How to get ready to your dating trip to Ukraine

Tuesday, October 30th

How to get ready to your dating trip to Ukraine

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Dating trip to Ukraine. Get ready to find Ukrainian wife.

Once you have a correspondence with a girl, sooner or later there will be a day when you decide to arrange a trip for first meeting with her. Most of Ukrainian ladies prefer to meet in Ukraine as it is safer and more comfortable for them. There won’t be any problem to get ready for such trip for those who travel a lot around the world and who know what problems they may face abroad. But if you never left your country before and you want to find Ukrainian wife, you need some tips of how to make your trip easier.

  • Read about the country you are going to.

First of all you must find the information about Ukraine, about its rules, what is allowed and what is forbidden there, what your behavior and actions in different situations should be. You have to write down the emergency phone number as well as the Embassy phone number (just in case).

  • Choose the location to meet Ukrainian ladies

Before you book the hotel or the apartment, you may ask your girlfriend what district of the city she prefers, if she wants you to stay close to the place where she lives or maybe she will recommend you to find a hotel in the downtown. You should remember that your first meeting shouldn’t influence on the girl’s life and she probably needs to go to work during your stay there. It means that you have to enjoy yourself while she is in her office. Usually, all sightseeing is located in the center of the city so we advise you to make a list of the places you want to visit.

  • Pack your suitcase

The amount of the things you need depends on the time you are going to spend in Ukraine. Ask your girl in advance where she would like to bring you and what places she wants to show you. Besides jeans and t-shirt, you must have a suit for your first date or for example, if she wants you to invite you to the theater. Don’t think that the suit will be too official for the first date; it will impress a lady as she will see you are prepared for a date. Don’t forget about nice shoes and the flowers for lady. Remember, if you invited a Ukrainian girl to the restaurant, you should pay for her.

  • Your health

If you have any problems with your health you should bring your medications with you. There are a lot of Pharmacies in Ukraine and you don’t need any special prescription for the meds if you want to buy any, but the name of medications can be different.

  • Credit card or cash

There are a lot of banks in Ukraine where you can exchange your money into Ukrainian grivna, so there is no need to worry about it. You can do it 24 hours. If you plan to use your credit card, you’d better call to your bank before starting your trip and ask if you are able to use it in Ukraine or in other country if you have a connecting flight there. Almost all shops and restaurants in Ukraine accept credit cards.

  • Mobile phone

Don’t forget to ask your mobile operator if your phone number is provided with international line and if you are able to use your phone for calls. There are a lot of places in Ukraine where you can use WI-FI connection, like hotels, restaurants, shops and etc.

  • Think in advance

You will probably want to tell a lady about your life and show to her the place where you live or work, your car, your family or friends. Check your photos before you come to Ukraine and delete or hide all the photos of other ladies if you have them. Also think of what you are going to tell her. Don’t tell her more than she has to know. It’s better to avoid the dramatic stories from your life and if it’s possible, try to change the topic of your conversation.

  • Communication

You are a lucky man if going to meet Ukrainian ladies who speak English but if she doesn’t you need an interpreter assistant otherwise you won’t be able to communicate with her. Don’t think that electronic translators will help you on the first date; they will only spoil the first impression. It is very annoying not to be able to understand what she wants to tell you. Do you want to spend the whole night looking on the screen on your phone trying to find the real meaning of “weird” translation? You might think that hiring a translator and having an unknown person during your meeting won’t bring any romantic atmosphere in your communication than you are wrong. Romance depends only on you and the lady you meet.

  • Souvenirs

Packing the suitcase, don’t forget to put small souvenirs that will remind her about you when you go home. During your correspondence you may know some information about the things she likes: her favorite perfume or the color of the scarf, magnet or chocolate, or something traditional from the city or country where you live.

  • Challenge

A new trip is always an adventure and you never know what emotions and excitement you get at the end. Meeting a girl from a foreign country is always a challenge. The first thing you must do before travelling is to hire all your fears and doubts. Leave them at home and prepare yourself for the best. Even if you and Ukrainian lady won’t be able to build a relationship, you have to accept it as a nice opportunity to visit this country. You have to be in a good mood and share it with Ukrainian girl. Ukrainians, in general, are very hospitable so you won’t feel as you are a stranger in this country even if you don’t speak Ukrainian or Russian.

Be ready for your trip and enjoy every moment. Good luck!

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