How To Treat A Woman Nowadays

Wednesday, April 18th

How To Treat A Woman Nowadays

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How to treat a woman nowadays and not to get in a foolish position but achieve the reciprocity? On the one hand, today all the conventions are blurred and the girls love brave guys who can chase the girls around. On the other hand, the beautiful half of humanity clearly traced nostalgia for “the old days”, when the gentlemen wrote ardent letters, sang the serenades under the balcony and stored a handkerchief close to the heart, dropped by the hand of his beloved. Where can we find the golden mean?How To Treat A Woman Nowadays

Romance is in short supply today, so a bouquet of flowers, a non-trivial SMS to her morning awakening or a soft toy as a gift (none of a girl will refuse to get a teddy bear from her childhood) will never be superfluous as well as candlelight dinner, a river tram riding at sunset or a love declaration in a balloon basket.

Do you know why the period of courtship for girls is called “flowers-and-chocolate period” in Ukraine? It is because the flowers and chocolates are considered essential for romantic dates.

What a man should do to attract woman’s attention?

If you like the girl, learn how to listen her carefully. Firstly, she will be pleased that she was able arising your interest, and secondly, you will get maximum information about her, to make your own conclusions, and to know exactly what kind of courtship she likes and which one is not acceptable for her. A couple of compliments to her and you are already in her favorites.

Study her representative system and find out how she feels the world:

  • she is a kinesthetic. Feels the surroundings only to the touch. She likes when someone touches her hand, hug her or touch her hair. Thus, she is even more involved in relationship with her counterpart. But for another girl, “touches” can be unpleasant at the first stages of courtship. And it’s not her upbringing and decency that is to blame, but she just does not need it at the moment;
  • she is a visual. Such a woman will definitely see the flowers in the bouquet ant not their price. Although, if she is prudent she can easily determine the price. It’s better to invite such girls to the movie, to watch romantic melodrama, where there are many colorful scenes and where you can whisper on her ear everything you have in your mind. The plot of the film itself may not be interesting to her, the main thing is the bright pictures that flash;
  • she is an audial. Invite her to concerts, go to dance with her to nightclubs, but in those places where she likes a particular style of music. Audial are very sensitive to music, and if you choose a concert according to your taste without taking into account her interest, then she will immediately have a bad opinion about you.What a man should do to attract woman’s attention?

Do not be greedy! Remember: girls appreciate the man’s generosity. Do not try to buy her love, pampering her with gifts from the first dates, but you can’t be greedy too. What is considered normal: to pay for the time you spend together (in a club, in a restaurant, at a concert) or to buy gifts in the form of nice knickknacks. Only when you are in a serious relationship, you can let yourself to buy serious presents. Modern Ukrainian girls often follow the advice of the inimitable Russian actress Faina Ranevskaya: “Life is too short to spend it on diets, greedy men and a bad mood!”

Tell compliments. Saying the right compliments is an art. Having told the girl that she has beautiful breasts or ass, you won’t give her a great pleasure. But to praise at the right time her hat, lipstick color or admire the upbringing of her dog – this is the first step on the way to her heart. If a girl is not stupid she will quickly distinguish a sincere compliment from sugary flattery. As the French writer Jules Renard rightly noted, “Do not tell a woman that she is charming: tell her that there is no woman like she in the world and all the doors will open to you.”
Learn to surprise. If you are still puzzling on the topic “How to treat a woman?” remember one more golden rule: women are like children, they like surprises. Therefore, you must always surprise your girlfriend with something. For example, invite her to a walk in an unusual place (in the places of filming her favorite movie). Another win-win option is to share with her an unusual hobby (rafting in summer, or on an ice rink in winter). Finally, you can jump with a parachute together.
Be witty and show your sense of humor. According sociologists research, women, first of all, appreciate a sense of humor in a man. Ambiguous anecdotes about blondes do not count! But to be able to make your girlfriend laugh when she is not up to laughing due to some life circumstances – it’s worth everything. What categorically you can’t do, dating with a girl, is to criticize her for nothing. Even if you do not like something about her way of life (appearance, behavior, manner of speaking, etc.), you will hardly be able to change it immediately. But you can easily make her hate you! Therefore, before criticizing her shortcomings think twice: how will you feel if you appear to be a subject for “critical analysis”?What is special about treating Ukrainian woman?

Coffee in bed or..? As you know, men are the best chefs in the world – the girls know this very well and adore when they are fed with “something delicious.” Of course, banal coffee in bed is a matter of distant perspective. And on the “flowers-and-chocolate” stage of courtship even the simple omelet made by man “literally from nothing” will do. Or a light fruit salad that does not add any extra kilos to her figure. On an extreme occasion, an ordinary sandwich will be fine too, but served in a beautiful way and sincere smile!

What is special about treating Ukrainian woman?

  1. If you want a girl to make like you, don’t immediately offer her to have sex and don’t talk about sex. Courtship is a ritual, a game in which there are many omissions. Of course, in relationships, sex is meant, and you both understand it, but you can’t talk about it directly with a Ukrainian woman.
  2. Always have a first date in a neutral place. Think in advance where you want to invite a girl (several places for her choice). Girls like strong guys who know exactly what they want. Avoid questions like “And where do we go?”, “And what do you propose?”, “And what do you want?” Such questions only irritate. The initiative must be in your hands.

