Is pretty Ukrainian lady really interested in you?

Tuesday, July 10th

Is pretty Ukrainian lady really interested in you?

Our communication is a set of symbols and signals. This may seem completely stupid, because we never think about symbols and signals – they are self-evident. Human communication on 55% consists of non-verbal signals, on 38% of words, and 7% is unconscious stuff which in general means nothing.

When you communicate with a girl, most of your communication takes place on a nonverbal level and with the help of body language, and the girl always sends you a message and communicates with you with her body language. Over time, the female body language will become for you, like an open book.pretty ukrainian lady

It is very important, when you know how “to read” her body language, because it allows you to determine the willingness of a girl for your actions; in addition, the girl does not want to seem like the one who can be easily accessed. Pretty Ukrainian lady can’t tell you directly, “I want you now “, but she will give you her message with her body language, and she may not even be aware of this message.

Needless to say, if you want to know about woman’s interest for you, you should focus on the non-verbal signals she sends you. No lady will really tell you what she wants from you!

Ukraine beautiful girl is not interested in you

What you need to pay attention to when dealing with a woman and how to understand that you are not interested in her and further communication has no prospects:

A woman does not listen to you, distracts or looks around. When a woman is interested in a man, she makes every effort to catch every word he says. If she is distracted and talking to someone else, then this is a bad sign.

A woman isn’t involved into a conversation with you. She can just listen to you; give short answers to your questions, without asking anything back and not talking too much about herself. This indicates a lack of interest in you, because even if a girl isn’t a great talker, she will ask you about your hobbies and hobbies if she likes you. If the companion has completely deviated from you, crossing her arms over her chest, or starting tapping on the table with her fingers, it says that you cause her irritation. It’s better to leave such a girl.

If the Ukraine beautiful girl says that she came with someone else or that she is waiting for someone, even if this is not true, think about it. Most likely you do not attract her, but maybe she does not have the mood for acquaintances.

If your counterpart always looks at the watches, or chats with someone on phone, it also means that your date won’t continue. She will slip away from you under any reason, real or unreal.ukraine beautiful girl

A woman refuses to eat at a cafe or club, if she does not intend to continue any communication with you. And if, after your proposal, she makes an order on her own, then for sure you do not have to expect any relationship with her.

She is not interested in you, if she mentions other men in a conversation in different forms. It can be memories about her ex, and that you look like him, or she can compare you with any of her male friends. She can also start listing what she does not like in men, if you have at least one point of her description, it’s better to say goodbye and leave.

If she says that she doesn’t need any relationship now and she is satisfied with her position, this is also a sign that she does not want to continue her communication with you. She can even lie to you that she has lost her mobile phone and can’t give a number, or write down on the piece of paper the numbers that are not her phone number at all, just to get rid of you sooner.

She is consciously and unconsciously interested in you:

  1. She touches her hair. Yes, it’s an old theme. Many years of constant research in the field of verbal and non-verbal signals have successfully proved that touching the hair means “yes”! The hair of the girls is an indicator of emotions and current status. Pay attention to the gentle stroking of the hair. Also, with the help of the hair, you can determine that she is bored – the girl scratches her neck.
  2. She licks her lips. Thus the girl shows her interest in you ans maybe she is waiting for you to kiss her but if a girl does it really often, it could be just a bad habit.
  3. She teases you, laughs at you and shows her tongue. When one person teases the other, it is always a test of the reaction. Sometimes she is waiting for very decisive actions – she wants you to kiss her. It’s worth to be careful, maybe it’s just a test?
  4. She moves closer to you. A simple physical approach to another person shows how close we can let them in and how much we like them. Physical proximity increases the attraction between two people. If a woman deliberately moves closer to you, it means that she likes you and she tries to make you feel the same.She is consciously and unconsciously interested in you:
  5. She is actively sharing information with you. Did present a big amount of information to her, and she shared with you about the same amount of knowledge or even more? Everything goes according to a plan! She is positive about you. If we like a person, we always share with them something personal. Girls like to talk about themselves much more than men. If she not only actively shares information with you, but also tries to feed you from her plate, she is falling in love with you!
  6. Simulating your gestures. When we repeat someone’s movements and words it is a sign of great sympathy. Women often do this when they want something from men. You touch the face – she touches her face too, it creates a feeling of a warm home atmosphere and a feeling of kinship. She mirrors your gestures and therefore you have a feeling that for you she is a close person. Sometimes this is an insolent lie.
  7. Head inclined with a smile. Another flirty gesture, which was clearly described and studied by scientists interested in non-verbal behavior. This means that you caught her attention and do everything right. In a pair with “shooting” eyes this combination can be deadly attractive for men. And the girls know it very well.