How to forget your ex

Tuesday, March 17th

How to forget your ex

What to do if can’t forget your ex

Relationship tips how to forget your ex after divorce or breakup

Previous relationship is over and you are on crossroads of your life? Perhaps, you feel that time comes – you want to move on and forget about past. But easier to say than to do. What steps you should take to make this process easy and fast?

  • Stop thinking and talking about previous relationship

You can’t let go past – and start dating after divorce or breakup – if your thoughts still got stuck in past. First of all, you need to change your thoughts and stop thinking about past. The good and bad moments can cross your mind – don’t keep them and do not ever discuss with friends. They will feel sorry for you, give you relationship tips and “help” to forget. In fact, more you get involved emotionally into moments of past, more previous experience will keep you.

Don’t overthink. What is most important, stop looking at old photos and asking the question ‘’What if”. Such questions can cause melancholy. It leads to nowhere, as you can’t change anything in past – what you can do is move forward.

  • Spend your time out of home

Sit at home and get involved into memories is really bad idea! Walls around are poor adviser!
Go out, see old friends and meet new ones. Find more opportunities to live active and happy life. Spend your time in places with interesting people, get new acquaintances and start planning new trips. Get to the mountains or seaside – if you have possibility- buy some fascinating books and make it a rule to read it in the parks, cafes, just not at home! You always can join fitness group, sport or art event, and all sorts of classes from studying to bodywork. Do not wait for special occasion – go out whenever possible.

  • Make changes in your life and start plan the future

Find out what things you would like to change in your life right away: is it your job, facility,
new hobby? How can you improve your personality?
Is there something you always wanted to do but didn’t do because of your partner? Did you dream to go hiking or travel all over Europe but gave up because she had “allergy” for hiking? It is time when you can fulfill any wish or insane idea you had, and do what never did before. Now you can think about your own comfort and wishes. If you do not know what you want right now, give it time. It will come whenever you’re ready – just be open for changes.

  • Start dating after divorce or breakup

You may say you are not ready for new relationship. It doesn’t mean you must dive headfirst into new love story. The point is meet new women and simply enjoy communication. It will help you to understand – you can start new relationship when get ready, and meanwhile, develop new acquaintances. Your previous love was not the one in the kind. You loved someone and let go. There are plenty of nice ladies around – you can start your big journey with small steps and, for example, join Ukrainian dating tour.

The best and only advice is keep opening yourself to new possibilities, acquaintances, make new memories and look ahead in the future! New memories will bring you new experience! Something worthy already waits for you there – so don’t hesitate to make your steps to get it!