What men & sexy Ukrainian women think about a Kiss?

Saturday, February 23rd

What men & sexy Ukrainian women think about a Kiss?

Men and women told what they think about while kissing:

Men want to kiss only with the owners of a perfect body and almost half of them think about sex while kissing.

In turn, a quarter of women do not think about anything at all when she kisses a man.

According to a survey conducted in Germany, the vast majority of people – 81% – while kissing think about the person whom they kiss at that moment.

18% of men when they kiss are concerned about how well they do it, and 44% think about sex.

The situation is different among women. So, every fourth woman, kissing, does not think about anything at all and prefers to enjoy the process. What is in the heads of the remaining 75% of respondents was not found out.

Where to put hands when you kiss sexy Ukrainian women? As the survey showed, men prefer a woman to hug their neck during a kiss. They themselves strive to attach hands lower than their lady’s waist. However, not many women like it – only 9% of respondents like actions like that. The overwhelming majority of respondents believe that a man should be more restrained, but they do not mind if they stroke their hair when he kisses them.

What can completely discourage kissing? For 95% of respondents – both men and women – it is unpleasant to feel bad breath from a partner’s mouth. Then opinions were divided: most women said they did not intend to kiss a man with a piercing in their lips, and most men prefer to kiss only the owners of the perfect body and face.

More than half of women are ready to kiss only smart men – 54% of respondents admitted that if a partner showed himself to be a boring interlocutor, it would not come to kissing. Every third man doesn’t have a desire to kiss a little fool.

How to understand that a woman wants to kiss?

How to understand if a girl is ready for the first kiss, so as not to alienate her partner and not to be deceived into expectations. There are several methods that will help to know whether the girl wants a kiss or not.

Girl’s behavior before a kiss

If the guy is attentive to his girlfriend, he will be able to notice certain signs:

– the distance at which the girl holds a partner – if it is close enough, it means she undoubtedly likes him;

– pay attention to the eyes – the more often she looks at you, keeping her eyes on his face, smile, the higher the chances of getting a mutual kiss;

-no less eloquent the lips – she involuntarily licks them, the mouth is slightly open, this is one of the most successful moments for a kiss.

– experts advise to pay attention to the touch – if she moved close to the partner, trying to accidentally touch him, then she wants closer contact. When she avoids even a friendly hug, then you should not rush the things.

Attention! It is necessary to pay attention to the position in which the girl is sitting – leaning towards a man or not, trying to wriggle out from a touch or, on the contrary, uses the moment to be closer. With the help of hands, you can also get an answer – is the girl ready for a kiss or not. It is important to see if she plays with beads or a chain, perhaps winding curls on a finger, thus flirting, showing interest in a partner.

Other kissing tricks

It is important to pay attention to how the girl talks, whether she asks a lot of questions, how personal and deep they are, and perhaps meaningless, to play flirtatiously with a man.

A girl can joke, even tell not funny jokes, but have fun laughing at them, actively supporting a conversation with the men, even on topics that are not interesting to her at all (for example, football, cars, etc). In order to get the desired kiss, it is important to catch the moment – to analyze the situation, take a step closer, even if the girl immediately withdraws, this means that she is playing, flirting, and maybe shy. It is worth trying again – and you will definitely succeed.

Relationship tips from experienced men

It is unlikely that the girl wants to be the initiator of the kiss, and therefore will be waiting for your initiative. The main thing is not to miss your chance!

Haste in this matter is an insidious enemy; you should not rush things, especially when one of the partners is not ready for this. You can ask a question about whether you can kiss her – follow the reaction, make sure that your actions are correct. Holidays are an excellent occasion to make everything beautiful so that the first kiss will be remembered for many years.

It is equally important to observe oral hygiene; it is enough to chew mint gum after dinner in a restaurant to make a good impression on the girl.

10 signs that the girl does not want a kiss

You should not hope for a kiss if the following signs are shown:

When approaching – the girl moves away (constantly).
She says nonsense and often laughs.
There is no fire in her actions and speech.
When you hug her, she does not want to linger in this position.
She doesn’t react in a positive way when you kiss her on the cheek or neck.
Pulse and heartbeat does not increase with an embrace.
During your attempt to kiss her, she squeezes her mouth.
She is bored being in your company.
She lets you to be the initiator but she doesn’t respond to it.
She is distracted from the conversation, perhaps even paying attention to other men.

10 signs that a girl wants a kiss:

She flirts and playfully smiles at you.
Her eyes are sparkling and radiate passion.
Her face does not hide the joy in communicating and meeting with you.
When talking, the girl coquettishly looks away, but immediately looks at you again. Snacks or licks her lips.
Not distracted by other people and events happening nearby.
She tries to touch you.
She complains about the cold, even if it’s warm outside, trying to get close to you.
When you hug her, she bows her head on your shoulder.
Perhaps, she jokingly kisses you on your cheek – now it is important not to miss your chance.

We must remember that it is better to find a secluded place for the first kiss and make a situation to be romantic. To expose the relationship for others is not the best idea. During the kiss you need to use your hands: hug your partner, take her hands, and touch her hair. Even if you are very worried, kiss the girl on the cheek, follow the reaction, and then take the initiative. The best reason for a kiss is a slow dance, a walk in a secluded place, parting, accompanying home and so on. Every guy will find his moment for a kiss, as long as he is sincere and desirable, without ridicule and bullying. Take care of your relationship, follow the relationship tips and be happy!