Is there a balance between making career and finding your love?

Sunday, December 24th

Is there a balance between making career and finding your love?

Plan your life changes

There is a huge amount of singles who can’t find their love for one simple reason – they are too busy for it. Men are involved in making career and spending long hours at work that they forget about their private life and future. Years go by but the situation doesn’t change. You have nobody to wait you at home and you stay at work till late, your boss and your colleagues know this situation and that’s why they delegate you their duties because you don’t have a family and you look like a workaholic. They don’t know the true reason that is hidden deep inside your heart. Your wish to find your love and partner is enormous but you don’t know how to find 15 minutes to register on the online dating site. You come back home late being tired and exhausted, you work on the weekends too having some homework too. It’s a catch 22 and you can’t break it.

Plan your life changes

What about time planning? The more work you do, the more you get. Have you ever noticed it? If you want to change something in your life you have to start thinking about time planning. Don’t excuse for being alone because you have so much to do at work. Work should be done at work and only during working hours. You can’t change the situation at one moment but you can make a plan:

  1. Stop working on the weekends
  2. Reduce your long working hours slowly: one hour less every day
  3. Start working according to your official working schedule
  4. Find time for hobbies (gym, swimming pool, watching movies, meeting friends ad etc.)
  5. Find dating sites and register there
  6. Plan to meet a lady once a week. If you are looking for a pretty Ukrainian lady, write a letter or chat with her once week for the beginning.

pretty Ukrainian lady

It’s a hard work to change your life but if you can do your job and spend a lot of time there, why can’t you make an effort about your relationship? The main idea of what you have to do is to prioritize what you really need and want. You can’t spend all your life at work, humans were created for being a couple. What will you do when you have to retire? Will it be easier to find your love after? Don’t wait too long, start right now. Everybody, including senior singles, has to be in love and has someone significant who is waiting for them at home, who cooks nice dinner and cares about you and your relationship with each other.

If you won’t change your working schedule, your private life is never going to be successful.

If you have time for activities and for friends, you can sacrifice and find time to meet a lady instead.

If you complain about your love life and still spend 24/7 at work, stop and change it. Make a plan and follow it. Only you are the master of your life and if you want to reach your love goal, you have to find a balance inside yourself and in your life first of all.

If you can’t find love yourself

If you can’t find love yourself

You are successful in building career, you have many projects that take all your time, your work is your life but you feel being lonely and want to find love. It was long ago when you date with a woman and it’s not easy for you to adapt to new tendencies in searching your other half. You don’t feel comfortable about first dates as you don’t know how to do and all your previous dates ended after the first one. You don’t know where you can find a woman, how to start communication and how to move forward in the right direction. If building a relationship now is only a second priority for you and if you have a passive attitude to relationship, it will be the main reason for failure. You may think that you are too busy to date and at the same time you want to create a strong relationship and happy family. You have to be motivated and feel inspired for finding your love.

Executive dating site

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senior singles

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