When choosing a place for a date, remember that this should be a place that will be interesting for YOUR GIRL, and not just for you. And no matter what it is: a theater, a restaurant, a movie, a disco or just a walk. You can ask on the phone if she loves the theater, and what kind of performances she likes and after visiting a performance, you can have a nice walk.Compliments are important to pronounce correctly!

  1. Dating with a girl, you have to pay always and everywhere. Ukrainian girls don’t like greedy men.
  2. During the date and on the way home, try to create and maintain a romantic atmosphere. In romance, COMPARISON is very good. For example: “Look at the stars! They look like sparkles in your eyes when you smile” or “Look, this view reminds me the movie … “(refer to any ROMANTIC movie). You can also create a special but sweet name for her showing a girl that you are familiar with pretty Ukrainian girl names.
  3. To make a girl be interested in you, it’s important to be support and interesting conversation. Prepare in advance some interesting stories that you can tell her: about the history or architecture of the places where you will walk, about people who once lived there, city legends and myths. It is desirable that these stories could cause a wave of different emotions in the girl and she will remember them for a long time. As a result, she will think of you as an interesting interlocutor, who knows and is interested in the city. In addition, all the emotions she gets listening to your stories, she will connect with you.
  4. A good interlocutor is someone who knows how to listen carefully. Therefore, be sure to listen to what the girl tells you about, asking the questions that help you to know her better.
  5. Avoid trivialities, cynical and critical statements, swears and jargon.
  6. After a date, it is important to bring the girl home, and not to the nearest bus stop. Don’t ask her to invite you in your house after the first date and don’t invite her to your house. If you don’t have the opportunity to bring her home, call a taxi and send her home by taxi, paying for the trip. And then call and ask how she got there.


The girls like the compliments very much! And it’s impossible to treat a girl and not to say compliments to her. If a guy says compliments, for example, to his neighbor, colleague or classmate, the girl will find this not only as a sign of attention, but also as the beginning of courtship. This is a good way to attract someone’s attention. But compliments are made not only at the beginning of the relationship, but also in the process of dating and even the during whole family life.

Compliments are important to pronounce correctly!

  1. The compliment must be SPECIFIC. The phrase “You are very beautiful today” is not a compliment. Praise something specific. For example: “You have a beautiful hairstyle,” or “This blouse suits you so well,” or “This color is very good for you.”
  2. The compliment should be SINCERE! Learn Ukrainian romantic phrases to surprise your girlfriend.
  3. The compliment should not be COMPARATIVE! NEVER COMPARE YOUR girl with any famous woman: an actress, singer or sportswoman!Signs of attention and care

Signs of attention and care

Along with compliments, girls adore ATTENTION and CARE. These are also different things! A compliment, by the way, is a sign of attention too.

  1. In the sign of attention, it is not the PRICE that is important, but its “SPECIALTY” and SURPRISE!
  2. A sign of attention can be a romantic message, which includes compliments, for example, “I can’t forget your wonderful eyes, and I can drown in them.” And maybe a phone call: “Good morning, dear!”.
  3. But keep in mind; if you communicate only through message or the Internet, the girl will not take this kind of communication seriously. All the girls in the world adore personal signs of attention: telephone conversations and, of course, meetings. Treating a girl, you can’t live in a virtual world, especially if you have already met in person.
  4. Repeat her name more often, calling her affectionately, say, Tanya, Tanyusha. Use, pet names affectionate words: “sun,” “princess” or pretty Ukrainian girl names. These are also signs of attention.
  5. Signs of care – this is completely different! It is when:
  • you give the girl a hand when she goes out of the car or a bus;
  • when you help a girl to take off or put on a coat;
  • when you move the chair, if the girl sits at the table or pushes back the chair, if she wants to get up;
  • when she gets out of the car or vice versa sits down in it, you come up from her side, open the door to her, and give your hand to her;
  • when you open and hold the door in front of her;
  • when you give her hand to step over the puddle;
  • and suggest leaning on your hand when crossing the icy street.
  1. In addition to actions, words are also the signs of care. These phrases like “Are you warm?”, “Are you tired?”, “How do you feel?”, “Give me your hand,” “Let me help you,” “Do you need my help?”.
  2. Phone calls with care are also signs of attention: “How are you?”, “What’s up?”, “How was your day?”, “I’m calling you to wish good night”. Taking care of a girl, call her at least once a day. But don’t call too often as it can be annoying and every time tell her Ukrainian romantic phrases.pretty ukrainian girl names, ukrainian romantic phrases

To take care of a Ukrainian girl is to give your energy, time, and disinterestedly, but it comes back a hundredfold. For only the one who gives (and it is not about sex) gets. Caring for a girl is actually very nice. It is known that it is much more pleasant to give gifts than to receive them. Once you are in relationship with Ukrainian woman, you can get pleasure practicing our advice.

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