Ukrainian, Russian, Belorussian girls: similarity and difference

Friday, July 31st

Ukrainian, Russian, Belorussian girls: similarity and difference

     Things you need to know if you want to find love with Slavic beauties

It’s well known all over the planet that Slavic women are most attractive, family-oriented and devoted wives. If you want to find love with these pretty girls, you need to know about things that unite and distinguish them.

So, let’s try to sort out similarity and difference between beautiful Ukrainian women, pretty Russian women and lovely Belorussian women.

                                               Belorussian girls
They look like Slavic goddess – mostly, tall, with fair hair and blue or light grey eyes. Home means everything to them. If you want to find love with Belorussian woman, you should know she is rooted in her heritage and culture. She treasures it and always willing to make her home cozy and comfortable place for her beloved. Mostly, Belorussian women have calm temper and cheerful mood. To find love with such girl, you must be head of family and take care of your family.

Another important thing for lovely Belarusian girls is women’s community. Ladies unite in small and big communities for effective work with supporting and encouraging each other. They are rather active in social work and many lovely Belorussian women hold a high post.

                                                   Russian girls
Beauty of pretty Russian women is well known far beyond the continent. Due to neighborhood, they have more Baltic type. Their beauty with fair hair and light shades of eyes can be compared to cold, shy winter.

If you want to find love with pretty Russian woman, you should know few things. Russian ladies do have strong character that can overcome a lot of things but their temper is rather calm. They can bear a lot of things for the sake of the family. Pretty Russian women are well-educated, homy, patient and loving. They can handle things they do not really like for happiness of family. So, if you want to find love with pretty Russian girl, you should make sure she is happy in relationship and doesn’t put herself on altar of home hearth.

                                                   Ukrainian girls
Comparing to other Slavic girls, beautiful Ukrainian women have mix of different heritages in their DNA what makes their beauty emphatic and contrast, like hot August day. Normally they have brown hair, dark eyes and expressive facial features.

If you decided to find love with Ukrainian beauties, you should keep in mind few things. Family is the most important thing for beautiful Ukrainian ladies and they are devoted to family lives. They are not only good cooks or keepers of family hearth, for Ukrainian beauties it is important to do be good in job or hobby they do.

Beautiful Ukrainian women ask for respectful and tolerant attitude and will not let even her beloved to treat her bad. If she is unhappy in relationship, most likely, she will leave. She is combination of passionate heart and modesty.

Thus, you see how much Slavic beauties have in common and what the difference is between them. If you are ready to find your love with one of these unique beauties, you should definitely open your heart and do you max to win hers…and then!.. As a reward, she will make your life a happy place and your home will be filled with her beauty and magic Slavic heart.