8 scientific mindsets that make you better in sex with Ukrainian lady – Relationship Tips

Tuesday, April 3rd

8 scientific mindsets that make you better in sex with Ukrainian lady – Relationship Tips

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Scientists give their sex relationship tips

If love and tenderness are on one side of the scales, and a talent to deliver a transcendental sexual pleasure on the other one, women will choose the first option without hesitation. Do you know why?Scientists give their sex relationship tips Because the word “lover” is based on the word “love”. Ideal lovers are those who love us and whom we love. If you find your love with your partner, then sex will be unforgettable. And what do scientists think about it? Here are some sex relationship tips they share with us:

  1. There is nothing surprising in the fact that the connection between yoga and sex was studied in India. However, the result was extremely favorable: it turned out that men who would like to extend the time to orgasm should daily do yoga and do this for at least an hour. Exercises allow not only to strengthen the pelvic muscles, but also to control them better. So, if you want to do it for a long time, yoga will help you.
  2. Specialists of the authoritative magazine “Journal of Social and Personal Relationships” made their research and found out the following: people, who don’t hesitate to talk about what they want to get in sex, feel more satisfied. Not to mention those who share their desires with a partner right during the sexual act. Those who are afraid of articulating their desires are advised to start with non-verbal signals to their partner.
  3. It turns out that laughter not only prolongs life, but also improves sex. It happens due to the fact that when a person laughs, he actively uses his cardiovascular system: increases the heart rate and improves blood circulation. All this has a favorable effect on sex, during which the human body “experiences” about the same set of reactions (with some additions). So watch a funny comedy together before having sex but it is not worth to tell jokes during the process.
  4. According to scientists’ opinion, morning sex not only positively affects the health and mood of a person, but also allows you to stretch the pleasure for longer. The level of testosterone in the body reaches its peak at night, that’s why most men are not opposed to getting stuck in bed in the morning. In addition, in the mornings our body feels rested and ready for more serious feats than those that it can afford after a hard working day.
  5. The sportive male body itself can bring aesthetic pleasure to the partner. But this is not all: an active lifestyle allows men to avoid many health problems, including problems with erection. The American Medical Association Journal conducted a study in which they found out that men who lead a passive (sedentary) lifestyle are much more likely to face erectile dysfunction (in other words, lack of erection) than those who regularly engage in any kind of sport. And according to the Harvard School of Public Health, those men who care about their physical health at least half an hour a day suffer from erectile problems twice less compared to those who don’t exercise at all.Scientists give their sex relationship tips
  6. The next study of all-knowing British scientists led to an unexpected conclusion: those people whose bedrooms have the violet color in it (whether color of furniture or bedding), have a more active sexual life. For example, those who prefer all shades of gray, on average, have sex 1.8 times a week, and lovers of violet – 3.49 times. Then comes: red (3.18), blue (3.14), pink (3.04) and black (2.99).
  7. In 2009 Australian scientists’ study performed: contrary to popular belief that alcohol harms the sexual life, drinking men experienced 30% less problems in the bedroom than absolute teetotalers. “Drinkers” in this context should not be understood literally: the authors of the study intentionally specified that “drinking men” in their understanding drinks a glass or two of wine during dinner or on weekends.
  8. Married couples who have already been together for a long time, worked out some ideal scenarios in sex for themselves and try to follow them as much as possible. Changing something in your sex life is a good advice, especially when the monotonous sex life starts to be boring. But usually not many people rush to accept this tip, mostly because of the fear of partner’s misunderstanding and as a result – losing a partner. But who said that you need to change everything at once? Actually, “changes” can be expressed in new erotic underwear for your girlfriend, and erotic massage with oils, and even a shower together, if it happens for the first time. And only then, when it turns out that the partner is not against small innovations, it makes sense to move on to something bigger. The main thing is not to hurry up and not to be afraid of change.Life in bed with sexy Ukrainian ladies

Life in bed with sexy Ukrainian ladies

Sex even with a loved one can bring a certain uncertainty or fear, so we will give a number of simple tips on how to make your life in bed more pleasant and diverse.

Arrange the “scene” for a romantic night

Maybe you are used to having sex on old blankets in your unclean room, but to improve your sex life, you need to improve the conditions. Find a little time, clean your room, light a candle, or at least refresh the air and adjust the light to the mood. This will show your other half that you have made certain emotional “investments” in your sex life and will strengthen your understanding during sex. You should know that women love romance.

Talk about sex outside the bedroom

The bed is a wonderful place to get what you want, but it is not always the most productive one. Wonderful sex begins outside the bedroom – if you do not feel unity with a partner during sex, you should look for connections with them in other ways. Usually emotional communication during sex with sexy Ukrainian ladies is built outside the bedroom. For many men the intensity and enjoyment of sex increases if their relationship with their partner is strong. While some can achieve this level of communication during an instant meeting, most of us still need time and investment in relationships to create it. Therefore, you have to send intimate messages to your partner during the day to warm up the desire, if you want to get good sex at night. You can start you morning confessing your feelings in the form of  “I love you!”, kissing your partner during a day (if it is a working day sending the emoji-kisses), leaving love notes in unpredictable places, having dinner together with good music and candlelight. Then your day, during which you persistently “warmed up” your partner, will exactly end with turbulent sex!

Stop comparing yourself with others

It’s hard not to compare yourself with examples from the media or romantic movies, so it’s not surprising that many people are hesitating whether they have “good” sex. Throw away superfluous opinions and comparisons. Do what you want to do and what you and your partner desire.

Breathe in unison with your partnerArrange the "scene" for a romantic night

If you do not pay attention to the breath of your partner during sex, you can skip a simple path to emotional unity. The couple should try to breathe in unison during and after sex in order to get a more satisfactory result.

Duration of the “session”

Meanwhile, in sex “a lot and too long” is not always good. How many times it happened that the girl is” “working on” the body of a loved one and suddenly realizes: he is snoring! Or a man tries to care, excite and please a girl while a girl doesn’t feel any excitement and the only thing she has in her mind is: when will he finish at least? The quality of sex doesn’t depend on its duration. The scientists found the “golden mean”, it’s 10 minutes. What is less is considered ordinary and hastily. If have sex for longer, it can get boring.

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