Is it right time to give her money?

Saturday, December 23rd

Is it right time to give her money?

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Professional dating consultant

What Ukrainian women want

The way how a man treats his woman depends not only on the cultural peculiarities but also on the family he was raised in. Both men and women get the example of their parents’ relationship from childhood.  Sometimes, this example is not the best one and can be a problem for future relationship with a partner. There are a lot of literature and movies telling us of what men and women want in relationship but if they work in every particular situation?

You are a foreigner who wants to find a woman in Ukraine. What are Ukrainian girls like? Ukrainian girls  are considered to be the best wives and the prettiest girls in the East Europe. You registered on online dating sites or decided to get a professional help from matchmaking company and now you have your first date with Ukrainian lady. You invite her to a nice restaurant (actually it might be her who chose the place) but you may have a question who is going to pay a bill? Almost 99% of Ukrainian ladies are independent and start working from early age but it doesn’t mean that they are financially stable. They work hard and some of them (mostly single mothers) have two jobs because they need to earn for living, for supporting their families and to have more or less comfortable life.When a man invites a Ukrainian woman to a restaurant, it means usually that he will pay for it.

What are ukrainian girls like?

If you are interested in a woman after your first date and your relationship is growing, what are your next steps? If you are a romantic person, you will definitely want to buy her flowers and chocolate, you will want to go shopping with her and enjoy her happiness of having new clothes (you know how women adore the new stuff). You will spend time with her in different places like theaters, museums, parks, beaches and small cafes just to know each other better and become closer.

Women in Ukrainian, like other women from different countries, want to find a man who will be their support, whom they can trust in every situation, love deeply and who can be her “strong wall’ as we say in Ukraine. It doesn’t mean you have to be a millionaire and buy expensive presents because women in Ukraine value the attention you give and they expect for caring relationship from you. Sooner or later, the money question can appear in your relationship and you shouldn’t be taken by surprise but be ready to distinguish real love from frauds.

dating with ukrainian woman

To give or not to give

You have relationship for a couple of months and you continue your communication every day even being in a distance: messages, phone calls, chats and letters, everything that proves you have feelings for each other. Suddenly you receive a request from your lady asking you to help her financially. The sum maybe different and she may ask it for various needs like for buying shoes or paying her bills, for helping with her costs because her relative is sick or in the hospital. It’s only up to you to decide if you want to help her or not but it will be a proof of how serious your relationship are for her. According to Ukrainian history, a man had to earn money and was addressed as “breadwinner” while a woman had to care about the house chores and raise the children.  This picture of relationship is in Ukrainian blood though some Ukrainian men don’t fit this tradition and that is the main reason why Ukrainian women are looking for a man from abroad. They expect that a man who lives overseas will treat them like a princess, pampering and cherishing her.

help from a professional dating consultant

If you don’t want to be fooled or cheated, you have to remember that Ukrainian woman looking for husband won’t ask money for help at the beginning of relationship. Serious woman knows the price of hard-earned money and she doesn’t want to have a feeling of being obliged. Be careful with those ladies who ask you to give them money after your first or second meeting. But if you really love your woman, you have over 6th month relationship and you make plans for the future, you may show her your care providing financial support or some part of it, or helping her only in some situations where you consider it to be appropriate or your hearts tells you to do it.

Give money to your woman when you are not doing it from a sense of desperation, when you have enough money beyond your monthly bills and can easily afford additional expenses on your woman, when you honestly want it even if she doesn’t ask you about it. There is no “the right time” to discuss the financial part of your relationship, the main criteria is that both of you have to feel comfortable about discussing it but that is what loving couples do – they discuss all the problems in relationship and solve them together!

relationship with a serious Ukrainian woman

Still have doubts?

If the question of “giving money” remains to be a delicate and too personal for you, you are too shy and don’t understand women’s hints, you may always get a help from a professional dating consultant, who provides you with personal assistant how to communicate with women, how to hear their feelings and understand what they never say. You won’t be no longer confused why women in your life become distant, upset or shutting down.

Prime is a matchmaking company that supports you from your way of self-discovery to dating and relationship with a serious Ukrainian woman. You will get a full range service from the first stage of making a profile on a dating site to meeting a lady. You won’t be left without any feedback:

  • All your questions will be answered;
  • Every screwed or tough situation will be analyzed;
  • The best solution for your relationship will be proposed.

professional dating consultant helps you to become self-confident

Our professional dating consultant helps you to become self-confident and teach you to find out what are Ukrainian girls like and how to understand what they want.

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