Meeting with your Ukrainian girl’s family

Thursday, December 21st

Meeting with your Ukrainian girl’s family

The right time for meeting her family

“When is the right time to introduce your beloved one to the family?” is the most eternal question ever for both partners. Ukrainian women are moderate and they are not ready to introduce their boyfriend to their family immediately after one-two dates. Meeting a family is always a very responsible moment and both partners have to be morally ready for it.

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You, of course, have an experience from the past with meeting your exes families but every time it’s different and it depends on the culture, family traditions and rules. Ukrainian families are mostly friendly and welcome people open-armed in their houses.

Nowadays, it takes from three to six months before Ukrainian girl will introduce you to her family. The meeting will happen only if she is sure about your relationship, about your future and if you made commitments to each other.

Ukrainians still honor their traditions from old times though some of them become more modern. Up to 19th century, and even now in some Ukrainian villages,  a man met  Ukrainian lady’s family only when he had intentions to marry. First a man had to get his father permission to marry pretty Ukrainian  lady, and when he had it, he and two special representatives from his family  went to his future bride house bringing bread and salt as a symbol of wishing healthy and wealthy life. If Ukrainian woman didn’t want to marry she gave a pumpkin or watermelon to the man as sign of refusal. If she agreed to marry she took bread and salt and then the process of “lookouts” started.  Species representatives asked questions about the family and what trousseau she has, they also asked a girl to walk, to move and to show her hair.

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The traditions of meeting a Ukrainian family are more simple today as parents accept the choice of their daughter. But, nevertheless, there are some rules that have to be followed when a man visits his Ukrainian girlfriend for the first time:

  1. Collect the information about her parents, ask their names and what they like and what they don’t, what kind of people they are, what their interests are. Don’t call them like “Mom” and “Dad”.
  2. Be positive and don’t expect any negativeness from her parents.
  3. You have to be dressed: avoid shorts but don’t wear suit either as you may look too serious.
  4. Don’t forget to show your attention and bring flowers or a box of sweets for your girlfriend and especially for her mother. Show her father that you are a man but don’t break his fingers to prove it.
  5. Prepare yourself to talk seriously with your lady’s parents as you can be asked the questions you are not ready for.
  6. Talking to her parents, show them that you are a modest but open person and you have nothing to hide but at the same time don’t be too initiative. Compliment them but don’t overdo.
  7. Ask your girlfriend not to leave you with her parents for long.
  8. Don’t call your girlfriend “mine” as her father may not like it.
  9. Ask her parents to show the pictures from her childhood.
  10. Don’t make your visit too long but don’t hurry to leave– a couple of hours will be enough for a first meeting.
  11. Thank her parents for a wonderful dinner and great time you spent with them. You may add that you are ready to visit them one more time if they let you.

You have to remember that it is not only you who is nervous about meeting with the lady’s family, your pretty Ukrainian lady also worries how her family accepts you. The impression of the first meeting will build the future attitude and communication between you and her family.

If Ukrainian lady has a child you have to be more careful with meeting her parents as they will pay attention to the communication and relationship between you and her kid. It will be much better if a meeting with your lady’s child will happen before you meet her parents. Try to make friends with them and it will make the atmosphere more comfortable during her parents’ visit.

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When your  dating phase is only at the beginning and you are not sure about seriousness of your relationship, try to hold off from introduction to the family and kids, especially around the holidays.   Holidays bring the expectation of sharing the gifts and spending more time together. You have a chance to show your lady how creative you are and arrange a romantic date together on holidays: go to ski or ice skating, find a building in the city where you can drink champagne on the roof or dress warm, take blankets and go to the sea.

When you want to be with  someone, you have to remember that you get not only her but her family as well, as they say “you get a full package”. Think about it before you start a serious relationship and be ready that the day of meeting her family will come anyway.

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What you have to know about Ukrainian girls and their families

Before you find a Ukrainian girlfriend, you have to know why they are so special and how they differ from girls in other countries.

Ukrainian people are very friendly and open, they like to help people and even if you are a stranger they will always invite you in their house and feed you with a very delicious and tasty food. No matter in what corner of the country you pick up a girl, you will always be welcomed to their family and they will accept you as their son because you chose their daughter. Everything you have to do is to show your love to your significant one and to make her parents understand that she is happy.

Mostly all Ukrainian families have equal rights for a husband and a wife. Both women and men in the family have to work and they share their chores and raising children as well. Ukrainians are very religious and honor the holidays and traditions. Ukrainian women care about their health and appearance, you can hardly find a woman in Ukraine who doesn’t wear high heels or use a makeup as they like to attract attention and catch admiring looks from everybody around. All Ukrainian women are family-oriented and dream to find that man with whom they will be happy all their life. They don’t need too much except knowing that her man is responsible for their family and that he will do everything to support and care about his wife and his children.

Once you find a Ukrainian lady you will understand the difference between them and other ladies in the world. If you are looking for pretty Ukrainian lady, hot or sexy Ukrainian girl, clever or cute, you can find it all in one Ukrainian girl.

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