9 mistakes while dating with sexy Ukrainian women

Sunday, July 8th

9 mistakes while dating with sexy Ukrainian women

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New relationships are a new life, new experiences, hopes and emotions. But not all people know how to behave at the beginning of a relationship, what you can or can’t say, what you can do and what can’t. At the same time, each of the partners tries to show themselves from the better side, leaving behind their inferior qualities and learn about each other as much as possible on the first day.

However, we are arranged in such a way that love captures us so much and we forget about the rules at the beginning of the relationship, the non-observance of which can lead to the quickest end of these relations.9 mistakes while dating with sexy Ukrainian women

Relationship advice: how to avoid the mistakes

Mistake #1. “Artificial behavior.” At the stage of acquaintance and the following meetings, the most important is a natural and even somewhat spontaneous behavior. If you, wanting to make the best impression, begin to behave artificially, then either the woman notices and becomes disappointed, or the relations are started but initially turn into a “theater”. And the performance in the theater usually ends after the second or third act.

But most importantly that energy flows, which naturally feed the developing feelings, are blocked by artificial behavior. Be yourself, so you will soon understand if a person is “yours” or not. If not, why would you waste the time? You wouldn’t find love and happiness in such relationship.

The most famous types of artificial behavior include: faked image; faked indifference; disarming sexuality, etc.

Mistake #2. “Reckless hyperactivity” lies in incredible haste and activity of a woman at the stage of acquaintance. A woman, often without knowing herself, begins to rush the things, and sometimes shows herself as a leader: she calls often or sends many text-messages, or both; she offers a place for a date, makes the decision of how you are going to spend the time.

The fact is that the dynamics of inclusion in relations between women and men are different. Feelings of a woman develop more rapidly, and a man’s assimilation of what is happening to him is slow and can be late. Only, in men with a pronounced feminine origin (which later appear as infantile), the intensity of the dynamics coincides with the woman’s and their passions grow in unison.Relationship advice: how to avoid the mistakes

Mistake # 3. “He must” After a few well-spent dates, a woman can become demanding, expecting that her partner has to bring her presents and gifts. If a man feels such tension, it is necessary to understand that the relationship with such a woman is unlikely to develop successfully. At the initial stage you should give each other different emotions.

The same dynamics exists with regard to calls and proposals for a meeting. Until you become a couple, a woman does not have to call you during the day and agree to meet you every day. If this happens, it’s fine, if not, it’s okay too. Only a man who is unsure of himself falls into desperation from the fact that today she spends the evening without him, or she has not been calling for the third day already. Don’t you have anything to do? Relationships have not yet begun, but you are already in dependence.

Mistake 4. “Jealousy as a manipulation.” A man starts provoking his partner with jealousy. Don’t do it ever. At the beginning of a relationship it can be cute and even funny, but it can also frighten off your girlfriend, and it is likely that she will start treating you appropriately. As a result, she will refuse to meet you, trying to reduce your communication to a minimum. By the way, men with low self-esteem often resort to manipulating jealousy.

Mistake # 5. “Demonstration of love.” The man begins to hyperactively admire the partner, thereby demonstrating full readiness for the relationship. With such behavior you show your lightheadedness and frivolity.

If you want a woman to lose her interest in you quickly, fall in love with her at the first meeting and start immediately showing your feelings. If she is self-confident, she will stop responding to your calls in the nearest future. So by such behavior you interrupt the natural process of forming her interest in you.

A psychologically mature man, more or less, but necessarily feels the need to show himself, to demonstrate and prove what he is capable of, to impress the woman, and only then the taste of conquering her interest will grow into pleasure from her praise.

Mistake # 6. “Excessive talkativeness.” The man immediately begins to talk everything about himself: how he was sick, how many girls he had in his life, how he slept with a girlfriend of his friend, how he was not lucky with ex. Who told you that the woman on the first night feels the need for your emotional striptease? Sincerity is one of the best qualities and the most important component of close relations, but while they are not yet – do not scare sexy Ukrainian women away at the stage of creating the first impression of you.Emotional insatiability

Mistake # 7. “Emotional insatiability”. A man who has not got a woman’s attention for a long time sharply reacts to it if it happens in his life. Therefore, unconsciously tries to “attach” to the source of positive emotions, in order to obtain the necessary full. You can call this state of emotional deficiency. In the end, it turns out that during the period of “saturation” he feels the need to take and everything is not enough for him. By the way, many in this state do not have the function “to give”, such a feeling is missing. The same can happen to a woman when, during her saturation, she loses her sense of proportion, she starts demanding more: calls, words, communication, understanding, care, emotions. Without getting the desired woman provokes scandals, quarrels, hysterics; then she apologizes and then again arranged drama and so on until a man will get bored of her. As a result, the man disappears.

Therefore, if in your life there was not enough female attention recently, after starting to date, here is another relationship advice for you: hide away your spoon, which you prepared to eat the woman’s emotions and take a tea spoon instead. Do not rush and do not rush your partner and gradually your emotional sphere will be full.

Mistake # 8. “Wedding, honeymoon on the islands, two children etc.”
All women really want to get married – this is a proven and unconscionable fact. A man needs time to prepare himself for this, be completely confident in his partner, in himself, etc. This is normal.

However, some men try to show their seriousness already at the initial terms of the relationship. Discussing the theme of the wedding and future children, you seem to give a hope to a girl and she will be waiting for an offer to marry in the near future. Do not make this mistake. In addition, if the girl is serious, she will not believe your words and in her eyes you will look just a liar.

Mistake # 9. “Past relationships”Past relationships

For the early period of the relationships this topic is taboo. Even if she asks, she does not do it because she wants to know the truth. You, too, sometimes ask very interesting questions, without even thinking about how pleasant it will be for you to hear the answer.

If she still asks about your past relationship, so that you do not make another mistake at the beginning of your relationship, do not tell her about every girl you had before, just name a few and the most important thing is to tell her why they ended – you need to find a neutral reason for parting. And that’s all.

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