Why Odessa ladies are so famous worldwide?

Friday, September 28th

Why Odessa ladies are so famous worldwide?

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The fact that Odessa is the city where the most beautiful girls live is known even outside of Ukraine. To marry a Ukrainian girl is considered successful and enviable. Hundreds of foreign men who are looking for the woman of their dreams not only in Ukraine, but in our city are registered daily on international dating sites.

Often dating appeared to be just sex tourism, when foreigners want a light romantic relationship with no obligations. However, seekers romance, serious relationships or accessible sex increasingly overestimate naivety of Ukrainians. And they underestimate their innate practicality.

Not all girls in Odessa want to take on the burden of marital duties or plunge into a storm of passion, often they want to travel at the expense of a wealthy admirer, visit expensive restaurants and hotels with him, get some precious trifle from him to remember their meeting or even to get some money.

At the same time, many “brides” manage not to enter into intimate relations with “grooms”; they postpone sex for some indefinite time, until the admirer finally doubts the sincerity of their feelings and the goal of platonic and not cheap friendship. Then the bride can gently report that, alas, she loves another man or she simply disappears. Surprisingly, some foreigners do not understand for a long time that they are being used or cheated.

Girls get money in many ways. For example, they take gifts from men – clothes, phones or money for a trip, and then inform the groom that she was refused in getting a visa or that the money was stolen.

Correspondence and first visit

Usually, men on dating sites get very passionate and lyrical letters from girls, and their photos are very attractive too. After some time, the groom decides to meet a girl in person: he buys tickets, books a hotel and prepares for the first date. In most cases the long-awaited meeting brings disappointment, as both the girl and the man turns out to be not always whom they showed themselves in the correspondence.

Clients of dishonest agencies usually choose the most expensive restaurants, order the most expensive dishes and necessarily hint of what they like including shopping of course. Such clients will tell you that they want a new iPhone, new boots and a fur coat on the first date. Their goal is to get as much from you as possible. Such a trip can cost the groom a fortune, as he must pay for the services of an interpreter daily, lunch at a restaurant, as well as all possible entertainment and shopping.

A foreigner who arrives is often promised to get “all inclusive” service. Careful managers of a dishonest agency find him an apartment for 50-70 euros per day, although for Ukrainians it costs 600 UAH. For the trip from the airport a taxi driver will ask for $ 50-100 (the cost for usual taxi starts from 250-300 UAH). But it is possible only with rich people and those who came for the first time. The interpreter service from the agency will cost $ 15-25 per hour.

If the bride lives outside the city or in the provinces, the man pays for the taxi. Some ladies manage to ask, for example, 800 hryvna for a taxi, and after two or three meetings, seeing the interest of the groom, some ask for money for gasoline or car repairs. If the enamored candidate invites the lady to his country of residence, he will have to pay for the plane tickets to everyone she wants to take with her-the child, the parents or even friends.

The bride can ask for money for an accelerated study of English. Some girls sometimes hide that they know the language in order to get more “for studying”. In general, the period of courtship and “online dating” can seriously devastate the pockets of the seeker of a “kind, economic Ukrainian wife”: brides ask money for doctors, medicines for relatives, apartment rent, gifts to the child (if they have any).

Some women ask potential grooms to send … food! So what? Prices are growing every day, and a couple of kilograms of sausage, cheese, canned food, nuts and chocolate will not be superfluous. Some ladies have several men at the same time and ask them different things, but they are not getting married with them!

When the time for staying in the country comes to an end, the groom gets the bride’s promise to come to him at his expense. It is unlikely that at that moment the groom realizes that he will never see his “Odessa bride” again, although he will have more than once to send her money for a visa, tickets, new suitcases, etc.

Online love and matchmaking companies

Is it possible to find true love through the Internet or a marriage agency?

Of course! If a girl genuinely wants to love and get a family, and not money, then she will find her own destiny.

The most active grooms, according to statistics, come from Sweden, Denmark, Switzerland, Australia, a lot of Germans and approximately 60% of Americans. Although Odessa ladies prefer Europeans. For a successful marriage, the age does not really matter – ladies from Odessa get married both in twenty-seven and fifty years.

The main thing is honesty and openness in communication, as well as the desire to build relations from two sides.

Marriage agency gives the foreigner a guarantee of meeting with the “real” girl, and not with a set of pictures on the screen. Foreigners who visit free dating sites most often lose time and money with marriage scammers.

Ukrainian girls also benefit from contacting the agency – for them all services are free, but they will be given a real candidate for husbands, not an entertainer or a sex tourist.

And while the men of Ukraine are busy with important problems of self-sufficiency and survival, it has turned out that women find care, warmth and money in other places. Love in the hut is possible only in fairy tales, but in practice it needs money and coziness.

If you are looking for a reliable marriage agency or matchmaking companies that won’t deceive and use you; if you want professionals to pick up the bride according to not only the sign of the horoscope and your requirements, but also based on your compatibility by psych type and character, then you should apply to PRIME Premium Matchmaking Service in Ukraine – and the result won’t make you wait long.

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