Forbidden food on the first date with pretty Ukrainian lady

Sunday, July 1st

Forbidden food on the first date with pretty Ukrainian lady

The first date is always exciting and pleasant. The spark of sympathy has already run between you and pretty Ukrainian lady, but your interest is shrouded in mystery and intrigue. It is the first date that shows whether it is worth continuing communication, and whether it can lead to something more.

Sometimes, stupid things might happen with two unfamiliar people on the first date. Nothing is wrong with that. This situation is quite normal. Take it easy and with humor.Forbidden food on the first date with pretty Ukrainian lady

However, there are incidents that you can prevent. They are directly related to food. If you and your companion decide to go to a restaurant, it is important to know a few tricks and subtleties. Not all dishes from the menu are suitable for a first date.

How to meet Ukraine girl and not be disgraces? Remember what kind of food should not be ordered at the first date.

1. Taco and burritos

Mexican cuisine is notable for its piquant taste, which is not good for everyone. Besides the specific smell from the mouth don’t forget about portions, which are usually very large. And inevitably you will not be able to eat everything especially if you have never tasted Mexican food before. Сhoose the roll with vegetables and chicken instead a taco and burrito. This is a more neutral and convenient alternative. To exhilarate exotic eating habits will be possible at the next dates.

2. Lobster

Lobster? Are you serious? This dish is better to postpone, not only to the second, but also to some distant date. Lobster is a very whimsical dish, which is not so easy to eat. On the first date, you want to know more about the person in front of you, and not work hard with a fork and knife? Then forget about this delicacy and better take a salad with seafood.

3. Corn
This, of course, is about boiled corn on the cob. This dish can’t be eaten without using a dozen napkins. In addition, corn kernels can stuck in the teeth. The picture is clearly not for the first meeting. Although, if you do not plan to continue acquaintance, and you really want to taste the corn, you can try.

4. Soupshow to meet ukraine girl

Soups are difficult to eat without strange sounds. This is quite natural, but hardly suitable for the first date. Of course, if you use the first dish from diapers every day and do it perfectly, then order it. True, here you risk putting your partner in an uncomfortable position, which will create unnecessary tension and embarrassment and will inevitably affect the overall atmosphere of the evening. Verdict: Soup for dating is not a good choice.

5. Leafy greens

Everybody is fond of leafy greens. Indeed, it is very useful for the body and contains in its composition a large number of vitamins, minerals and antioxidants. However, it is better to avoid leaf greens on the first date, since it has the property of being stuck in the teeth. Even if you never noticed it, you should not take risks. Not on this day.

6. Soft drinks

With this point, everything should be more or less simple and understandable. Soft drinks typically contain carbonated water and provoke the accumulation of gases in the stomach, which, in turn, can lead to belching. You want to demonstrate only good manners on the first date, don’t you? Then the answer is obvious: refuse from soda and especially from sweet soft drinks.

7. Beans
Despite the fact that beans really are a valuable source of vitamins, protein and other nutrients, they not just improve the digestive system, but can also cause bloating, flatulence or even stomach upset. Therefore, it is better not to take risks.

8. Cereal food

Pulling grains out of teeth, even with a toothpick, is hardly acceptable for the first date. Do you agree? In your menu you should minimize the food that can contain small grains. By the way, strawberries and other berries in the best romantic traditions also do not fit.

9. SpaghettiPretty Ukrainian lady

Delicious? Agree. Especially when there are so many restaurants of Italian cuisine around where one wants to taste spaghetti. Nevertheless, there is nothing sexual about eating this dish. If you want something Italian, then it’s better to give preference to fettuccini, ravioli or lasagna. They are much more convenient to eat.

10. Wings and Ribs

BBQ wings and ribs, which expire with oil, and their aroma makes your stomach dance … Of course NO!!! You can hardly taste them without the help of hands. And here you are so beautiful and elegant, talking about spiritual and exciting, start the meal. It is not necessary to describe the following picture for you.

11. Hamburger

Hamburgers are not aesthetically pleasing for the first date. Imagine, would you like to see the mouth of your interlocutor, who is so wide open that he only managed to bite off a piece? We do not think so. If you can allow yourself only a date with walks around the city and fast food, let it be something else but not a hamburger!

12. Mashed potatoes

When cooking mashed potatoes, they usually add milk, sour cream or butter, and this can provoke bloating, and if you are hard at digesting dairy products – then you will get a discomfort and unpleasant sensations in the stomach. If you absolutely want potatoes, just choose another meal.

13. Onions and garlic

These amazingly useful vegetables not only have a sharp and unpleasant smell immediately after their consumption, but this particular flavor can be held in your breath for 2-3 days. If you eat garlic even a few days before a date, how to meet Ukraine girl then if she can feel its smell. In addition, onions and garlic are heavily digested, so beware of stomach problems.

14. Some kinds of cheeseExotic food

In addition to the fact that cheese is heavy for the stomach, some of their species, for example, sheep’s cheese or parmesan cheese can leave an unpleasant smell and aftertaste.

15. Exotic food

On the first date do not try the food that you have never eaten before (for example, oysters, mussels, snails, or tar-tar from beef, or exotic fruits). And not only because you can disgrace yourself, not knowing how and with what kind of cutlery you have to eat them, but also because unusual food can cause unpredictable reactions of the body, including allergic ones.

16. Pesto

Pesto is a quick and easy way to add flavor without a lot of unnecessary calories in your favorite dishes, but this sauce is better to use at home. Yes it is tasty and useful, but your girlfriend may not like its smell, besides, the small ingredients of the sauce are often stuck in the teeth.

17. Spicy food

If you do not like spicy food, do not order them. Even if you want to impress your lady, if suddenly she is a fan of this kind of food. You may get sick or all you can think about is how to put out the fire inside yourself, and this definitely will not help your communication.

18. Cheese Fries

It’s delicious, but large pieces of cheese in deep-frying are supposed to be eaten with hands, and talking with a mouthful of cheese is not the best way to attract a girl. So either order this dish together, or choose something else.

19. Milk shakesFood that make you dirty

Milk shakes, like any dairy products, can disrupt your digestion. At best, it can cause bloating and loud gurgling, which is worse than stuck pieces of food in your teeth, and at worst you can become a hostage to the men’s room.

20. Food that make you dirty

This last item should be the first. It’s difficult to look attractive when the whole face is smeared with sauce. Avoid spaghetti, hamburgers, cheese products or soups with noodles. Even if you try too hard to eat carefully, the food may fall on you and as a result your clothes will be dirty and your first date will be spoilt.