Cultural issues and relationship tips in international marriage

Friday, November 2nd

Cultural issues and relationship tips in international marriage

Creating a family is one of the most important moments in a person’s life. Everyone wants to create a healthy and strong cell of society. As a rule, men and women prefer to marry someone from their own country, same nationality and religion. The common culture, language, traditions and closeness of relatives facilitate the process of mutual understanding. However, in the modern world without borders, inter-ethnic marriages are becoming more frequent.

Reasons of inter-ethnic marriages

Many people have friends from other countries; the world wide web has erased all possible boundaries. And love is such a thing that no one is guaranteed from falling in it. Today, you can meet a foreigner without leaving your home, you just need:
• device with access to the internet;
• account on a dating site, in a social network;
• a wish.

In addition to the “sensual” causes of inter-ethnic marriages, there are:

  • Economic. As a result of globalization processes, the number of travelers is growing, and with it the percentage of international marriages grows too.
  • Psychological. Experts say that there are inter-ethnic marriages, the causes of which are initially related to the relationship in the family. Children go against their parents’ will; as an example, the father constantly says “oh, these foreigners, they are strangers for us, they are wild people” and so on. The mechanism of opposition appears in the girl mind on the subconscious level. It is likely that she will grow up and marry a foreigner in order to prove that her father was wrong.
  • Social. A man from an economically undeveloped country, but who has attained a high social status, marries a woman from a developed country, but who has not attained a high status or vice versa. Thus, they equalize their positions.
  • Political. Strategic marriages of kings, heads of state.

Psychology of international marriages

The psychological characteristics of international marriages are different from those of mono-national families. A number of factors affect the psychological climate in such family:
• traditions;
• mentality;
• religion;
• language;
• distance between relatives.

Psychologists believe that in international marriage it is important to decide the extent to which each spouse is ready to engage in a new culture. They distinguish four types of integration, the second and third are the most successful for harmonious family life:
• planting your own culture and completely ignoring the traditions of the spouse;
• rejection of your own culture, full integration into the new one;
• partial integration, acceptance of specific cultural aspects;
• rejection of your own and partner’s cultures.


Relationship tips: pros and cons of international marriage

International marriages in modern society are very common. International marriage has both advantages and disadvantages, because before establishing relationships with a person from another country, its traditions and customs should be studied, since they will have an impact on the further development of family life.

There are many advantages of such unions and the main one is that the life of a couple becomes saturated and spiritually rich. For example, if there is a marriage between a Ukrainian girl and a Turk, the couple will have to learn a lot about each other’s culture and traditions. So, the spouse learns what Islam is and it is possible that in time she will accept the faith of her husband, learn traditions and customs that are alien to her, explore the previously unfamiliar world of the Turkish people, its history and culture. In addition, the study of language will occur for Ukrainian girl in the natural environment. The Turks, for their part, will get the opportunity to get acquainted with the customs of the Ukrainian people and the basics of Christianity. Relations in such unions are always bright and interesting, there is no time for lovers to be bored, since the couple lives in almost two countries – they go to visit their relatives, communicate with friends of each other, and celebrate national holidays.

International marriages become strong only if mutual understanding and mutual respect are inherent in their union, cultivating such quality as tolerance, over time the spouses instill them in their children, as a result they grow more educated and erudite than their peers.

For many people from third world countries, a wedding with citizens of more developed and richer countries is an opportunity to raise their standard of living, and there is nothing reprehensible in this. The number of international marriages is growing precisely. For example, a person from a poor family in an economically undeveloped country wants to live in a richer state and he goes to another continent, finds work, and then marries a Ukrainian girl.

A positive feature of international unions is also the fact that due to them genetic diseases disappear, to which certain races are susceptible due to the fact that another gene appears in the child’s DNA, removing defective or weakening its effect. The mixture of blood and the appearance of children also have a beneficial effect; the most beautiful people of the world are the love fruit of different nationalities and races people.

Unions of people belonging to different nationalities also expect a lot of problems, which is their disadvantage. So, moving to another country, one has to get used to a different mentality and way of life. Every nation has its own family values, which are sometimes difficult to put up with. So, for example, in Ukraine, the duration of a woman’s maternity leave after the birth of a child is three years, this time is given to the mother so that she can enjoy all the joys of motherhood and spends a lot of time with the child.

French men are accustomed to the fact that their wives go to work in three months after giving birth to their child and believe that only if the spouses earn together, their union will be safe.

In Europe, grandparents are not entrusted with raising a child since there are professionals – nannies. In Turkey and other eastern countries, the opposite is true – the wife should spend a lot of time with the family, and the burden of providing the spouse and children lies on the husband.

Often, due to inter-ethnic differences, disputes with the family of the husband and wife may arise, again due to different views on the upbringing of children and the distribution of roles of spouses.

Inter-ethnic marriage inexorably leads to the fact that communication with relatives is lost, as it is not always possible to constantly visit them. In addition, the connection with the traditions and customs of their people is broken.

The benefit of International matchmaking services

To marry a foreigner is an opportunity to discover a new world, but not everyone is ready to compromise and smooth out conflicts arising from national differences.

Due to the large number of mixed marriages, we can safely talk about mixing races. A person who has a certain national identity is brought up in his own national environment from childhood. The Muslim does not go to church and synagogue, and the Christian knows about the mosque only by hearsay. When getting into such a marriage, people with different origins give birth to children who have 50% of the signs from each parent. In different countries, nationality is assigned to one of the parents. There is a mixture of blood because of such marriages, which ultimately will lead to the disappearance or appearance of new races and nationalities.

Each nation has its own attitude to family values, the distribution of the roles of spouses and the upbringing of children. Everything becomes complicated if people of different religions or of different ethnic origin get married. In order for inter-ethnic marriage to be strong, the couple must cultivate tolerance in them and to the world view and views of each other.

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