Why can’t you find second half for a long time

Thursday, June 4th

Why can’t you find second half for a long time

Why does it take so much time and efforts to find love?

You can’t hear the word “date” without nervous shaking? You have been through this for a long time? You keep asking yourself: why to meet girls and to meet the right one is not the same?
Let’s try to figure out what could hold you from finding the right one for you.
There can be different reasons why you are still single even with taking a lot of efforts to find love.

High hopes

Sometimes when we want something, we make a vivid imagination of what exactly we want. It can be a picture of perfect house, perfect job or perfect relationship. If you have this picture and try to meet girls but it fails…maybe your hopes went too high? It can be you have been looking for exactly the same girl of your dreams that you have in your imagination. It is not bad to dream at all! But sometimes our dreams create high hopes no one real can fit. In this case, you can make a list with all traits that your future love must have. Reread it carefully. Is it all you really want? Do you need the entire list to find love or it is just excuses to escape real woman in your life?
Answering these questions to yourself, it will be easier to meet the reality. Actually, as a result, reality turns out much better than we could ever put on the list.

Wrong choice

You choose a girl of your dreams, go to dates with her, invest your time, attention, money…but after some time, she suddenly disappears or even chooses another guy. Did it ever happen to you? Perhaps, with online dating? If you try to court classy girls who have high expectations themselves, who wait for king or prince, at least, it is not the best choice to find love. Such girls may accept your gifts but will wait for better opportunity to come – at least, for Apollo who knocks their door.
So, if you meet girls online or face to face, court and do not see mutuality, it is better to stop trying and do not waste your time with those who not that interested in you. You can look around and see other girls – still pretty, attractive but maybe “not that classy”. Such girl can bring joy, happiness into your life instead of constant drama. Dating girls “like from magazine cover” doesn’t give guarantee to your happiness at all. It is inner world of your future love and her personal virtues – what you should watch carefully when meet girls.

Take your time

If you are still alone, it could be – there is something in your past that still holds you. It may be something from past like previous experience that you still didn’t let go; or it might be frustration or offenses that previous relationship caused.
So, maybe, now it is the right time to let it go?
If you failed in the efforts to find love, make sure, you are ready for it emotionally. Sometimes it is worth to wait before start dating with someone new. It happens when we want something desperately; it causes tense and gives a lot of frustration if we do not get what we expect.
To avoid tense, try to focus on something else: family time, work, hobby, sport, and it may be that a meeting with someone special will come suddenly and naturally.

So, as you see, there are bunch of reasons why you still in search of something special in your life. Just do not try to push it too much. You can make it a goal but not be too obsessed with reaching it. You still can meet girls on local dates and use online dating and not get frustrated when it doesn’t work. You never know; your second half can wait for you just around the corner! Keep your heart and mind open for this coming meeting and keep living full life. The best things happen naturally, and such things are worth to wait!