Why you should stop your relationship with a single Russian woman

Wednesday, February 13th

Why you should stop your relationship with a single Russian woman

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Recently a man was ready to spend days and nights with his beloved, spoil her with gifts and flowers, and talk to her about how dear she is to him. Over time, when he starts see the reality, everything that a man liked before and saw her flaws as cute, begins to annoy him.
Why, over time, the man is already looking for a reason and the right words to separate with the girl? Whose fault is it in ending a relationship? There are six main reasons that lead to the separation of the couple.

1. Criticism

No one will like it if he is constantly criticized for a variety of reasons. The girl, listening to the opinions of parents or numerous girlfriends who do not like the guy, begins to express her dissatisfaction about his actions, appearance, beliefs. At the same time, she can be truly in love with a man and sincerely believes that she has the right to criticize, since her words will change the beloved one, bringing her closer to the ideal she has in her mind.

Will a successful man want to meet the requirements that his “half” puts to him? It all depends on the strength of character and the desire to stay with her lover. If the guy is confident that the words of the girl are nothing but cavils, then such a relationship should hardly be continued.

2. Excessive love for flirting or real cheating

A man just needs to be sure that he is the one and only one for his woman. If the girl flirts recklessly with his friends, unfamiliar guys at the party, the man should think: is his girlfriend confident in her feelings for him?

Flirting all the time is alarming, and even if the beloved one assures that this is her particular style of behavior, that she just wants to cause jealousy in order to get more attention from her man, the guy makes quite a logical conclusion – the girl is constantly looking for reasons for stopping the relationship. And this is likely to happen soon.

If it came to a real betrayal, and this fact was confirmed, the break in relations is almost inevitable. The relationship in the case of cheating can hardly be restored; it is difficult to forget even after many years.

3. Obsession and total control

The secret of harmonious relations is in equality and mutual respect in a couple. If a girl considers that it is her duty to control every step of a her man, to get him endless calls, to look for a reason to meet at any time of day, the guy will eventually get tired of “being under a cap” and will want to escape from this relationship as if from a jail.

Nobody argues love is a common cause, but everyone in a couple should have time for their own needs and interests: work, meeting with friends and just relaxing in solitude. Therefore, a pronounced obsession of the beloved one is likely to be the reason of the man’s decision to stop the relationship with his girlfriend.

4. Search for benefits

The traditional candy-bouquet period cannot last forever and once true love will grow into the stage of peaceful relations. The red flag for a guy can be a demand for gifts from him, the girl’s excessive interest in his material well-being and, as a result, the search for benefits in the relationship personally for herself.

If a man is only a source of material gain for a girl, the relationship is hardly based on sincere love. It is simple to check it out: a sudden loss of profitable work, a decrease in the level of earnings will immediately entail a cooling of passion in relationships on the part of the beloved. There can be no moral support, consolations, a joint search for an incentive to overcome the crisis in the profession, because the girl really sought only material well-being for herself.

5. Hypocrisy and deception

Relationships built on lies are hopeless: deception, large or small, indicates a lack of trust in the couple. It seems that there is nothing terrible in the fact that the girl once had a small lie – she chose to keep silent about meeting with her ex or did not come on a date, referring to being sick, while she herself spent time with her friend. The professional dating advice is that a minor lie may soon turn into a big deception, because where you managed to hide something that seemed to be unimportant, there would be a place for “big” lies.

A girl always has something to keep silent about; it often concerns her personal affairs. But a truly loving companion will find a way to avoid hypocrisy in relations with a man, because it is important for both of them.

The root of evil is a deliberate deception, the concealment of serious facts concerning the future or nowadays of the couple. If a single Russian woman resorts to lies from the first meetings, without extending, for example, about her ex marriage or a child, about difficult relationships with relatives, you can hardly trust her in future relationships.

6. Professional dating advice: sexual incompatibility

Nothing can keep the relationship – neither the general hobbies, nor the interesting joint pastime, if sex between two loving people is “so so”. Psychology calls the sexual incompatibility of partners almost the main cause of separation. Relationships in which there is no sex satisfying both have no future.

Most divorces in which spouses modestly insist that they “their characters don’t match”; the main reason is precisely the sexual dissatisfaction of one or both.

Attempts to preserve the relationship eventually lead to the search for affair, since the physiological need for intimacy does not disappear with time, but, on the contrary, becomes an obsessive idea that leads to cheating. And here everyone can be a defendant. So good sex in a couple is an important factor for maintaining love in a relationship.

Different reasons can serve as a reason for breaking off relations with a girl, but a man must first decide for himself whether these relations really have no prospects, or he is simply looking for an excuse to switch to a new passion that interests him. And then the girl will begin to look for the causes of the gap, remaining at a distance from her ex.

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