Surprise beautiful Ukrainian ladies on St. Valentine’s Day!

Tuesday, January 29th

Surprise beautiful Ukrainian ladies on St. Valentine’s Day!

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Perhaps there is no more romantic day than Valentine’s Day, when lovers are trying to surprise each other with the most incredible things. Here, for example, jewelry. They are undoubtedly one of the best gifts, but on Valentine’s Day it is very important how you present a precious gift to your “second half”.

Every year on February 14, millions of men all over the world had hard times thinking of what to give a girl for Valentine’s Day. On this day, all lovers give gifts to each other and confess their love.

Despite the popularity of this holiday, some representatives of the male half of humanity are skeptical about it, considering February 14th as children’s entertainment, which is unworthy of the attention of a brutal male.

However, the situation when serious men go shopping on the 13th searching of something “special” and are looking for ways to surprise their beautiful Ukrainian ladies is common. To help men, we prepared 10 life hacks that will solve the problem of “how to surprise your beloved on St. Valentine’s Day”!

1. A box of favorite sweets

It is enough to take a gift box and fill it with various sweets, to which your second half is not indifferent. Especially pleasant will be this gift for the girls who stick to a diet and rarely allow sweets to themselves. You can supplement this gift with various romantic inscriptions and notes with pleasant nonsense.

2. Joint photo session

Girls who can’t imagine their life without selfies and photos will surely enjoy a gift in the form of a photo shoot. This gift can be even more pleasant if you present it unexpectedly. For example, you can rent a studio, send a courier with a new dress and add a mysterious note, where and when the beloved should be in a new dress.

3. Pillow for sweet dreams

The main idea is to give the girl a pillow with a romantic print. Perhaps when you are at a distance with your girlfriend, she will fall asleep on this pillow remembering you.

4. A game for two

If you and your other half love board games, then maybe you should pay attention to them when choosing a gift. A creative board game in addition to the gift function can be a great way to spend time together on February 14th. Please note that board games can also be played in beds!

5. Romantic dinner with Ukrainian romantic phrases

This method is classic, but in the absence of ideas and opportunities for a more creative gift, the second half won’t be upset of a romantic dinner. The main thing, do not forget the key attributes – candles, tablecloth, pleasant music, etc. Although as an alternative, a romantic dinner on February 14th can be arranged in a restaurant.

6. Gift certificate

Each category of men each year gives their halves gift certificates for going to different events. Searching in the Internet, you will definitely find services that sell certificates for horse riding, visiting a spa, going to a dolphinarium, etc. In addition to the gift, you will give your beloved one a chance to get a lot of positive impressions and emotions. And it is worth it!

7. Sweet bouquet

You can surprise and delight your girlfriend in the morning starting with a cup of coffee in bed and a bouquet or an unusual sms greeting if you do not live together. It is difficult to surprise with coffee (although you can add her favorite liqueur in it), but with a sweet bouquet you can show your fantasy. Instead of the standard bouquet of flowers, you can present a “sweet bouquet” from different candies or Raffaello. This gift is not only delicious, but also spectacular! You can find a lot of educational videos in the internet, which tell how to make a bouquet of sweets.

8. Go shopping together

It sounds rather strange, but imagine a situation where you bring a girl to a lingerie store and say: “Choose!” No girl will remain indifferent! Of course, as an object of purchase, you can choose not only underwear, but, say, jewelry, etc. The effect will be magical! We do not advise you to buy clothes for the girl yourself if you don’t know her preferences.

9. Romantic trip

Of course the girl will surely be delighted with the gift in the form of trip to the Seychelles, but this idea can be performed with the small budget too. For example, make a girl a surprise and offer to get out of the city, without naming a specific place. Make a route to nearby tourist destinations. For example, if your girl from Ukraine, you can choose Poland, Romania, Czech or other European countries where you can spend a weekend. The key point in such trips is joint pastime.

10. Useful things

This category of gifts cannot be called creative, but some girls prefer to receive not meaningless knick-knacks, but things that will be useful in their personal life. These gifts include: a set of cosmetics, hair styling products (hair dryer, straightener), manicure sets, epilators, sports equipment, and stuff for kitchen. Such gifts will undoubtedly appeal to practical girls. Nevertheless, before buying, it is better to quietly ask the second half what she needs. This type of gift can also include various educational courses or, for example, a subscription to the pool.

11. Give a box of butterflies

Have you ever seen your girl to be very surprised? No? Then the butterflies are the best present in winter time. On the websites of companies providing such gifts, you can choose a card with one butterfly, as well as a whole box. But it is true that such butterflies do not live for long

12. Make a calendar

You can easily make the calendar with your photos. This will require 12 of your general photos and a little time for ordering. You can also be creative and make a calendar from February till January next year and not like usual calendars from January till December.

13. Surprise her with a delivery to her home

If your girlfriend lives separately for now, you can do the following. You can prepare something tasty in advance, pack it in a nice box, tie up some balloons and a postcard with a note like “Bon appetite, my beautiful lady” (you can also add some of Ukrainian romantic phrases) and send it to her address by courier or you can order such a delivery service online, it is not difficult.

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