Ukrainian Closeness

Monday, January 8th

Ukrainian Closeness

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I want a ukrainian wife - Ukrainian Closeness

Don’t miss a sign

Different upbringing and habits form a completely different picture of the courtship and the limits of what is permissible for a man and a woman. How often a man accepts the “signs” of a woman as “permission for actions”?

You can find a wonderful and reliable wife among Ukraine ladies but to cast a spell over Ukrainian woman, you have to know how to court and care about her in a right way.

World outlook of the Ukrainian woman is not similar to the mentality of ladies from other countries. Communicating with such a Ukrainian woman, one must be open to the perception of something new. You need to respect her ideals, desires and understand that they do not always coincide with yours.

ukraine ladies

If you want to achieve good results, courting Ukraine ladies, try to see the world through her eyes, to think like her. This will help you to achieve a wonderful understanding with her;

If you want to make a good impression on a Ukrainian girl, give her gifts. In Ukraine, it is accepted showing care and interest to your lady. It can be flowers, chocolate, perfumes but it’s very important for Ukrainian woman to know that she is special for you. Therefore, Ukrainians, during a candy-bouquet period of relationship, expect something special from her  man.

It is necessary to overcome the language barrier. Did she start learning English? It is important for her to take a few steps to start learning Ukrainian or at least learn a few words (some important words).

If you pay attention to your lady during the correspondence and after first meeting, you will notice the signs that tell you when the right time to move to the next level and start talking about intimate things or become closer physically. How to find out if she is ready for the intimacy or not?

How to find out if she is ready for the intimacy or not?

    • She plays with her hair. Many women have erogenous zones on their cheekbones, neck and nape. Playing with her hair she stimulates these zones and sometimes it happens subconsciously.
    • She shows you something that is hidden from other’s eyes. She can show you her mole or scar, her tattoo or piercing, even her tan and muscles in the places that others can’t see so easily.
    • She dances with you. While you are dancing, you can feel that she tries to be closer to you and even makes some seductive movements.
    • She puts her chin on your shoulder. Nowadays,  it is very usual for women to kiss men when they meet them, or give a friendly hug to married men. But when a woman puts her chin on your shoulder from behind – it is a sign of closeness. You may call it an animal instinct as touching the neck of the partner is a kind of marriage ritual for them.
    • She blushes. You have to know that women blushes more often than men. Not only embarrassment can be the reason of their blush but also excitement. If her cheeks became rosy after your “spicy” story is one thing, but if she looks at you and blushes – it means that she likes you.
    • She feeds you. If she gives you some food from her plate being a restaurant, this is the sign of feeling you close to her. They don’t put their fingers in someone’s mouth except feeding birds, squirrels and a very handsome guy.

I want a Ukrainian wife

You can also notice that she shakes her foot under the table, looks at the mirror from time to time or talks nonstop as well as keeps silent during the dinner. These are also the signs of her “readiness” to become close and more open. If she feels comfortable being with you and let you touch her hands, look into your eyes without saying a word and kiss her cheeks – you can slowly make steps for inviting her to your place or maybe you even get a proposition from her “for a cup of tea”.

I want a Ukrainian wife

If you want a Ukraine wife, you have to be patient as it takes a long time before you can experience intimacy with Ukrainian lady. The idea of why Ukrainian ladies are not so fast like other women from different countries has its roots in history.

Family is very important for Ukrainians. And of course, its inception and existence is accompanied by many Ukrainian rituals, customs and traditions. As an example, Ukrainian girls never agreed to marry a guy without parents’ permission and it wasn’t so easy to get it without bringing gifts for girl’s family showing that a bride can support his wife in the future. By the way, Ukrainian girls are very, as they say now, tolerant: if they do not like the future husband, then they, according to Ukrainian custom, will give him a pumpkin as a sign of refusal. In Ukraine young people were dependent from their parents almost up to 1980s ad it’s not only the influence of Ukrainian traditions but also the impact of former USSR where all families had very strict rules.

difference between Ukrainian and American women

To understand better how to act with Ukrainian ladies, here are some example of difference between Ukrainian and American women:

  1. When you meet an American lady, the first question will be: “What is your occupation?” When you meet a Ukrainian, she will ask: “Why did you come in Ukraine?”
  2. American will ask you to buy her a drink while Ukrainian will be waiting for you to buy  her a drink.
  3. Americans mostly wear shoes without high heels because it is comfortable, while Ukrainians wear high heels everywhere because men like it.
  4. Americans weight is usually more than standards while Ukrainians usually thinner than they should be.
  5. Americans are looking for stable career but Ukrainians are looking for financially stable husband though nowadays independent women appear here more and more.
  6. You can find American lady in your bed after 3 hours of knowing but you have to spend a lot of time courting a Ukrainian one before she agrees to have an intimacy with you.
  7. American woman knows how to put chicken nuggets in microwave. You will never be hungry with Ukrainian lady as she knows all the recipes of her granny.
  8. Americans complain that there are no real men anymore in this world and Ukrainians – about not getting flowers from you.
  9. Americans accept you as a colleague. Ukrainians looks at you like at the master of her life.
  10. Americans have never traveled but think they know everything about the world. If you Ukrainian lady has never been in other countries, she will still think she does now know too much about other countries..
  11. Americans go to supermarket wearing pajamas. Ukrainians wear short skirt if she goes to grocery.
  12. Americans see all the men being a woman-hater, Ukrainians see a man like a bridge to a better life.
  13. Americans will believe in everything you say but Ukrainians are a real “lie detector”.
  14. Americans show that they are strong and independent. Ukrainians know that they are weak and delicate.
  15. Perfect man for American lady is one who is spontaneous, interesting and who has a sense of humor of the show comic. Ukrainians are looking for a man who wants to build a family, who is reliable, stable and who knows what he wants.

start looking among Ukraine ladies

If your decision sounds like “I want a Ukrainian wife”, don’t waste your time and start looking among Ukraine ladies using online dating coach, matchmaking companies, marriage agency in Odessa Ukraine, international dating agency and etc. But remember, finding a Ukraine beautiful girl once, never let her go.

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