Lies and truth in online dating

Thursday, January 11th

Lies and truth in online dating

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Adventure or adventures?

Once you are registered on online dating sites you have to be warned that among all beautiful ladies profiles you can meet some frauds. How one can recognize the real one from a deceiver? Who will tell you the truth and who is going to cheat on you?

Lies and truth in online dating

The USA psychologists analyzed online dating websites and their studies shows that knowing some information will be helpful for you not to get into trouble with people who lie about themselves. According to their research, liars avoid using the pronoun “I”, they intentionally try to distance themselves from their lie. They change the words and use synonyms, for example: they write “not sad” instead of “happy”, “not boring” instead of “cheerful”.

People who put untruthful information in their profiles about themselves don’t want to talk about their appearance. The psychologists declare that almost all people give the wrong information about themselves in their profiles but in general the lie is innocent. The most frequent subject for lie is weight. Women want to be slender and reduce their weight on 4 kilos while men’s weight differs from their real one on 1 kilo. Half of the online dating sites users lie about their weight and the third of users about their age. The users height can be questioned too and women are luckier at this point as they may not to be caught as a liar because Catherine de Medici was genius and the first one who invented high heels.

Some people dishonest about their occupation and present themselves as successful businessmen, lawyers or plastic surgeons. To know the truth, ask the questions about their colleagues, office and working schedule. Show your interest about job details, work success and ask some photos from being at work.

The scientists also checked if other dating online users can recognize the liars and the effect was zero. Being single for a long time, it appears that we are blind when it comes to looking for someone and usually we want to see only the things that are on the surface and believe in what we are proposed.

If you decided to register on online dating sites you have to now some statistic data:

  • 50% of users who use online dating are married;
  • 5% of users are looking for sex for money while 60% wants to get free sex;
  • 25% of users want just to chat without having any serious relationship;
  • 30% of users who really want long lasting relationship and build a family.

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Each new acquaintanceship is an adventure but how avoid being a victim of adventurers who are ready to cheat you?

When you are looking for love and for serious relationship in online dating sites, you definitely want to find someone who is looking for the same things, who matches you, who has the same interests and who will love you for who you are. The first and the main thing you have to pay attention to is how long you communicate with each other and how your relationship progresses.  If you can’t invite a lady for a first date after one-two weeks of communication because she lives in another country, your correspondence may last for months and it can be a great opportunity to fool you for someone who is not honest and has different goals of being on dating sites. In a while, after 8-10 weeks of communication, you feel that you are falling in love even in a distance because you really feel it. Once you explain your feelings to a woman, you become a potential object of frauds for those whose goal is to get money from you. Be ready to get a tearful letter in which she tells you that her mother, grandmother or any other relative got in the hospital and she needs some money from you to help her. There is nothing extraordinary to help a woman when she needs it but only after your real meeting, when you find out that you truly match each other and plan your future relationship. In case when you are asked for money without having met each other, without talking on phone or having a video chat, be sure that you have met an online liar. The ideas and stories of how to get money from you can be different: she needs a new refrigerator or TV, new shoes or coat, new phone or laptop.

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Attract your match

If you are struggle with finding a real person or afraid of being scammed you need a help of dating profile consultant who tests every profile and knows how to find the real woman among the huge variety of beautiful ladies profiles, the real woman who will match you. Once you get in contact with online dating expert, you can spend more time going on dates in real world instead of having an endless correspondence.

Online dating expert will help you to create your unique dating profile, teach you how to communicate with women and what kind of messages you may send, how to read what is written between the lines in ladies letters and even arrange dates for you.

Relationships are pretty complicated and only dating profile consultant knows how to assist individual daters who need help not only in getting into relationships but in getting out of them too. What you will get with dating professionals:

  • a unique profile that will attract many real matches with the best pictures of you;
  • saving the time that you may spend on searching and corresponding with wrong people;
  • individual instructions, advice, tips and practice to understand a woman whom you are attractive to or to whom you want to be attractive;
  • real dates with real women who are interested in serious and long lasting relationship with a decent man;
  • permanent assistance with every lady you choose from the very beginning till you decide to make a commitment.

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Cupid arrow has to strike into your heart but not into your head.

And of course in our company you can get assistance of online dating expert when you need it and even if you do not buy a package of matchmaking services.


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