How to recover after break-up and heal a broken heart – Ukraine Matchmaker

Thursday, April 5th

How to recover after break-up and heal a broken heart – Ukraine Matchmaker

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Our hearts and hopes are more often broken than cars. Therefore, it is not surprising that many of us would prefer to see a broken car than a broken-down heart.

How to recover after break-up and heal a broken heart

When we feel a deep loss or trauma, we can literally feel that our hearts are broken into millions of pieces. We may also believe that our heart is wounded and bleeding metaphorically. Sometimes it is even difficult to breathe because of this feeling.

Our heart is a living organism, which is not only our life source, but also an emotional one when we experience heartache and sorrow. Imagine that the heart is beating with the help of electrical energy waves and it is short-circuited, burned or broken into many small pieces. How to cure a broken heart?

After the initial shock of loss, many people feel the need to step back from their sadness, so that it does not crush them with its intensity. This is understandable, but the longer you avoid pain and try to push it away, the more difficult it will be for you to break out of spiritual paralysis and the pain will constantly return after you have driven it away.

In the initial stage of sorrow, people simply live with their pain and sadness, without noticing it, as if they are sitting on the river’s bank, watching these heavy feelings go with the flow. At this moment, many of them ask: “Why is this happening to me?”

Although it seems impossible at first sight, it is necessary to use this experience to understand yourself, study and continue growing as a result of this pain, in order to heal a broken heart. One of the famous poets in his poem said: “When your heart breaks are open, make a journey deep inside yourself.” So, if you’re going to be virile, and make this journey.

9 necessary steps to heal your heart9 necessary steps to heal your heart.

  1. After a heavy parting, many people are locked in themselves. They want to be alone to sink, think and cry. Crying is necessary as with tears all the accumulated negative emotions inside you come out. But this idea is not the best. There are always people next to you who care about you: friends, relatives and colleagues. They will the first who begin to carry out resuscitation activities with your heart.
  2. Allow yourself to do everything that your heart wants, despite the consequences, even for a few days. Arrange a stag party, rest in your favorite place or wherever you longed to be, start exercising (gym or swimming pool), buy whatever you wanted to for a long time and couldn’t for some reasons. And maybe jump with a parachute or dive? Do everything that you would never have decided in your “previous” life. We need to live for ourselves, to get maximum pleasure and joy from life.
  3. There is a well-known technique how to heal a broken heart. Imagine the channel connecting you with your ex. Close your eyes and try to see two tubes through which energy circulates between you. Again, imagine that you take the scissors and cut the tubes in two halves. Squeeze the ends of the tubes that fit to you. Heart wounds will begin to grow together, not immediately, but you will feel much expert for men
  4. Try to make yourself busy at a maximum. Work of find a new hobby, courses or sport. Work-therapy has been an effective tool in the affairs of the heart at all times. You might have such a schedule where there is no free time for thoughts and experiences.
  5. Throw the idea out of your head to take revenge on your ex. Do not prove to her that you were the best one for her, and how much she lost. You must try to forgive her. Remember the wonderful moments you spent together, thank her in your mind (but only in your mind!), because of her you were very happy for a while. And you can already start searching another girl!
  6. Psychologists say that one of the effective ways is to complain to yourself about your misfortune. Do it in front of the mirror. Aloud.  It helps to relieve stress.
  7. Do you know such a wise phrase: “Everything that does not kill us makes us stronger”? Scientists believe that the brain needs 21 days to adapt to something new, whether it’s a new job, studying, or a new life without her and with a broken heart. In three weeks, even if nothing is done theoretically, it should become easier. Heart wounds will start to heal themselves.
  8. According to the statistics, people rarely seek help because of the break-ups in the relationship. If nothing at all helps, you can ask for a Ukraine matchmaker help who is a “heart” specialist, who always has glue for broken hearts. It is not necessary to make a real appointment; you can talk with a dating expert for men online.
  9. The most important contraindication: do not treat a broken heart with alcohol. First, it isn’t a useful therapy for health and well-being. Secondly, getting out of control, it may lead you to night tearful calls to your ex. All previous attempts to heal your broken heart are “down the drain”. It’s catch-22!Broken heart can be cured with meds

Broken heart can be cured with meds

It is proved that love can make someone’s crazy. It is known that stress is especially dangerous for men.

For three weeks, the research was carried out by a group of scientists from the University of California. Physicians treated sixty-two volunteers with Tylenol (this is the American name for paracetamol), and patients were given a placebo. The participants of the research had to inform the researchers about their emotional and physical condition each evening.

It was possible to find out that the one who took 1000 mg of anesthetic (two tablets) significantly reduced the intensity of emotional experiences in comparison with those who took “fake meds”.

During another test, volunteers took part in a computer game, which forced some people to feel rejected. At the same time scientists scanned the people brains. It turned out that the feeling of rejection can affect exactly the same areas of the brain as physical pain. The use of an anesthetic significantly reduced the activity of these zones and improved the condition of patients.

Paracetamol is a highly prosaic drug, but this medicine is endowed with the ability to heal romantic pain almost completely. The fact is that emotional experiences can affect the same areas of the brain as physical pain. And stress, which is caused by a break-up in the relationship or the refusal of a beloved one, is well suited to the action of an anesthetic.Ukraine matchmaker

Remember, never use the drugs without prescription. If you feel that you need a professional help to heal your broken heart, ask dating expert for men or Ukraine matchmaker.

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