The importance of money in attracting women

Wednesday, April 4th

The importance of money in attracting women

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Do you feel the influence of money on your life?Do you feel the influence of money on your life?

Money does not leave indifferent any single person. Many people are deeply convinced that the happiness of a person and his well-being depends on the amount of money. And people who have a lot of money are constantly forced to think about how to earn more money, reasonably spend them and not to lose what they already have. One can rarely meet a person who would be completely satisfied with how much money he has and how he spends it. Psychologists know that the greatest number of divorces happens due to money problems. For most people, money is so important that the amount of money depends on their health, family and relationships.

Any event in our life brings expenses: a child birth, a wedding, a funeral, illness, accidents, buying a house. Only if a person has money, he can help his relatives and provide his children with more opportunities. Having money, you can buy goods and services or purchase them for the future for their descendants. All the relations of humans with society are built on the exchange of personal money for something that they need.

Therefore, the more money a person has, the more freedom he has. To be free, a person must earn more, study various ways and methods to improve his financial situation. We all know that everything good in life is connected with money and each of us is well aware that money generates many problems in life. The statement “the rich also cry” is correct in many cases. Money problems can cause a lot of grief and misery. Therefore, money can’t be considered only a symbol of a good life; they are also the source of many problems.

To love and to be loved means more to a person than to be rich. All the earthly riches are worth nothing if a person comes back home to a huge empty apartment, where no one waits for him, where there is no happy childish laughter and joy. Many rich people are deeply unhappy in their wealth. Many of them need their money, power and connections, but nobody needs them without money. In pursuit of money, many are forced to work constantly; they are always busy with business trips and negotiations. That’s why people not only crumble their health for the sake of money, but they also miss the wonderful moments of communication with their children and family. While you are working the months and years pass by, but time is so transient and irretrievable. They do not notice the joy of life and wonder why their child grew up not as successful a man as his father.

Most men think that if they were immensely rich, then all the most beautiful and hot Ukrainian girls would be at their feet. And now, since they do not have those inconceivable finances, they can’t meet, date and seduce the best girls. Is it so?No money – no woman. Why you don’t need much money in relationship with a woman looking for husband

No money – no woman. Why you don’t need much money in relationship with a woman looking for husband

If you are going to spend all your means on the girl she won’t love you anyway. Any girl will take everything you offer to her. You can make many expensive gifts to her, buy the most expensive jewelry or even a car and she will smile and accept gifts, saying that you are the best and the most generous man in the world. But having an opportunity, she will leave you for another man because you are not the one who suits her. She won’t care for all the money you spent on her, she will go to the one with whom she falls in love. You will complain after as you bought the car and gave her a diamond ring, bought a bunch of expensive things, and she went to some poor guy. Why is that so?

Of course, many girls are ready to be yours, if you have a purse. Some, even very beautiful girls, are ready to do everything for money. But, why do you need them if you are looking for real relationship? A woman looking for husband can’t be bought for money, as well as her feelings for you. This requires something else…

Don’t give gifts on the first date. Don’t spoil a girl with gifts, showing that you can do everything for your beloved, and after you find yourself without a penny in your pocket. Even if you really have a lot of money, you don’t need to make your girl get used to the fact that you can satisfy her every wish. You’ll make it worse. As soon as you show her that you are ready for anything, she will immediately become a burden on you, and you will spend, spend and spend until she runs away from you. Everything should be in moderation.

It’s very easy and simple to spend a date without money at all. Just take the girl to a cool place where she has never been before. She does not need your super dinners at the restaurant; she needs to feel like a woman next to a real man. You can also test the real feelings of the girl you are dating at the moment. Meet with your girlfriend, for whom you usually pay in a cafe or in a movie and offer her to pay for herself, and then look at her reaction. You can also choose the activity that doesn’t require any material expenses or gifts from you, and also watch her. After that, many things will become clear to you. What are you doing? You actually buy “love”.A woman looking for husband, hot ukrainian girls

To spend a date, start dating a beautiful girl or seduce a girl, you don’t have to be a tycoon. This is a self-deception, the guy who doesn’t have a girlfriend starts looking for reasons: if I had money or a suit, or an expensive car, I could do anything. That’s nonsense! But this doesn’t mean that the guy should not have money. It is clear that they are needed by everyone, especially a man but they need to be spent wisely. For example, buy yourself nice clothes, rent an apartment, spend money for self-development, save money for every unpredictable case – you can buy many things in this world. You don’t need to be selfish and greedy; you need to give not only a pleasure to your girlfriend but also some romance and cool emotions. But everything should be in moderation and don’t harm your relationship. It is clear that without money you can’t support a family, you can’t buy clothes, a car, food – they are needed, whatever one may say!

No money – no girl. Truth or self-deception? The answer is obvious – it is self-deception!

Happy wife –  happy life

They say: “To become successful and rich, a man must invest in his woman!” and “The more money you spend on your beloved, the luckier and richer you become!”

Many ancient traditions prove these sayings. Why? Because a woman is the Goddess of Prosperity, the happier and more contented she will be in a relationship, the more fortunate and successful her husband becomes. By the way a woman is dressed and how she speaks, you can understand a lot about her husband.

A loving and knowing man doesn’t skimp on gifts and compliments for his precious wife, because he knows that if a woman is not happy with him – it will be very difficult for him to achieve success. Such is the woman’s psychic power. But the more he cares about her, the more beautiful she will be, the more energetically, and therefore she will be able to attract good circumstances, necessary connections, and resources, success and good thoughts to her husband.

A woman needs comfort, beauty, new impressions and emotions, and if a man is able to give it to her- he will never find the happiest, loving and more grateful woman in the world!Happy wife -  happy life
But the matter is not only in money. The matter is in attention, the one, that isn’t always enough and that remains the direct evidence of love. The main fear in the relationship is that your partner will fall out of love. And while you live together, you always want confirmation that this hasn’t happened yet, and you poke love with your finger – is it alive and breathing? And so historically and economically, it’s easier to measure attention not just in signs, but in banknotes.

But as you are not married yet and still looking for hot Ukrainian girls, build the connection based on respect, trust, common interests and genuine intimacy but not on spending a huge amount of money during the first stage of your relationship.

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