Different approaches in matchmaking

Wednesday, August 12th

Different approaches in matchmaking

What professional matchmaking services you should use for finding your spouse

Does the profession of matchmaker sound new for you? Don’t be surprised but this is an ancient profession that was used centuries ago by our ancestors. Matchmaker is literally a person whose task is to help you finding your life partner. Their work was trustworthy, highly appreciated and commonly used by generations of families all over the world.

It is easier to people to trust to the professional rather than using dating apps with own efforts. It is considered to be much more effective, too!

So, let’s try to find out what approach different modern matchmaking agencies use in their work nowadays.


Some of matchmaking services prefer long interviews with clients in cozy and calm atmosphere. They need to have picture of your personality, your values and goals. For this, they use professional interview. While you speak, they can watch your gestures, the way you speak and during conversation make physiological portrait of your personality. There is also a questionnaire with numbers of questions you need to answer considering your lifestyle and life experience.

Other matchmaking agencies use friendly talk. They ask you personal questions like friends would ask you: about your last relationship, what you like and what do not, and so on.  In such a warm and friendly way they make picture of your personality that in the future helps to find the right spouse for you.

Better to be open with matchmakers you apply for, especially answering questions! Without showing your real intentions, it will be almost impossible to find a match for you.

Blind dates VS dates in the old way

Most matchmaking services use such thing as a blind date. They may describe you the girl you are going to date but not show you her picture. They believe that picture of personality is something you should make up your own with the first impression and time together. Some matchmaking agencies can reveal details about future date, while some can give you only a name and place where you are meeting. This kind of blind date help you not use rational mind too much in order to choose the right person for you. You will act according to your feelings and instincts that come right away during the date.

Other matchmaking services prefer giving you more detailed information about girls, including showing you their pictures. First they make a list of possible candidates for you who match your style of life, tastes, values, and so on, and show it to you. Among these girls you choose the ones you want to meet. Such approach is more productive in the way that you choose yourself and can avoid unpleasant situations when choice of your matchmaker and your own do not match.)

And, finally, there are few matchmaking agencies that work in an old fashioned way. They find girls that match you, give you information and their contact details. The next step is up to you. You can contact girls if you feel so. The minus in such approach is that you may get involved into own doubts and thoughts and have no heart for making the next step.

As you see, there are different approaches of matchmaking agencies that tend to find the right one for you. Some matchmaking agencies can suggest arranging you amout of dates and in some you will have to wait for months before they find someone who is right for you in their opinion. So, choosing the matchmaker, you should go into details, terms and given approach – and select the one trustworthy that makes you feel comfortable and confident. Finding love can be tough and even stressful, but with the right professional help the process can become comfortable and easy for you. Make sure that matchmaking agency you apply for is trustworthy, professional and willing to help you in your searches, and then the result will be successful.