.

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