Types of scams

Sunday, April 26th

Types of scams

How not to become a catch for scams of online dating service


If you live in modern world and used to trust Internet, you should be aware not only of privileges it gives to you by making your life easier but also of threats it may bring. Most people know about scams that spread over Internet space but have you known that most of them hunt on you via online dating service?
Leading busy life, one doesn’t have time to get acquaintances out of Internet and thus trusts dating services. If you are on your way to do it, you should check all types of scams you can meet during your journey.

  • Using your personal information

There are certain people that make money by creating fake profiles on dating services and talking to you appealing to your romantic feelings. You may never talk to a lady in person, even never see her except pictures but start to establish romantic feelings. Using it, scammer will ask you to get out off site and use personal info. The scammer can use the trick as “making the present for you” or asking to pay some little sum for their “gift” and making you pay with your credit card on suspicious site that will have all access to your money.

Another option of scammers that you can meet via online dating service is ones that ask you to send pictures and videos with intimate content and then using them by blackmailing you if you do not provide them with certain sum of money.

  • Buying presents

In this case scammers use your growing attachment and make you to pay for them and solve their problems. Most popular trick will be buying new phone or computer for them with aim to make your communication easy! When the present is bought, you will never hear again from scammers via online dating service and will not be able to find them though dating system. They just delete profiles and create new ones.

  • Sponsors for scammers

The most spreading danger of online dating service, mostly of international dating service, is number of real girls with “real” profiles whose job to make money by means of men they are speaking to. The system is similar to previous but the difference in your ability to see a girl, talk to her, and maybe, even meet her. While your “romantic relationship” started, you are like a real man want to take care of your lady. Using this knowledge, the scammer from international dating service, will ask you for:
-paying her bills
-helping with her relative’s surgery
-sending money for visa or tickets
If you send money or tickets to scammer via international dating service, do not expect to see her or hear from her again, until she asks for more money with another issue that pops up.

As you see, there are different options of scams via online dating service and international dating service. Be aware what kind of lady you are talking to and make sure she has pure intentions. Do not get off the dating services platform too soon and do not get involved into romantic feelings too early. Try not to send any intimate materials and avoid providing scammers with big sums of money without being sure in sincerity of your communication.
Following these warnings, you will be able to meet a nice and sincere lady via online dating service or international dating service and avoid hurting your heart and wallet.