Small towns` Ukrainian women looking for marriage

Sunday, December 17th

Small towns` Ukrainian women looking for marriage

A lady from a small town. Who is she?

A lady from a small town. Who is she?Ukraine is not only a country of old architecture and delicious cuisine but also a place where the beautiful Ukrainian women live. Thinking about choosing a lady from Ukraine for serious relationship, you have to realize that even living in the same country they have different characters and features according to the size of city where they live. Women from big cities are more sociable, active and have many opportunities for finding better job, having fun and being busy 24/7. Women who live in a small town are calm, prefer to stay in home than to go to pubs, and are  usuallylooking for privacy. Moreover, they often enjoy the role of being a wife, mother and staying at home, taking care of it and the rest of family things. How can you  find the balance and find that one among 460 cities of Ukraine?

First of all you have to decide for yourself if it is important for you where Ukrainian lady lives. Do you want to find a wife from a small town or from a metropolitan city? Every Ukrainian city has its individual history, ancient architecture, beautiful nature, rivers, lakes and the sea. Many world known writers, architects, musicians and statesmen were born in small towns of Ukraine and it means that people are very intelligent and smart in every corner of this country. Walking around a small place like Poltava, you will be surprised with the amount of poltava women who read the books everywhere: sitting on the bench in a park or in a bus, in café or on the bridge. They adore reading. Ladies from Vinnytsia paint the pictures and you can see them in different places of this town with brushes, paints and easel. Looking at Nikolaev women you will always have a wish to love and cherish them. They are not only pretty and hot Ukrainian girls but also Ukraine ladies looking for marriage. It is well-known here, in Ukraine, that Nikolaev is the city of brides. There are so many beautiful single ladies and much less of decent serious men to get married for them.  Ladies from small towns are usually more modest, less requiring and able to appreciate appropriate attitude to them, fulfilling relationship and family happiness. The list of Ukrainian cities is huge and it takes a long time to write a book about all girls from Ukraine but it’s up to you where to meet women and what choice you make.

Calm and stable style of lifeSometimes, moving from a small town to a big city is a challenge for many women;  it’s a sudden transition from a quiet and calm environment to a really loud and noisy place. Women from small towns realize that they have to be always busy. Some people think it can be a fascinating journey and experience but others feel very uncomfortable coming from small town to big cities.

The social life in small towns are not so active like in big cities where you’re forced to step out and meet new people to make friends even if you don’t want it. Cafes, parks and other places are always full of people in big cities and it can be difficult for women from small towns to find the privacy they wish. You won’t have to think about it as a problem with a woman from any small town of Ukraine because they have a very social life and know how to enjoy it.

The legend tells us that in 16-17th century, small places of Ukraine like Poltava, Nikolaev and Vinnytsia were the places of witches and wizards but people who live there strongly believe that they exist from the first day when the towns were founded. There is no difference between Ukrainian witches and others except excellence sense of humor and resourcefulness. If you offend her once, she will crack your head lightly but in one hour she will stroke on your head. This explains the mystical attraction of Ukrainian singles and once you meet them, you won’t be able to resist being bewitched.

Calm and stable style of life

Ukrainian ladies are very clear headed and they realize that the life in a small town is much better than in a noisy city if they want to have a measured life with her family. The life rhythm in a small town is slower but the guarantee of having a happy marriage is higher because the amount of temptations is less. You don’t have to hurry in a small place but you have all the opportunities to enjoy your life.

It doesn’t matter if you live in a big city or in a small one, you have to describe your place in details to your future partner, so she can understand if she is able to change her life and live comfortably in a city that differs from where she lived before. It would be better if she can come to visit you before you plan the marriage and see everything with her own eyes. But paraphrasing a famous proverb we can say that it isn’t the place that graces the man, but Ukrainian woman you’re with.