Are you wasting your time with beautiful Ukrainian ladies

Tuesday, May 14th

Are you wasting your time with beautiful Ukrainian ladies

Are you wasting your time with beautiful Ukrainian ladies

You date with a girl for several months, but the relationship is still at the same stage? You give her flowers, small gifts, you go to restaurants. She takes it, but does not let you to be close to her?

It is likely that she is not very interested in the relationship with you, but you still do not understand. She accepts your attention, but can flirt with other guys. You waste your time in vain and beautiful Ukrainian ladies use you in their interests.

10 signs that you waste your time with Ukraine brides:
1. She loves you, but “in a different way.”

Every girl has a million varieties of this “love”. Sometimes a girl has a great feeling of gratitude for what you are doing for her. And so that this auction of generosity does not stop, she uses a very special trick to bind you even more to herself.

She starts telling you about how wonderful you are and that you have a special place in her life. If you are in love with her, it may seem that she experiences the same feelings.

If a girl adds some conventionality to each declaration of love, for example, “I love you very much as a person” or “I love you as a brother”. You can immediately stop any relationship with her. She makes it clear that you won’t have the relationship you are dreaming of. She does not see you as a man; she has no sexual desire for you. And she just likes to spend time with you sometimes.

2. She is not ready for a serious relationship.

The girl constantly tells how good it is to be alone. How much she values her freedom and is not yet ready to let anyone in her life. Do not hope that you will change something with your romance.

If you heard similar words from her, it does not mean that the girl is not ready for a relationship in general. It only means that the girl is not ready for a relationship with you.

It is not possible to be or not to be ready for the relationship. She either falls in love with you and doesn’t care about anything, or fool you.

So, her behavior is pretty simple. She tells you that she is not ready for a serious relationship; you wish her good luck and disappear from her life. That’s all.

3. She almost never calls you first.

You constantly call her with offers to go somewhere or spend a weekend together. Of course, you may think that this is just a tactic or a game. This is possible but only at the first stage of relationship. They really love to pretend being “touchy”.

But after a while, if a girl is interested in you, she will want to communicate with you. She will miss you. If there is no initiative from her in the future, then you are of little interest for her. Of course, she has time but there is no desire.

4. She tells you about other men.

Does she tell you about dating with other men? Then it is absolutely clear that she treats you exclusively as a friend. At first you may think that in this way she is trying to make you jealous. Maybe, but in moderation.

She can tell you about it a couple of times by chance and look at your reaction. But if these stories occur on a regular basis, and she sees nothing special about this, then it is clear that she considers you one of her “friends.”

This is such a sophisticated form of a friend zone where she tries to show you that she is not particularly interested in you.

5. Ukraine brides avoids physical intimacy.

It’s not about sex, but about touches. It is quite logical, if people like each other, it will cause them physical attraction. And touches will become an integral part of their flirting.

If as soon as you want to take her hand or hug, and she moves away, she does not want you as a man. But you know that physical contact is one of the basic conditions for a normal and strong relationship.

We are not talking about the first date, when a girl can really be shy. But if you see each other for quite a long time, and there is no closeness between you, this is surely a sign that she does not need you.

Do not fool yourself and try to justify the girl in everything. Perhaps at first it will be difficult for you, but over time you will be glad that struck her out of life.

6. She wants to introduce you to another girl.

What evidence are you waiting for? Do you really think she does this because you have already become close enough? And she decided to introduce you to her girlfriends? Or what comforting motives of her strange behavior are you making up for yourself?

The girl helps you to find another option that you can switch attention to. She tries to get rid of you. At this point you have to be very naive not to understand such open hints. Probably, if you accept her offer, she might introduce you to a really nice girl. Who knows?

7. She wants to be with you only when you are become distant from her.

She already got used to the fact that you care about her. You spend your free time with her; spoil her with gifts and surprises. And she condescendingly accepts all this, as if she still does you a favor.

And at that moment when you got tired of it, and you decided to give up, she begins to be active. She calls to you and offers to meet, says that she missed and everything like that. You believe and run to her again.

This story is as old as the world, but how true is it? Yes, she suddenly begins to appreciate you and your attention. But think about why she began to do this only at the moment when you finally decided to stop any relationship with her?

Is it because she simply considers that you belong to her as a property? And is it because she is comfortable to have such a person like you? Isn’t she pleased with the man’s attention?

8. She never has time for you.

As soon as you offer her to meet, in response, you hear inconclusive excuses. False business says only that in fact she has no desire to meet you.

You can put yourself in her shoes. No matter how busy you are, if you are offered to meet a cool young lady, you will find time.

Yes, she can meet with you when she is comfortable or when she has nothing to do. But this only indicates that she uses you.

9. You do not fit her description of the perfect man.

She talks about the fact that she has a certain type of a man she likes and also the list of requirements, qualities that her ideal man should have. And this type is your complete opposite.

A girl tells you about her dreams and fantasies. About how happy she will be when she meets such a man and other nonsense. Do not take this competition. Do not try to prove that you fit her description. The best thing you can do in this situation is to wish her good luck in finding the perfect man and say goodbye.

10. You always apologize and make the first attempt to get in peace.

Let’s say you had a little argument and, she said you are the one who is guilty in everything. You call first and apologize. If this happens on a regular basis, this is a good reason to think.

If a girl values your communication, then she will not pay attention to such small things like who should take the first step. If she doesn’t care about you, then she will behave accordingly. No need to look for excuses.